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"Know your stars, Know your stars, know your stars." said 'The Voice' "Tusky Husky ... his super-tooth is actually a sword that's stuck to his mouth by super-glue."

"No it's not." said Tusky "This is genuine Ivry eh."

"Tusky Husky ... he's the father of Mammoth Mutt's puppies, Deliah's kittens AND Brainy Barker's upcoming puppies."

"Okay that last one's a lie. I would never go between Brainy and Tech eh."

"Tusky Husky ... he tried to audtion for the role of Zolo's pet on "One Piece"".

"No I didn't eh."

"Tusky Husky ... he can shoot laser beams and freeze rays from his tusk.

"Wrong husky pal. What's next, being adopted by a russian goose and an aqua-challaged bear eh?"

"Why didn't I think of that? I mean Tusky Husky ... he once challenged Puss in Boots(from "Shrek 2") to a duel because he thought Puss was making a pass at his now EX-wife Deliah."

"She didn't leave me for Puss, she left me for Panthor. Something about her kittens needing more bad influences eh."

"Tusky Husky ... when given the choice between giving up drinking and getting neutered, he picked getting neuttered."

"No, it was drinking eh."

"So you still drink?"

"I meant I gave it up!"

"Tusky Husky ... when he's not busy on a Dog Stars mission, or on the Krypto series, he works as a fencing partner for Leonardo so that both of them can keep their swordsmanship skills sharp."

"No, my partner is Antuan. Leo doesn't even do fencing, he does Kendo eh."

"Now you know Tusky Husky."

"No they don't!"

"Yes they do." The camera moves away.

"Hey come back here eh."