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Warning: In this fic, Ginny isn't a very nice person. Sorry, if you like her.

Prologue/ Chapter 1

December 22

The Burrow

Hermione was in the Burrow's kitchen chatting with Ginny.

"Honestly, Gin. I don't understand what is so interesting about Quidditch."

Ginny gave her an exasperated look.

"Quidditch is the wizard sport, Hermione. It's our greatest entertainment. You don't understand because you are a Muggleborn. You weren't born in our world like me and my family, and you don't have magical parents like Harry's."

Hermione wanted to say something but remained in silence. Somehow she thought that Ginny was right. She was a Muggleborn, after all.

"You are a very intelligent girl, Hermione," Ginny continued, "really intelligent, but, well, don't get me wrong, but I think you don't REALLY belong to our world. You know, the magical world. Quidditch is only one thing. Let's take for example the S.P.E.W. Everyone knows that's a VERY stupid idea, an idea that will never work out, but you still insist with this…and then there is your look. I am not saying that you're ugly. No! But look at your hair! Any witch who has a hair like yours would have cast a spell or something to fix it. Why do you think Ron started to date Lavender? It's because she is a REAL witch. She doesn't use what we learn at Hogwarts only to pass on the tests! And Harry, well, he doesn't really care."

Hermione was in shock.

"Oh, no! He cares about you, of course! Ron too. But they know that you only think about your studies. They had already accepted that you're not a funny person. I love you, Hermione, but you are boring! I am sorry but it's true."

The bushy-haired witch couldn't take anymore. She was about to say something when Harry and Ron showed up and called Ginny to play Quidditch with them.

They didn't notice her.

They didn't notice her.

They didn't care about her anymore.

Harry didn't care about her anymore.

She was alone.

Alone in the kitchen, Hermione began to think that MAYBE Ginny was right.

No, not maybe. Ginny WAS right.

Yes, Ginny was right. She wasn't pretty. She wasn't funny.

She was a plain, know-it-all, and a bookworm girl.

Yes, Ginny was right.

She, Hermione Granger, didn't belong to the Magical World.

In fact, she belonged to nowhere.

She was alone.

Completely, utterly alone!

She had no real home and no real friends.

If Ginny had said those words two years ago she would have said that the redheaded girl was crazy but now…

Yeah, Ginny was right.

She had last year to prove it.

Last year! It was last year when she had realized how solitary she was.

Last year, even an evil book was more important than her.

Everything was more important than her.

She was nothing.

She was only a shadow.

Fighting back the tears that insisted to drop from her eyes, Hermione left the kitchen and went to the bedroom.

Ginny's Bedroom

She gathered all her things and wrote a little note to Mrs. Weasley.

With a deep breathe, she disapparated.

Yeah, she didn't belong to that world.