Title: Ubi Lapsus Quid Feci

Author: Therm PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters within this story nor do I make a profit.

Summary: Murdock is in a POW camp and he meets some interesting people.

Warning: Mentions of torture although nothing graphic, swearing throughout.

Notes: The song mentioned here is the gorgeous 'Out Of Sight' by Spiriualized. HUGE thanks to Meg for betaing this story for me. You're a star.

'Where Have I Fallen,

What Have I Done?'

'Out of sight is always out of mind,'

I wonder.

Do those other guys in their shitty little cages think about me while I'm in here?

Do they forget me as soon asthey drag me off, just grateful it's not them?

Or maybe, the reason I always get taken is because no one else but the VC notices me.

Can't blame 'em there though. I'm trouble and right now, I'm in trouble.


Actually, trouble is an understatement.

The thing about all this is, I do have secrets. Not like piloty secrets, I have the big ones that they think we have.

The VC have a crazy notion that us pilots have all this information about the CIA and I do.

It's not like I'm some huge secret agent for them, but I've worked for them and I know stuff. Not really important stuff, but if they ever found out I worked for the CIAmy life wouldn't be worth living. Not that it's a hoot and a holer right now.

But one big thing the VC don't know about me is that I know what they're saying. I understand every phrase they mutter and understand all the cruel taunts they make, not just about me, about everyone here. What's the saying, 'Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me'. Thething that doesn't cover is that broken bones hurt like hell too.

I don't think anything on me's broken right now, well, not bone wise but I'm damaged goods for sure. But this is my way out, keepthinking about everything, about what they're doing. Like right now, they're preparing for some way of hurting me so they can find out my secrets, you know, the ones I mentioned earlier, but I'm not even thinking about it. Even when I hear noises that scare the shit out of me, metal scraping, wood hitting wood. It don'tbother me.

Besides, can't stop it by worrying about itmayas well just run with the punches. I don't think that's right, you can't run with a punch, but nevermind. Well, maybe you can. You can run at someoneand punch them and hell, that would hurt 'cause you'd have a lot of momentum behind it.

My mind notices that the door to theirlittle torture shed's been opened and someone's come in. They're all behind me and I listen, although I've notmoved a muscle for a while now. They left me on the ground after the beating they gave me and I know if I show any strength at all they'll kick it out of me. I've learntto keep a little something back, you never know when you'll need it.

I hear that the new arrival tells the guys to take me back to one of the cages as they've broughtsome new prisoners to interrogate.