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Tsunade began to take a long nap on her desk after writing all that paperwork. Drool came out of her mouth as she mumbled in her sleep. Sakura was there staring out the window at the people below.

"Ha…" Tsunade mumbled, "I win again…"

"Dreaming again?" Shizune moaned entering the room with more papers which she dropped on Tsunade's desk.

"Oh why did you need to wake me up?" Tsunade whined, "I was rolling in the cash."

"The shinobi from the grass village has arrived with his student."

"Fine let them in."

"There's a visitor from the grass village?" Sakura asked.

Tsunade nodded, "He arrived just this morning and blew up half a building. Oh the paperwork I'll be doing!"

'He blew up half a building?' Sakura pondered, 'He must be a powerful ninja.'

"ARGH! GET OFF!" boomed a voice as it entered the room, "I'm not a ride!"

"Naruto?" The boy burst into the room wrestling with something on his face.

"Oh, hey Sakura."

"Naruto, why are you carrying a monkey?"

"I wish it was a monkey. Monkeys are less obnoxious." It suddenly crawled to his back and sat itself piggyback style. "This actually a girl. Say hi."

"Oh she's so cute." Sakura held out her hand to pat her head, "Hi there! What's your name?"

The girl answered with her teeth by biting the approaching hand.

"EYAH!" Sakura's hand retreated and she began to tend to it. "What was that for?"

That's when the grass village ninja stumbled in, "I'm sorry. She doesn't trust people very much. She only seems to enjoy that boy's company. When she woke up, she just jumped on him."

"And she won't get off." Naruto moaned.

"Careful Sakura," Tsunade warned, "This girl blew up half a building, don't do anything that would annoy her."

"WAIT! This kid did that! I thought that her teacher did it!"

"That guy could barely catch her," Naruto laughed, "That would never happen."

The man nodded sadly, "She's a prodigy in the making. I'm just a clumsy oaf."

"I thought that Kakashi was with you." Tsunade said.

"He was." Naruto growled, "But…"

"Ahhhh! What! What is she doing?" Naruto cried as the girl hopped on to his back.

The girl began to cling on to him hissing as the man tried to pull her off.

"Looks like she's become attached to you Naruto." Kakashi gave a grin behind his mask. "Did you do anything to make her like you?"

"Me? I did nothing!"

The man then concurred, "Actually, you did save her when that building was going to collapse on her. No one has ever shown her kindness like that. You're the first to ever show her friendship."

"She still doesn't need to be so attached!" Naruto cried trying all he could to get her off, "Get off you brat!"

Kakashi gave a chuckle, "Well it seems that I'm not needed here anymore. I'll leave her in your care Naruto." And with a puff of smoke, Kakashi was gone.

"I see. Well let's begin then. Your name was…"

"Hikaru, just Hikaru." The man said, "I have no last name."

"You didn't just come here to sight see. You said you have an urgent request to ask of me."

Hikaru nodded, "…I would like you to take the girl as a member of your village. She's not safe in our village…because of her gift."


"More like a curse to her." The man somewhat slumped as he said the next few words, "You see, she's a Jinchuuriki."

Heads now move toward the girl on Naruto's back. She was right now playing with his headband, unknown to the attention she attracted.

'She's…like me.' Naruto said in his head.

"So, your village wants to kill her is that it?" Tsunade asked but the man shook his head.

"No, she was everything our village wanted in a weapon."

"Then why?"

"Because…" Hikaru's fists shook, "I have to make up for what I did. I helped seal the demon inside of her."


Hikaru took a seat on the couch and began, "Years ago, the elders in the village planned to create a living weapon, a weapon that only knew to kill and would successfully finish any task given to it. They decided that a demon child would be perfect. And set out our best trained ninja to find the greatest beast. Two years passed and we had found a great beast that dwelled in a giant cave. It was…the four tailed demon bat."

Tsunade's eyes widened a bit by this, "So…it's a real beast then?"

The man nodded, "We then prepared everything for the sealing except for the new container. We looked over all the newborn children and chose this girl because of her family's great line of ninja. And so the monster was sealed away in her and she was taken to a dark chamber underground where she would train for all of her life."

Naruto growled at this. "Didn't her family try and do something! She was their daughter and they let this happen! That's sick!"

Hikaru shook his head, "They couldn't do anything…because, that night that she was chosen…we assassinated her family when they resisted."

Everyone grew silent at this, except for the girl who was poking at the headband still.

"That girl was beaten, yelled at, trained, and commanded like some attack dog. She was only an attack dog to the village and she probably thought that herself. Sadly, she never really learned how to read or talk if it had nothing to do with fighting. She never even knew what love was and now grew to hate everything. I became her guard that was commanded to watch her at night. It was torture for me to watch her. In the beginning, she'd always cry at night but later on the sadness was beaten out of her and only left anger and loneliness. Two nights ago, I made my escape with her to your village because I've heard that you know how to deal with demons. You destroyed the great kyuubi!"

'It would be pretty shocking if he learned the truth.' Tsunade thought.

Hikaru went on his hands and knees and began sobbing. "PLEASE! I beg of you! Spare this girl of all her suffering and give her a home in your village!"

The girl noticed the man crying and jumped off Naruto's back.

"She'll just be some monster of war!" Hikaru felt a sudden poke on his shoulder pack. He turned to see the girl pull out a piece of candy and delightfully munch on it. He stood up and tried to stroke her hair but only got a snarl and flailing arms thrown at him. "Heh, you still think you are a dog don't you?"

Tsunade stared at the girl for a bit, "Alright, I'll let her live in the village. But in return, you must be our prisoner. I don't know if this is a trap or not so I'm not taking any chances."

Hikaru's eyes brightened and he slowly bowed, "Th-thank you. But where will she go?"

"Since she happens to be only willing to go near Naruto, he shall be her new caretaker."

"WHAT!" Naruto cried, "Why don't you take care of her!"

"I don't know the first thing about kids. But your one so it won't be that hard. Think of this as a mission. You wanted a new one so here ya go."

"I didn't mean it like that!" But Naruto finally gave up and left the room with Sakura. "What's her name anyway?"

Hikaru made a sad sigh, "She has none. She was nicknamed freak but it's not very polite."

Tsunade smiled, "Why don't you choose her a name Naruto."

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