Inspired by all those one sentence fics that have been popping up everywhere. This could be like that, only some of them aren't just one sentence (but are pretty damn short), it doesn't follow one pairing, sometimes it doesn't focus on pairings at all, but on characters themselves, and I didn't register anywhere for them. I had my sister say random words, then proceeded to write drabbles about them. Enjoy.

Part One: Zula Zhao/Zula—he is always Zhao unless otherwise stated


Zula had perfect skin---flawless and pale, without a single scorch mark or bruise of any kind. Zuko was not so lucky---his skin was seared beyond repair, scars painted along his body like that of tattoos, the most obvious, of course, being on his eye; a gift from Father. Zula showed off her skin as often as possible---she thought it was a good way of showing the people of the Fire Nation just who Father favored more.


There are no words needed; she can tell they have lost by the lack of smoke in the air.


Ozai didn't want children---that much was obvious. He had tried so hard to drive them off, and now, seemed to succeed. His son he had not seen in two years (good riddance) and his daughter was in her room, sobbing from grief of her lost love.


She's a brilliant actress; she always has been. How else would she have convinced Father to be so harsh on Zuko after that meeting?


Their first meal together is quiet—a pleasant array of dumplings and potatoes, fixed in their finest form. But the real meal isn't until afterwards—they have each other for dessert.


She's not a good dancer—it's a good thing he doesn't care about that, because they dance anyway, despite his aching feet.


She's never been the type of girl who enjoys flowers, but when he brings them for her, she suddenly has never seen anything more beautiful.


She hates the rain, but makes such a sacrifice when she sees him again, oh so far away, and closes the space between them.


She doesn't like shoes---she's a Princess, after all. If she wants to wander around barefoot, no one's going to complain. He, on the other hand, is obsessive about his shoes---each kept polished and kept in a neat and orderly fashion. They find a happy medium—some days are best kept barefoot, while others have need of shoes.


Zuko complains that Zhao looks like a monkey, and she couldn't disagree more.


She has no need for swords---they are too messy and get in the way of her firebending. She doesn't mind them so much, however, when she watches him practice from her bedroom window.

(and for jessieheart) And then they had fiery smex.