PRE-AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a collection of completely unrelated ficlets that are only being posted together so as to avoid what happened with all of my ZADR fics—a huge mass of really short stories posted separately, creating a gigantic waste of space on my bio. So. . . yeah. Enjoy! XD

Disclaimer: If I owned Full Metal Alchemist, there'd be a lot more kissin' and huggin' between my favorite Elric brothers. . .

Author's Note: I just got to watch the FMA movie for the first time today (in Japanese; I can't wait for the dubbed! The American VAs are SO GOOD!) and it sent me headlong into an EdxAl kick. XD XD XD I've always loved Elrincest, I just haven't had any idea of what to write. But here I go with my first attempt! Enjoy. :)

Warnings: Corny –n– fluffy incest ficlet (in the form of EDxAL— MWAHAHAHAA!), occurs after Al has his body back.


Warm and Soft


"You're so warm. . . so soft. . ."

Al squirmed; laughing beneath his brother's ministrations: chest stretching and constricting as Ed moved his hands across it, admiring it, tracing it, worshiping it. The muscles danced underneath his fingertips—the flesh was warm and inviting. "Of course I am, silly," the younger of the pair murmured, curling close as the moon leapt from behind a cloud, bathing them in silvery light. The child's hazel-brown eyes glittered with love as he pulled the gray blanket around their bare bodies to keep out the cold. "What else would I be?"

The bed squeaked; Alphonse released another giggle.

But Edward simply smiled in amazement.

"You weren't always so warm and soft, you know," he whispered, resting his head serenely against his brother's heartbeat, eyelashes tickling the pale skin. "When you were in the armor. . . your body was as hard and cold as ice." His nose wrinkled; he looked away in shame. "And I hated myself. . . because I knew how warm and soft you really were, and that I had taken that away from you. . ."

Silence fell for a moment; a heavy lull full of memories. Ed opened his mouth to continue down the familiar road—a road full of apologies and sorrow—

But Al shook his head, pulling his big brother closer as their noses brushed teasingly. "You cannot change who I am," he breathed, their long locks twisting and curling together. "You cannot change me, no matter how often you change my shell. You have to have realized that by now. . . ?"

". . ." Ed stared down at him with watery eyes— struggling for a minute to find something to say— before desperately wrapping his arms around that warm and soft middle; laying with Al chest to chest beneath the bedspread. "I don't want to change your body; I never wanted to. You are perfect the way you are."

"Warm and soft?" Alphonse smirked, apparently amused.

His big brother grinned slyly in response, placing a passionate kiss upon his lips. "Warm and soft."