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A Second Collection of Fullmetal Alchemist Sentences & Mini Ficlets



"You were made to wear reds and golds," Alphonse said firmly, plucking the drab brown coat from his bemused brother's shoulders. "Not these depressing shades of gray."



As the winds of change blew, the siblings only held tighter to the other's hand.


Luv M355ag35

Blushing brightly, Alphonse smiled down at his cell phone, saved the text message he'd just received, and winked at his pleased brother from across the classroom.



He didn't know where he was—what had happened—why he was here: alone, cold, naked… sad. But in the pocket of the tarnished red coat he'd found on the floor, there was a note. Crumpled, worn, battered and frayed…

But addressed to him.

Dear Al, it read, in a strong, slanted script he barely recognized, I don't know if you'll ever see this letter. If you don't… that's probably a good thing. It'll mean that I finally found the courage to say this to your face, rather than cower behind a piece of paper and pen. But as I doubt that will ever be the case, I… I wrote this to tell you that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Al, for all that I took from you: your body, your childhood, your dreams, your freedom. I'm sorry that being my baby brother has caused you so much pain and regret. I'm sorry that you've had to put up with me, idiot that I am; I'm sorry that I'm such a burden.

But I'm trying. And I will fulfill my promises to you, Al. I'll get your body back—I'll set you free. Even if I die trying… I'll save you. I'll save you… because I owe you. Because I need you. Because I miss you. I miss your smile, your eyes, your embrace; everything. I miss my little brother.

That and— well…

Someday, Al. Someday I'll tell you all of this…all of this and more. When our dreams come true; when life is the way it once was. When we're whole and together and happy again. Then I'll tell you.

Until then, remember: no matter what happens… I'll always love you.

Your Only Brother,




Their first kiss had been on a Wednesday: 4:00, right after school. May, warm, sunny, blue— perfect. Well, it would have been... If only Winry hadn't come to tell them that YuGiOh was on, and found them hiding behind the family's hibiscus bush.



"If I can't have living proof," Edward whispered through the darkness, though to who he wasn't certain, "just proof that he's living will do…"


Roommates I

It was difficult, at first, to get used to the antics of the—for lack of a more appropriate phrase—very close brothers; but as time wore on, Heiderich's heart softened… and he found himself moved by their pure-hearted love.


Roommates II

Still, Heiderich thought weakly, face red and mind permanently scarred, I wished they'd at least try to keep it down!



"You'll share that with me," Al breathed—husky and sweet—, his silver eyes glittering with mischief as Edward opened a box of pocky, "won't you?"

The older boy grinned widely, sticking a piece in his mouth.

"Come get it."


Thank You, Al

Pictures were big, back then: new, exciting, expensive. They couldn't afford it, but Alphonse really wanted one— "Just one, Brother!"—, and Edward was helpless to his pleas. He surrendered; they posed for their portrait on Al's 16th birthday.

"Thank you, Ed!" he'd squealed, covering the blonde's face with kisses. "Thank you so much!"

"…" The elderly man smiled down at the worn photograph, tracing Al's outline with a fingertip.

It was funny how—in the end—he was more grateful for the photo than Alphonse could ever have been.



It was amusing to watch Al, his first few years on Earth—when everything was new and fresh and he was full of questions and beautiful, awe-filled smiles.



"Why, you must be my knight in shining armor," Alphonse teased, pressing a chaste kiss to his brother's automail and laughing when he had to duck a playful punch.



It's almost like he's back in the armor, the man thought, watching the young boy study studiously in the corner of the library. Back when Fullmetal's reflection on his steel body was the closest to human he could be.

The Ed look-alike turned a page.

Mustang left the room in stony silence.



The Elric brothers loved Halloween: loved putting their costumes on, loved messing around in the leaves, loved getting candy from neighbors… but—most of all—loved "messing around" and "sharing" their candy as they tore their costumes off.



It was the cruelest, coldest, most diabolical thing Al could do… and Ed enjoyed every minute of it: whining and writhing, watching his brother kiss and suck his insensible automail fingers; wishing, wanting, needing to feel that tongue and heat and knowing he very soon would.



"All I want…" he breathed into the silence, "is to keep on loving you."



To watch Edward work was a beautiful thing: the intelligence in his eyes, the thrill in his smile, the spring in his step… and Alphonse found that he'd much rather look at his brother than complete his own share of the research.



"Nothin' else will do," Al sang cheerfully, dancing his way to the front door with a grin and one of his freshly baked cookies. As if on cue, a work-weary Edward entered, opened his mouth to speak— and promptly had the sweet stuffed into it.

The blonde blinked; his brother giggled.

After having been sufficiently gagged, a very jolly Alphonse began dancing with Ed up the stairs to their bedroom… and was pleased to see a grin blossoming on his lover's face. "Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!"



Edward gingerly traced his brother's sleeping face, his mouth smiling but golden eyes sad. "Of all the people in the world…" he breathed, brushing a strand of hair behind Al's ear, "you had to choose me."

"Your love makes me, at once, the happiest and the unhappiest of men."
Ludwig von Beethoven



Stretching, straining, reaching for the sky… Alphonse curled his fingers, then his arms, wrapping the lonely stars in a tender hug.

"Good night, Brother… wherever you are."



It's grown longer.

Al frowned sadly, counting the new loops—one, two, three: a notch for each year he'd been missing from Ed's life. A notch for each year Ed had been missing from his own. A notch for each year they'd spent apart, searching, forlorn.

But that's changed, now. Changed for the better.

"Al…?" Edward suddenly shifted, tilting his head, trying to see his younger brother. "You okay…?"

Alphonse kissed the tips of the silky plait, ignoring the question. "Mhm… All right, Nii-san," he murmured, smiling softly, "I'm done braiding your hair."



Through the years, their favorite pastime was to lie together in the sun—talking, laughing, simply being— as they watched the day go by.



"Part of the military?"

The townsfolk whispered and muttered behind their cupped hands, exchanging glancing as they eyed the unfamiliar pair. "The Fullmetal Alchemist?"

"But I've never seen a State Alchemist who looked like that. I mean, that coat…? Where's his uniform?"


"Where's your uniform, Fullmetal Alchemist?"

A tinny, nervous chuckle echoed from the inside of Al's armor; Ed's face twisted in fury… all the same, he managed to grind out: "…they didn't have one my size."


Equivalent Exchange

Human kind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

So I gave everything.

I gave everything just to be with you again.

That, to me, was equivalent exchange.


Really Here

Some nights, they liked to cuddle—simply cuddle: holding and hugging and hearts as one, on through the darkness and long past the dawn.