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Scott sat in his room with the lights turned off as he picked up a tape recorder and hit the record button and began to talk. "Tape recoding part one. Xavier said I should talk to someone about what happened but I thought maybe I could talk to myself. I'm using the recorder so that I don't feel stupid. Well I guess I'm just going to say that she died saving us and I wish that she would have let me save her. Charles said that she made a choice and that her choice was to save us. Wolverine agrees and says that she picked me over him because she said goodbye to me and not Logan. You know what I think? I think that Jean was damn stupid for dying like that! Why the hell did she die like that?"

Scott stood up and chunked the recorder at the wall and heard it hit the mirror, which shattered. Scott , then, laid back on his bed and began to cry which he only did in the privacy of his dark lonley room becuase he thought that as the leader he should be the strong one, no matter what happened. He had to be strong for his team so he didn't cry infront of them or any of the students becuase as a teacher he had to be strong for them too. Only when he was in his dark, lonely room could he take off his mask, of being strong and scream to the darkness.

"Why the hell did you have to die Jean? You know that I can't live with out you! I miss you real bad and I don't know how I'm going to move on with out you. I know it's been two months but it still hurts when I walk down the hallways and thing of you running down them to kiss me or to tell me that Xavier needed to see me. I miss hearing you simply saying 'I love you' or 'goodnight Scott'. Storm still wants me to talk to her about everything that was going on. She's trying to get everyone through losing you and has done a great job with the students and tried to work with me and Wolverine but neither of us are willing to sit down and talk with someone about what you did! I've been telling myself that you did what you did to save all of us and that if you didn't we'd all be dead right now and what you did was right but I don't think I can keep telling myself that lie. At least to me it's a lie. It may not be one to the others but it is to me. There had to have been another way to save us without loosing you!."

Just then the door to Scott's room came on and the one person that Scott didn't want to talk to walked in, turned on the light and sat in the chair next to the bed. "How you hold'en up Cyke?'

"How do you think Logan? The only woman that I ever loved is gone and she isn't ever coming back!" Scott now sat up on the bed glaring at Wolverine, who was in his muscle shirt and blue jeans. Scott could only guess that he had just come back from a bike ride. Logan seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, getting out of the Mansion, clearing his head, coming back to eat and then leaving again.

"Cyke, listen, Storm, Rogue and I are going to see a movie. Don't know which one yet but we're getting out is the point and your coming with us."

"No I'm not Logan." Scott said still glaring at Logan, who apperently thought he had the right to tell Scott what to do. Neither man said anything for a moment so, Scott laied back down and simply waited for Logan to say something becuase if he knew Logan, which he did, Wolveirne wouldn't leave until Scott gave in.

"Yes, you are Scott." Logan said. If this were any other day and everything fine then Logan would never have been this nice to Scott. He wouldn't have invited him to a movie, which was Storm's idea, or stand in Scott's room arguing with the man but this wasn't any other day and everything wasn't fine. Jean had been gone for almost a month and today was the annaversiary of her death and Scott wasn't taking it very well. Hell, none of them were but Logan thought it better to get out and do something than to sit around crying. Logan ran his fingers through his hair and said, "The movie starts at seven. Get dressed and lets go."

Scott looked at his clock that sat on his bed side table and saw that it was only six. So he asked, "Why are you leaving now if the movie doesn't start until seven?"

"Rogue wanted to get good seats and Storm wanted to get something to eat before hand. Now are you coming or not?"

"Not! Leave me alone and turn the light off when you leave." Scott said as Logan left who didn't turn the light off and slambed the door as he stepped out into the hallway, where Rogue, Bobby and Storm waited.

"Is he coming?" Storm asked all ready knowing the answer by the look on Logan's face as he came up to her. When she had sent Logan in there to ask Scott to come with them, she had known he was going to say no but there was no harm in asking right?

"No, he's not coming." Wolveirne said and just as he turned to Rogue and was about to ask about Bobby, she said, "Bobby wanted to know if he could come. I told him he could, I mean if it's all right with you guys."

Storm looked at Logan, who nodded his head as he and Storm began to walk off and storm asked, "Should we keepn are eye on them?"

"We'll sit two rows behind them and throw popcorn at them during the movie." Wolverine said as the four walked out the front door to the car that Storm had gotten ready while Logan was talking to Scott.

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