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Rogue stepped off the bus with Kitty and Bobby infront of her and jubilee and Peter behind her. They were right infront of worthington Labs and it seemed that there were more people in person than on television. "So what now?" Kitty asked looking around.

"We see what's going on." jubliee siad as she pushed through the crowd. Rogue had worn her longsleeve green trench coat that she had worn when she had first met the xmen and it wasn't to stay warm, infact she wanted to take it off but she couldn't since she wore it to protect everyone else. She tugged on the hood to conver her face as she followed jubilee through the crowd.

"Can you believe their trying to cure us?" someone near Rogue asked to no one in particular but Rogue answered nonetheless.

"Maybe there are mutants who fear their mutatuon and think of it as a curse rather than a gift."

"those mutants don't know what they got. Bein' better than everyone else."

"We're not better than anyone else, just different!" Rogue exclaimed until colossus grabbed her sleeve covered arm and said, "Come on, he ain't gonna listen to a word anyone says, no matter if their human or mutant."

Still angry with the man, Rogue followed colossus until she saw Pyro and Bobby standing face to face. "Peter look."

"This can't end well can it?" he asked Rogue a retorical question that she didn't hear because she was listening, intently, to Pyro and Bobby.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bobby asked trying to stay cool but it wasn't working.

"Samething you are. Checkin' out what's going on. Its a free country I can do what I want. Xavier actually let you X-babies out of the cri? your the last people I'd expect to see here?"

"Bobby, let it go." Kitty said when she saw his fist turn icy cold.

"Yes, Bobby, let it go." Pyro said mocking kitty, whichonly made Bobby's temper sky rocket.

"bobby, you know the professor's rules," Jubilee said, "We can't use out powers unless need be."

"Hahahaha!" Pyro laughed, "you guys are a bunch of babies! Always folowing the rules, doing what everyone tells you.I bet you even go to bed when they tell you." Pyro stepped two stepps closed to Bobby so that now he was in the Iceman's face as he said, "Go on hit me. I know you want to."

Bobby pulled his hand back but before he could actually hit Pyro there was a great rumble on the ground and Ropgue cried, "Bobby! Look!"

Bobby looked in the direction Rogue was pointing and saw a huge twenty foot robot headed straight for them.

"what the hell is that?" Pyro asked.

"I don't know but its headed straight for us!" Jubliee exclaimed.

"Jubs, help me get these people out of here!" Rogue shouted jumping into xmen mode. Jubilee nodded as bobby tried to figure out what to do. They watched the robot for a moment to see what it woudl do and of all things it stopped moving but only for a moment. In that moment, however, it looked at a boy who held a "no cure: sign and said Mutant identified. Mutant Targated. Eliminate all mutants

"Oh crap." Kitty said realizing what was about to happen and as she phased through the ground the Robot fired a beam at the terrified boy, who simply chung to his sign and closed his eyes. A split second before the beam would have hit the boy, kitty came up out of the groun, wrapped her arms wound the boyy and made him out a phase just long ehough for the beam to pass through them unharmed.

When bobby saw this he cried, "Kitty!" as he hit the robot's hand that had fired the beam, with his icy power. the beam ceased and eveyone saw Kitty holding the boy as tight as she could, eyes closed. When she realized it was safe, she pulled herself out of the ground and let the boy go. Then she turned to Bobby and shouted, "Its a killing machine! Its trying to kill mutants!"

"Now, they really want us dead, da?" colossus asked as he turned into his metal form.

"Yeah, it seems to be that way." Bobby said, wishing that the real xmen were here to give him orders and defeat the robot but they weren't so Bobby had to make do with what he had.

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