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Beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect.

Which word should he use?

Cosmo was never good at making decisions. That's why he left it up to Wanda to make all the big decisions for him. Sweet Wanda…

But he did have his moments, and when those moments came, they were truly perfect. Or at least that's what's Wanda tells him, but he's never quite sure if she's just trying not to hurt his feelings. Like their wedding day – she planned everything, but when he found out about the option of writing out your vows, he jumped. This could be his chance to prove himself to her.

And apparently, he really, really did. Even Blonda was crying, which was unusual, since Blonda never cries because of her make-up. Wanda was definitely crying, he ever got worried because he didn't know why she was crying.

But this all brought him back to why he was sitting on their bed, watching his wife sleep. Her chest slowly rose and fell rhythmically as she breathed. The stray strand of pink hair that was in her face blew up and down as every breath escaped her lips.

It was Valentines Day. The day Cosmo proposed to her. It was also the first time he remembered both days.

So what was he to do about it?

He wanted to tell her things, things that he had never told her. But he couldn't find the words. He would tell her that he loves her, but he tells her that everyday. What would be so special about that?

And only three words still stuck in his mind.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect.

Maybe he could say all three? No, after the first one, the whole purpose behind all of it would be lost.

Hey… he could say all three – at the same time. Hm…. Begorgect. Cosmo nodded, proud of himself. Begorgect.


Cosmo jumped, finding himself falling off the bed and landing hard on the floor. He jumped up, his head just popping up over the bed. He smiled guiltily. "Wanda! You're awake."

Wanda yawned, and pushed herself up with her elbows, until she sat fully up. She ran her fingers through her hair, as Cosmo climbed back up on the bed beside her. "Cosmo, didn't we talk about you watching me sleep?"

Cosmo blushed and smiled sheepishly. "Um… yes?"

Wanda smiled, and cupped Cosmo's face with her baby soft hands. "It's a good thing I think it's flattering." She placed a kiss on his lips.

She pulled back, and got out of bed, leaving Cosmo there, eyes still closed. His green eyes slowly opened, just to see her slip on her yellow blouse. He watched her walk over to their dresser and begin to brush her hair. It was only moments, before she stopped, and looked at him through the mirror.

"What is it Cosmo?"


Wanda frowned, but had a smile on her face. "Um… Cosmo… you're not speaking in English again…"

Cosmo grinned. "Yes I am. I think you're begorgect."

Wanda shook her head smiling, and picked up her hair elastic she used to tie her hair up in a bun. "Is… that a good thing?"

Cosmo nodded vigorously. Wanda laughed at her husband, as she secured a reluctant strand of pink hair with a bobby pin. She had long ago given up the thought of trying to understand her husband.

Cosmo's arms wrapped around her waist protectively, and she leaned into him. He placed a kiss on her cheek, whispering, "Happy Valentines Day."

Wanda's smile grew wider. "You remembered!"

Cosmo nodded. He opened his mouth, but closed it. Not before Wanda noticed though. "What did you want to say Cosmo?"

Cosmo frowned. "Would it be to plain if I told you I loved you right now?"

Wanda smiled. "Of course not Cosmo."

"I love you Wanda."

"I love you too Cosmo."