Nightingale: ch1--- Kiri-Moya(fog)

Strongly recomend to read Legends before you go on. ...though it has nothing to do with the action... so why did I write it? --shruggs--

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The fog was as thick as smoke and as dark as storm clouds, enveloping the landscape with thick, spidery fingers of mist. Pale black sand sat cooly where the dark liquid didn't touch, the waves massaging the land with almost inaudible lapses. Dim, dark light gave the beach a dead look, with an almost grey sky that reached out forever to touch the ocean. The only landscape neither sand nor water was a dark forest; dead silent and eerie.

But what stood out more than anything was a lone tower perched up on a hillside overlooking the water. It was tall and sturdy but looked almost old, as if it stood still in time. It was made of bare marble with a glass top fixed to let light shine out. The thing that was weird about this lighthouse though, was that instead of shining light out it was casting long dark shadows across the air...

"The darkness is waiting..."

A chill rippled down Kouichi's spine as if an invisible wind had blew a cold breeze over his exposed skin. Dread filled his chest and griped his heart as a deep recognition stirred in him. He had been here before... like de j'a vu. Kouichi didn't like it, he felt cold and alone and all around him was dead and dark. It disturbed him deeply and made him stand on end. He felt like he couldn't breath... like de j'a vu.

He jumped up when someone shook him, taking deep surprised gasps. ---wait... how can I get up when I'm already up?--- Confusion drowned him as Kouichi was pulled along by his arm. He was surprised to be rushed out into a train station and shoved onto a bench to find himself staring into a mirror. Only his reflection was serious and even a little worried (masked very carefully) and his hair... was longer?

"You all right there, Kouichi?" Kouji asked, laying a hand to his brothers shoulder. Kouichi shook his head to clear his thoughts, holding his forehead with a grimace.

"W-what?" Exactly where was he? He felt... cold, and confused. He gave an involuntary shiver. Kouji shook his head and rubbed his twin's arm for a bit of warmth.

"We're going to be late. Come on." Kouji pulled Kouichi up and rushed out of the station.

"Late? ... for what?"

"We're meeting up with the others today, remember?" Kouji smirked at him and continued to pull his arm through the crowd. Ah, the others. That's right... he must have fell asleep on the train. Kouichi still felt groggy and slow and just opt to let Kouji pull him along. But there was still the matter of his dream... Kouichi shook his head once again. It was probably nothing.


"Earth to Kouichi!" Takuya waved his hand in front of the teen's face who was gazing out at the clouds. Kouichi jumped back a bit and refocused onto the burnette.

"Sorry... what?" He gave a shiver as a chill ran down his back. Interesting there wasn't any breeze...

"You okay? You look a little off." Zoe pointed out, eyeing the twin. Kouichi just shook his head and glanced at the clouds again.

"I'm fine, really." Kouichi shrugged it off, feeling a little uncomfortable. Kouji studied his brother and looked out to the sunset.

"It's late." Kouji stood up, ending the conversation in a subtle swoop. The others stood up too, out of mere surprise.

"That was quick..." Tommy stated.

"Yeah, it's a little early." J.P. commented. The others all nodded. Something was off... There was a sudden gale that hit the group with an eery melody, making them all shiver.

"Guys, look!" Zoe pointed to the dark sky, now with black clouds swirling about it chaotically.

"I have a bad feeling about all of this..." Takuya commented as the dark clouds began to swirl furiously. What was weird was that the weather only seemed to be on the hill which the chosen all stood on.

"...Where's Kouichi?" Kouji suddenly gasped, turning around to find his double apearantly missing. And indeed there were only five children...

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