Nightingale: ch6— meian (darkness and light)

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Kouichi closed his eyes in shock, the air leaving him in a rush. The water beneath him was hungering for him. His hands automatically reached for his d-tecktor though there was no time to digivolve as he impacted.

Only, he wasn't in water. Kouichi gasped suddenly and relief flowed through his lungs as his mind spun back to reality. Kouji... he had seen Kouji... hadn't he? That light.

"You ok, Kouichi?" The figure who had caught him suddenly addressed, startling him.

"...Wormmon...?" The insect seemed to smile at him quietly.

"I digivolved, I'm Stingmon now." He stated, Kouichi nodded then suddenly sat up, startled. "Ken!"

"It's okay, my friends are here. They are going to help." Stingmon reassured and set Kouichi down on the shore of the black beach. He steadied himself and saw that sure enough, a whole ton of digimon were headed to give the emperor a taste of their minds.

"Kouichi!" said boy looked up suddenly, and instantly recognized his friends coming at him, Kouji among them. Kouichi immediately ran up to his oncoming brother and embraced him tightly.

"That's the second time you were almost lost to the darkness..." Kouji whispered, not letting go for an instant.

"I wasn't lost." Kouichi answered back happily. Their reunion was cut short though as a sudden beam of red shot from the ocean. A dark gleam illuminated the water, and the digimon stopped fighting to watch as something lifted out of the liquid.

"Yes! The dark seed at last!" The beaten kaiser laughed insanely (those rookies really did a number on him). The children around him all stared at the darkening waters below...

The emperor got up and dragged himself to the cliffs edge, and before anyone could react, he fell right off. As his form hit the water, the darkness below engulfed him.

Then everyone was instantly on alert, all the kids reaching for their digivises. Kouichi gasped as the darkness from the water grew...

A demonic figure rose out of the liquid as if it were ash, the dark droplets reflecting the red data to make the figure glow in blood. There was a chorus of gasps as eight eyes opened simultaneously on the figures armor.

"Duskmon..." The frontier glanced at Kouichi almost to make sure he was still there, but his mind seemed lost as he stared up at the creature, his hand frozen over his pocket.

Kouji felt rage swell up inside him. That freak... the digimon emperor had hurt his brother. And now he was using his spirit. How dare he! Kouji grabbed his d-tecktor and pressed the scan button, his motions echoed by his friends.

"Excecute... Spirit Evolution!"

"Davis!" Veemon cried, looking determinedly at his partner. Davis nodded with a confidant smile and held out his digivise.

"Veemon, digivolve to... unX-veemon... oh, darn" Veemon fell back to the ground in disappointment, his friends having the same results.

"Get out of here, we'll handle this!" Kazemon shouted to the digidestined who took the advise and fled. Sure enough, the spirits were rearing to fight but yet Duskmon took it all without any damage.

"Why isn't this working!" Lowemon shouted angrily after dodging another blast. It was like Duskmon was everywhere, hitting and attacking wildly without any recognition to any pain, he just seemed to laugh at the whole thing.

"That is for me to know, and for you to find out." Duskmon hissed venomously, "Slide evolution!"

"Play time's over! Zone Deleter!" Velgrmon sent a blast of red beams from his eyes, making the hybrids all stumble down. "Dark Obliteration!" with his mighty wings, the bird drew a line in the black sands around the fallen digimon. Once they were all captured in his circle it exploded...

The digidestined gasped, horrified as the black orb made a ridiculous booming sound, leaving a gaping hole in the beach where the other children had been.

"It... it can't be..." Ken whispered horrified.

"They... they lost?" T.K. echoed in the same worried whisper. All of their eyes were on the fading rubble of the hole, hoping for one stir of life...


"The darkness is waiting..."

Kouichi stirred, every muscle aching and looked up at a legendary figure. It had a catlike body like Jagerlowemon's, covered in the same material as his spirits also. It's great cat head reminded him of a sphinx its body had golden wings and he had a mighty confidant posture.

"Who... are you?" Kouichi gasped as the great digimon helped lift him to his feet.

"I am AncientSphinxmon, the Legendary Warrior of Darkness. I have come to help." Kouichi could feel strength returning to him, the pain of the attack leaving him. There was something familiar about him though...

"You... you showed me that... that picture of this place." Kouichi recognized and the lion digimon nodded.

"I also helped the many others around you, Kouichi Kimura. Remember, darkness is your strength." The boy could feel the other's presents around him fade but at the same time, AncientSphinxmon was still with him, just like Lowemon and JagerLowemon. They were one.

"Excecute... Fusion evolution!" His spirits had come together, the darkness was awakened. He was Reichmon.

Kouji forced his eyes open blearily, some of the pain actually bearable. He got a glimpse of a lion-like figure, rising out of the sandy hole, its body covered in the black armor of KaiserLowemon's. He still had a human shape and Lowemon's disposition but what was really new was that the digimon was flying with two great golden black wings.

Reichmon drew out his bow staff, exactly alike Lowemons staff and buried it within the layers of feather in a quick opening strike. The flying digimon pulled it out and started off into the sky as the warrior followed, determined and at the ready.

"Are you all okay!" Kari yelled down into the whole.

"Just peachy..." Takuya answered up to them, groaning. Kouji growled, and watched as Reichmon got locked into a heated battle.

"Kouichi... please be all right."

"Don't worry, we will get you out in a jiffy!" Davis yelled, the supposed leader of the group. Kouji had to wonder why all the leaders had to be hot-headed goggle heads...


"How can we help?" Yolei asked in a panic watching the fight, Hawkmon trying to calm her down ineffectively.

"We just... wait." Tommy answered helplessly, rubbing his arms where the bruises were forming.

"You're his brother, right? Why can't you help?" T.K. addressed the black haired teen angrily, watching as Reichmon and Duskmon crossed swords over and over in an even match.

"If you didn't notice, none of us could beat him. I wouldn't be of much help now." Kouji crossed his arms unhappily, huffing and mind on its edge as he watched his twin in worry.

"How did you beat him last time?" Cody wondered.

"Me and grumpy over there got the spirit away from him." Takuya said, grimacing as Reichmon was slashed across the chest

"Just hopefully Kouichi can beat him..." Junpei said.


"Give up, pest! The darkness is mine to control," The emperor growled and slashed at Reichmon again. The lion dodged and launched up into the air to gain some time. This wasn't working, he had to stop him.

"You were never the Warrior of Darkness and you never will be!" Reichmon said and gave the demon a kick from the air. Duskmon grabbed his leg and flipped him around in a rush, leaving the him on the ground, winded.

"You can't beat me. You can't beat the darkness." That's it... he had to beat the darkness. But how? An image of a lone tower perched up on a hillside overlooking the water flashed through his mind. (A/N: this is a quote from one of the previous chapters, can you guess which one?) The tower!

Reichmon jumped up, narrowly missing a swift slash from Duskmon's blood red sword and dashed to the tower with all the speed he could muster. Before the demon could even realize it, the warrior had pummeled into the lighthouses walls, making the tower crumble into debris.

Duskmon glared, he knew he was about to be beaten, unless...

Reichmon watched in horror as the demon digivolved and flew in the opposite direction... right at the huddle of humans.

"Oh no you don't!" Reichmon's catlike speed enabled him to stop the bird in its tracks, a horrid angry glare on Reichmons face. The cat digimon shot his javelin-like spear through Valgrmon's heart and the digimon gave out a sudden cry. His digicode swirled around him, red and lifeless.

"You were never the Warrior of Darkness and you never will be!" Reichmon said, "Fractal Code, Digitize!" with that, Valgrmon's heart let out a dark glow, and at the same time the lighthouse's beam swam over the land. Everyone was enveloped in darkness, only this time... it wasn't evil.

Ken shot out of bed with a start, glancing at Wormmon. The dark of the night was comforting somehow, and Ken laid back down. For some reason, he couldn't remember the dream he had just had. The moon seemed brighter to the chosen and he drifted off to sleep once more.

"The darkness is waiting..."


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