The Diary of Gabriella Montez

Jan 25

Hey, my name's Gabriella...i thought it would be a pretty cool idea to start this diary thing. Well things are looking good at East High for me...the musical i'm starring in is going to be a blast! What's wierd is Sharpay Evans is starting to be nice to me. Ha-ha. She has a little bit of good in her I guess. Well anyways today, Taylor and I went to CofeeTime and hung out and ran into TROY! It's been kinda awkward around him since we both started to realize we liked each other. I talked to Troy's best friend Chad and he thinks I should be more 'talkative' around him? Whatever... it's funny when boys try to give you advice. A well anyway I took the tip anyway and called Troy later. We totally cleared things up...BUT were not dating yet...hmm I really want to. Well I better run...cell phones ringing!


Omgsh...that was Taylor...she's got a huge thing for Chad! I think she has a chance. They totally hung out at the after party. And that's not all the big news...Ryan Evans (brother of Sharpay) has a crush on someone...Taylor wouldnt tell me who though. It's driving me CRAZY! She does that kinda 'leave me hanging' kinda deal WAY too much! I always thought he um well to put it nicely 'plays for the other team' if you know what I mean wink wink Well I gotta go and study for my chemistry stuff!

Yay (l0l don't laugh!).