Ahh, my sweet diary. I can't go back and imagine how I lived without it. It feels great to have back and I honestly believe Troy didn't read any of it. But anyways. The Nancy Drew inside me is beaming. I don't know why I care so much about Robyn; I mean I didn't really like her that much. And as if Troy was reading my mind, he asks.

"Why do you care so much for Robyn?"

"I don't know Troy; I just can't stand the fact of someone getting away with something."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Don't you want to like, investigate or something?"

"Seriously, I didn't think you would be up for something like that."

I honestly didn't think he would. I mean, Troy isn't the detective type. I can picture him as a lifeguard or professional basketball player when he's older (preferably the lifeguard…have you seen his abs!). But he finally convinced me.

"Gabriella, I want adventure! Nothing ever happens around here. I want to be involved in making New Mexico less well what's the word?"


"YEA! Man you are smart!"

"Yea, you have to go to Harvard or something to know that."

"Really? You think it's on the test?"

"Sure Troy."

I couldn't tell if he was joking or being serious. We were outside and the sun was shining on his BLONDE highlights while we were talking. But I guess everyone has their blonde moments.

"Gabriella! Look at that cloud! Doesn't it look like one of Ryan's hats!"

I had no idea what he was talking about, all the clouds looked like blobs or something. I just nodded and smiled. Then I thought of something. If we wanted to start the case we should talk to the witnesses…like Ryan. Maybe he knows something.

"Troy, want to go talk to Ryan?"

"Uh sure, just keep me away from the pet mountain lion."

I automatically knew Troy was talking about Sharpay. Let's just say he's not that fond of her.

About 15 minutes later we got to Ryan's house. I noticed Sharpay's new silver convertible wasn't in the driveway so Troy was safe. Ryan let us in right away and seemed to be in a pretty good mood considering his super crush was in the hospital. We said hello and Ryan invited us in.

"Nice place Dude."

"Uh thanks." It was kind of obvious Ryan had never been referred to as 'dude'.

"No prob, hey I saw a cloud that looked like your hat!"

Okay, I don't know why Troy is so hyper today…Ryan seemed confused too.

"Uh okay, let's go sit down."

We walked through the foyer then straight to the living room couch. We sat down and Ryan asked,

"So what do you guys need?"

So I started explaining.

"Ryan, it's really bothering me that Robyn was hurt, and no one is getting punished for it. Can you tell us everything you know? I really want to help."

"But, you guys hate Robyn."

Which was true, but I hate seeing people hurt.

"Look Ryan my man. We wanna help her and hopefully prevent it." Troy said.

"Okay well um I can't well I just, It-It's just…I'd rather not talk about it."

GOSH! Why does he have to be so difficult? I don't want to get mean here!

"I know its hard Ryan. But you could be a big help in helping Robyn. I know she would totally appreciate it."

I noticed a dreamy expression swing across Ryan's face. I think I said exactly the right thing.

"Okay Gabriella. But you can't repeat it. Please. I'm risking my life here. So here's how it started: I was the one that found Robyn on the um, ground. Naturally I called 911 and stayed and waited with her until the paramedics came. When they showed up I just couldn't watch anymore. I sprang into the locker room to be alone."

"Why was the locker room unlocked?" Troy asked, looking pretty interested.

"Well when I walked in, the football team was in there looking kind of suspicious. I told them about Robyn because there was awkward silence and I just, blurted it out. They all shot me horrified looks and threatened to hurt me if I called the police. I told them that I already called an ambulance. They looked at each other then started to walk toward me. They said if I ever told anyone about them being in the locker room, I would have bad consequences."

"Whoa" said Troy and I in unison.

"Wait isn't Chad on the football team Ryan" I asked.

"Yea he wasn't in the locker room though." Just as I was about to ask tons more questions, my phone rang.


"Ga-Gab-Gab! OH MY GOSH! It's happened again. Sh- Shannon Mariss at soccer practice. No one knows what's happened yet."

"Wait is this Taylor…and what do you mean it happened again?"

"It's Taylor. And about Shannon…."

"WHAT? What happened Taylor?"

"She um, she's in um…intensive care."