Epilogue: Fairytales

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"Oh, I love it when you read us fairytales, dad!" A flash of pink was met as the girl launched herself at her "dad".

The said father let out a tired sigh, "What the hell! How old are you again, Peppita?" Annoyed ruby colored orbs met mischievous pale emerald ones. The man's tone of voice showed that he knew exactly how old the young woman in front of him was, but wanted to know if she knew.

The girl just gasped, "To use such language in front of your own children, shame on you!" Her hands reached down and clamped themselves over a young girls ears, she was about three-years-old. All this did was anger the young father.

"Peppita…" The dangerous tone of voice told the blond that the man's patience had reached its limits.

"Alright, Albel, alright, I'm sorry. I'll act more like my own age from now on." Her voice wasn't childish like it was before and she had used Albel's name this time, which showed that she did not wish to anger him any more than he already was.

Albel just raised one eyebrow and prompted, "Which is…?"

A nervous chuckle reached Albel's ears, "Uh, eighteen." Her eyes looked up at him innocently and she lightly bit the bottom of her lip as it curled up into a naïve smile.

"It's amazing, did you ever act your age, brat?"

"Hey, in my defense, you can be any age and still enjoy a fairytale every once and a while." The girl sat herself down on Mei's bed and the little girl joined the older.

Under his breath Albel just replied, "Yeah, every once and a while, not every night!"

Meanwhile, Sophia listened to the whole thing, her body rested against the wall and right next to the open doorway. The deal was that she would put their son to sleep and Albel would read a bed time story to Mei and, normally, Peppita too. Sophia smiled happily as she listened to her husband read the story to the two. Listened to how he playfully bantered with the teenaged girl and said good night to their daughter.

Life here wasn't a smooth ride, but, life never was. And, at least for now, Sophia could be happy in the fact that…Albel finally heard the whole fairytale.


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