The Way You Make Me Fall

By LimeLightning

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I've already written about a quarter of the story and the rest is still just a vision, but hopefully it won't take too long to complete (it's already taken me so long to get to this point).

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Chapter 1: Images of Terra

Raven peered over the top of her book, finding it impossible to concentrate on the words in front of her. From her favorite chair in the corner of the Titan's living room she surveyed her teammates. In the corner of the room that was opposite to her, Robin was typing on his laptop. Cyborg sat serenely on the couch, controller of his GameStation in hand, his body movements considerably synchronized with the actions on the screen. At the kitchen stove, Starfire was cooking something thick and green that was bubbling slightly over the sides of the pot.

Raven's eyes shot back down to the pages of her book, but concentration didn't come.

For once in her life it was the sheer silence of the room that distracted her.

Over the faint sound of Cyborg's game and Robin's typing, Starfire's concoction let out a squelch that made Raven's stomach feel a little bit unsettled. Nevertheless, Titans Tower was still missing that sense of liveliness.

If ever someone had told her that reading or meditating under these conditions would have proved to be impossible, she would have been so skeptical; a laugh may have even escaped her emotionless demeanor. But here and now, that was, in fact, the situation that she was finding so hard to acknowledge. That it was the liveliness, the energy…

That certain green dynamic factor that Raven reluctantly missed.

Abandoning her book, Raven closed the volume and placed it beside her, giving in to her thoughts...

For the past few weeks, Beast Boy had been sporting a broken heart, courtesy of Terra. From the start he had been blind-sighted to her treachery.

Raven remembered how numb she felt every time she saw the two together. If she could have expressed her feelings, they would come out as complete and utter fits rage every time she saw Terra nudge closer to Beast Boy on the couch or watched Beast Boy practically swoon over Terra. Raven knew from the beginning that Terra was bad news, but no one could have convinced Beast Boy.

After learning of Terra's betrayal, two weeks ago, saying 'I told you so' just didn't feel right. She watched as Beast Boy tried his best to stay as optimistic as ever, but she knew that, inside, he was hurting. And it was only a matter of time before he gave up on pretending.

In about a week's time, Raven had felt as though the team was pretty much getting back to normal. They had all recovered from the deception, even Beast Boy was beginning to put it behind him.

He was beginning to forget her.

But then, just as quick as she left, she came back with a vengeance. Terra attacked her former teammates with no repentance. She held nothing back, fighting to kill each of the Teen Titans, and he still believed there was goodness in her.

A sudden image appeared in Raven's mind. A memory that, for some reason, she just couldn't get out of her head: He was pinned to the ground, at the mercy of Terra, who stood undefeated. The menacing girl willed a spiked boulder to hover above him

Threatening his life.

'It'll be the last thing you ever do!' Raven had said, only thinking of how badly she wanted to hurt Terra at that moment. Beast Boy, however, did not even flinch. His life was at stake, but he was still thinking of Terra. "It's your choice, Terra," he had said, making Raven feel a little like killing him herself.

It was Terra's choice and she did not let him down. But even though Terra had found the strength to do the right thing, Raven still wasn't sure she could forgive her. Even though Terra had given up her life to save the city from destruction, Raven could not let go of the anger she still felt towards her.

Among many other things, Raven remembered the last embrace she saw Beast Boy and Terra share.

He had held her close, his protective arms wrapped around her, pleading with her to go with him. Terra's eyes brimming with tears, she rested her cheek on his shoulder.

As the others dragged Beast Boy out of the caves, Terra stayed and with her power she stopped the eruption from destroying the city.

Yesterday they had held a funeral for Terra. Under the city in Slade's former lair, Terra's body, covered in molten rock, acted as its own monument. Starfire placed flowers at her feet and Beast Boy laid down a memorial stone. It was a proper ceremony, and it was only fitting that they should have one, since, in the end Terra hadn't died a complete screw-up.

Ever since then, Beast boy had barely said a word. Justifiably upset, he was entirely lost in his thoughts. Raven sensed he had tried to tough it out, being with everyone else, but after a while he had just given up andclosed himself off in his room. Beast Boy's sudden silent treatment seemed to concern the others, who began to persistently knock on his door to make sure he was ok. But Raven wasn't worried; she knew he just needed some time alone. At any rate, what did she care? Everything would be back to normal soon…

Raven's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of Starfire's enthusiastic voice. Instantly she wondered how she could have taken the rare silence in the room for granted.

"Perhaps someone would like to try the Zwargus I prepared?"

Silence followed as the other Titans were caught off guard by the unexpected predicament.

Starfire brandished a bowl of the thick mixture. "This time I stewed it with the quaid of a fendering Zorbug."

"No." Raven answered bluntly in her monotonous voice.

Cyborb was more gracious, "Thanks Star, but you know, I had a big lunch." With a large hand he hit his stomach, which produced an incriminating hollow sound. "Heh heh," He turned a bit red.

"Yeah, thanks Starfire," said Robin, momentarily turning away from the laptop, "but we're probably going to eat dinner soon." It wasn't even four o'clock yet, but Robin seemed to be strapped for any other excuses.

Starfire was persistent, "Then, maybe Beast Boy would like a sampling. It may be what he needs to help him with the 'cheering up'. I could just knock on his door-"

"No, I'm pretty sure we've knocked on his door enough for one day," said Robin, "I think he just needs some time to be alone."

Beast boy sat idly on his bedroom floor, leaning against the wall beneath his window. The orange light from the setting sun came flooding into the room, shining its warmth on everything except him. He pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his forehead on his folded arms. His body felt tired and worn-out, but his thoughts were ongoing. Beast Boy tried, once again, to think about something other than Terra.

But somehow she would always find her way back into his thoughts. He had been sitting in that same spot for what seemed like hours, his mind tortured with thoughts of her.

How her golden hair would fall about her beautiful face

How the sight of her made his heart race

How much he missed her.

But then confusion would always set in as he began to consider the burning questions that still remained unanswered:

How could she have betrayed him?

How could she have just thrown away what they had together?

How was he to know if what they shared had even been real…or if it had just been another lie?

It felt real.

Beast Boy knew it was. He had never known anyone like Terra and his feelings for her were genuine. Was it love he had felt? In any case, he had never felt the same way about anybody else…

Well, maybe except for… one other girl.

The single thought was enough to make Beast Boy feel ill from his own disloyalty. Terra was dead and he was thinking about someone else.

Terra was dead.

Suddenly overwhelmed with frustration, Beast Boy became unable to contain his anger. Lashing out at the junk on his floor, he began sending clothes, magazines, and anything else at arms reach, reeling across the room. He knocked over his desk chair and threw a water glass at the wall, satisfied at the loud sounds they made.

When he was finally out of breath, he collapsed on his the bottom bunk of his bed and buried his face in his arms. Terra's death was finally beginning to really sink in.

Sadness overtook him, giving him the feeling of being trapped underwater. He felt his chest begin to heave as he gasped for air, his built-up emotions finally escaping in the form of something like an asthma attack. The air around him felt thick, and his lungs periodically collapsed as they refused to take in oxygen.

He closed his eyes, hoping it would make the feeling go away, but instead he saw Terra.

"Why--did you leave me?" he asked the image between breaths. His voice sounded faint and unrecognizable.

The image began to fade.

Throughout his life everyone who he had ever cared about had died. He didn't understand. Why did it have to be that way?

Desperately, he wished he could just fall asleep so his mind could be at ease for a few hours, but for the past two nights he had lied awake in bed, not even getting so much as an hours' rest. He began to doubt that tonight would be any different.

After a few minutes the attack had subsided. With a few more shuddering sighs, Beast Boy sat up, his back arched in a significant slouch. He ran a hand through his hair and then peered over the side of his bed, assessing the damage to his room.

Truthfully, he could hardly see a difference between the way it looked before and after his rampage.

Sturdily, he decided that he had to take his mind off his problems. The only way to maintain his sanity would be to keep busy. With one more deep breath, he scanned over the mess that he called his room and decided that it would be a project that could temporarily distract him from his thoughts.

There you have it. My first chapter. I promise it will get more interesting as the plot progresses, I'll try to post the next chapters quickly, before I gain the reputation of a dull fanfiction writer.