Author: Monica

E-mail: T, just to be sure.

Summary: Get off of here! This is my dream. Sara's POV. Her dreams will turn into reality?

A/N: Everybody has dreams about the person they love. I'm not different and in my world Sara isn't either. Let's see how this thing develops.

I soon figured out the story. Dressed for success, in front of me, stood a beautiful lady ready to play tricks with my mind. I was not in the mood. The girl was interesting, that's for sure but my mind and eyes where drifted away from her but not very far.

Only illuminated by the light above her and leaning against the column, she seemed to be absorbed by the music floating. Beautiful and amazing as always, I was sure, she wasn't aware of my presence.

Tempted at first, soon the idea of making a move on her vanished. How I was to explain what I was doing there? But, at the same time, how was she going to explained it? It was believed and accepted she was straight as an arrow. I was encouraged by the thought. If she didn't want people to know she was there it was clear no one would know I was there too.

So I made my movement. Trying to get her by surprise, I stood behind her and encircling her waist with my arms, I softly whispered to her ear:

"You can enlighten a place only with your smile"

Prepared to be slammed I faced her. She half-smiled and surprised me by saying:

"A few more words like that and you could be my charming princess"

"Am I not already?"

"You shall work on it"

I closed my eyes and sighed surprised by her answer and without noticing it she placed a soft kiss on my lips.

When I returned to reality, she wasn't there.

I didn't pay for my drinks. I ran out of the club and took a cab to her house and I was there before she arrived so I sit at her doorstep and lit a cigarette. I could never quit smoking and I really didn't want to. In fact, I liked smoking.

"Ready to start?"

"I know I can be your perfect charming princess"

"I know you are. Only wanted to reassure it"

I let my right hand caress her soft cheek while I took a deep glance into those piercing blue eyes of her. My happiness was in them. I didn't doubt a second and went for it.

I glued my lips to her and melted in her arms. I explored her deepest secrets that night. I felt completed for the first time of my life but when I woke up she was gone again.

She was playing with me. I should have figured out the story.