A/N: I'm sorry for making you waiting for so long. Last month I had term exams and I was really busy. This chapter is really short and things have changed a little from the original purpose. This story is really goin' into darkness. I think. But into a surreal darkness.


My mouth was dry. I was sweating like a pig and I still could feel Catherine fingers on my right cheek. It really hurt but it was worth it. Maybe it had been only a dream but I got to see Catherine naked. Would she really be how I imagined her? Stupid question to ask myself because it was obvious she would never forgive me and obviously she would share the locker room with anymore.

"Sara. Crime scene is waiting"

I knew she was saying something to me but I couldn't stop staring through the car window.


"mmm.. sorry… I was miles away"

"I bet you I know what you were thinking" she said half-smiling.

I was lost. Wasn't she angry with me anymore? Or… was I asleep again? Catherine such in a beautiful mood… It was suspicious. Or maybe she was under some kind of spell….. My face betrayed me because she answered my questions.

"I'm sorry for what I did before. I didn't really want to slap your face but your words took me by surprise. It's not definitely the Sara I know."

"Listen Catherine… I'm really sorry… I don't know what happens to me. You know it's not usual I fall asleep at work."

"Shhhhhh… little baby. You didn't let me finish. I've said to you that It took me by surprise but not that I don't like the idea. I would really take things further with you Sara."

Oh boy! Was my mind playing tricks with me? Or was it the real Catherine? Was she teasing me or was she saying the truth?


"Sara? O.K.? This is the only thing you've got to say?"

I didn't know where to look to "… yes.?..."

"We'll talk about it after shift. Hope you got something more interesting than OK to say"

I hoped so too. Heaven doors were open and I wouldn't miss the chance to enter.