Chapter 1:

The crew had stopped at some island to gather supplies on the market town that took up most of the islands' sparse space. The Going Merry was docked at the far side of the island, incase of any wandering marine eyes that might be on the island.

However; since the town was surrounded by thick, stone walls-- meant to keep the waves out-- even these precautions were mostly unnecessary.

Each of the crewmembers had gone their own way; so one could only guess what they were up to. Especially Luffy.

Through eyewitness reports; I have been able to gather information on each of the pirate's day in the town. These are their stories.

But for reasons unknown, Sanji's one is told first.

Sanji had gone to buy cooking supplies for the ship. And to flirt.

He was (usually) never forward enough for the subject of his flirting to slap him; infact the greater portion were greatly amused with his happy love dances and faces.

Infact; even some of the men enjoyed these, even if Sanji would never do it to their face like he did to the women.

Sanji was having a good day today. The girls he had flirted with today either had liked him a lot; or were far too good natured to slap him.

There were a great variety of different girls here; and Sanji couldn't pass up a chance like this. So he decided to test his luck further.

"O, love; fate has been all too kind to us on this day of days! For today I have been blessed to meet such a beautiful lady!" Spouted Sanji in his "love-cook" voice, to the latest object of his attention.

The girl he had said this to made a Beauty face; and said: "Oookay... that's not normal..."

Sanji was about to make a snappy comeback full of bubbly hearts, when the girl moved out of line, and now a slightly overweight fishwoman was at the front of the line.

Of course, Sanji was so erotically excited by all this attention that he was beyond noticing or caring if a girl who wasn't quite as cute was standing in front of him. And the purple fishwoman at the front of the line happened to fall under that category.

Sanji, of course continued singing out flattering compliments, and the random male passerby might have thought that Sanji was a cult leader, a hypnotist, or simply insane. Possibly all at once.

And the random fishwoman; hearing these compliments began to do an embarrassed, shy, little dance; and her face had turned violet-red with scarlet spots.

Sanji stopped to catch his breath so that he wouldn't explode. He caught sight of the fat fishwoman, blushing and dancing in front of him.

And either Sanji is very, very kind; or he actually thought that it was adorable, because he smiled at her and complimented her with some specially prepared compliments, made with as much care as the food he prepared for Nami and Robin.

The fishwoman snapped. She blushed violently; and with bubbly pink hearts floating over her head, she picked up Sanji and hugged him.

Sanji liked being hugged.

Sanji didn't like suffocating.

The problem was that both were kind of happening at the same time.

Just as Sanji's lungs were about to send him an angry letter in the form of him passing out; the fishwoman released her grip.

"Oh, thank you! Y'know, you're pretty cute too!" said the fishwoman, as she skipped off merrily.

Sanji slumped on the ground.

"Who's next?" he said; grinning.

That night, Sanji returned to the ship with his groceries, looking rather disheveled.

"I like this town..." he grinned.

"This town is horribly depraved." said Zoro.

Side Notes:

The Beauty from Bobobo; who is the only sane one.

All the nerdy/fat girls had gotten into a line for Sanji, because they thought/knew that he wouldn't notice them on his own.

She had orange spots on her face to start with. Those turned scarlet when she blushed.

Of course Sanji puts lots of care in the male's food. Just not as much as he puts in Nami and Robin's.

Anyone found reviewing this fiction saying that "Its Zolo" or that "It's Merry Go" or otherwise will be punished by law. And Sanji smokes a cigarette, not a lollipop. If Sanji is acting out of character in this; it's the magic pickle-wielding sorcerers of Gorgoroth that did it; not me. I swear.

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