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Chapter 2: Chopper's "Bad" Luck

Chopper was one of the easiest to gather information on. It's not everyday that you see a teddy-bear looking reindeer-human walking down the street. And those who DO see reindeer-humans walking down the street every day are insane.

I have not mentioned this earlier; but the day that the Strawhat pirates were docked at the small town just happened to be Friday the 13th.

And being a very young reindeer, with little to no experience in the real world; Chopper tended to believe a lot that he heard. This included superstitions.

Unfortunately for poor Chopper; he had been given a lecture on superstitions the night before because Luffy had brought the subject up. It's just too bad that no one bothered mentioning that most/all superstitions aren't real.

Chopper had tried his hardest to stay near Usopp, for long noses ward off bad voodoo; but in a crowd they had gotten separated.

'Oh, I'm in for it now!' thought Chopper. 'If I don't find Usopp soon, I may find myself in a vortex of bad Juju magic!'

Chopper wandered away, and meandered under a ladder.

"Eek!" Said Chopper, noticing what he had done. "That's 6 years of bad luck!"

Just as Chopper began making little signs with his hooves to try and slow the progress of the bad juju magic; a noisy man jumped out at him.

"Heyyy! You're the 13th person to walk under this ladder! You've just won a free cookie dough ice cream!" Said the noisy man; handing Chopper the largest ice cream cone he had ever seen.

"Gee, thanks mister." Said Chopper, as he took the ice cream.

Chopper continued to search for Usopp and convince himself that he had horrible, horrible, luck.

Then Chopper stepped on a mirror.

"GAH! That's 13 years of bad luck! Or was it 7? 85?" Chopper cried.

Just as Chopper began to calculate how many years of bad luck he owed; a large sack fell on his head.

"Ow... I guess the bad luck is already starting..." Sighed Chopper as he lifted the heavy sack off of his head; and straightened up his now crushed pink top hat.

Chopper looked inside the bag.

And to is great surprise; it was brimming with gold!"

"Wow! What kind of moron would just drop this kind of money on my head?" exclaimed Chopper as he took the sack of gold and trotted onwards.

It wasn't long until a black cat ran past Chopper.

"Aw, Goddamn it; as if I didn't have enough bad luck already!" shouted Chopper after the black cat.

Before Chopper could do anything; a random plot-device person shouted; "The prophecy has been fulfilled! Our lord and savior has appeared! Let us shower him with gifts!"

Chopper looked around; but soon so many people were crowding around him and throwing gifts at him that he couldn't see.

He was about to cry out, had not Usopp shown up at that moment.

"Hey Chopper; what's all the commotion?" Usopp said as if nothing had happened.

"Usopp; you're not gonna believe just how much trouble I'm in right now!" said Chopper.

That night Chopper returned to the ship, hauling a wheelbarrow overflowing with goodies and presents and gold.

"I'm doomed." sobbed Chopper.

"Yeah; you are when Nami see all that!" said Zoro.

If you haven't guessed already, Zoro has a sarcastic comment at the end of each chapter; besides his own.

I guess this takes place a few minutes before the crew goes to Jaya... I THINK... Maybe...

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