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Abandoned. That was one way to describe her. She was no longer happy. She was a broken soul. Actually to put it in a better way she was a lifeless shell. She abandoned. Why you might ask. Simple. Her only love left her in the cold.

Her features changed the most. Her body did grow curves that got her a huge fanclub but she didn't care. Her face was pale and smooth but she didn't care. In fact, she didn't care about beauty at all. She was just herself and nothing else. Her eyes. Now that is a different subject. They were dull and unreadable. They were sharp, dangerous and almost a glare.

Her emotions. They don't exist anymore. She abandoned them. In fact, she abandoned a lot of things. Her friends which she hardly talks to, her family which hell, they abandoned her. They just left her and the village. The only thing she left was training. That was the only thing she cared about. Why? Because she felt as if she is still weak in his eyes.

That is another topic. Him. Oh she has a lot of words for him. Most of which aren't good. He abandoned her. He called her weak and annoying. He broke her heart in two. She was left alone. No love.

That was her. She was really different. No longer had she been her old self. You can really see that. Her heart was broken. Shattered.

She also changed some other things. For example, her diet. Sure she was skinny but she didn't care. Hell, she hardly ate anything. All she did was drink tea. There were those rare moments were she would eat a fruit. That was it. Tsunade had talked about this to her. It wasn't healthy. She could have died. But why should she care? She had nothing more to live for.

Sakura felt not needed. She didn't want to live. Then why was she still living? Why did she not kill herself? Why? Well, that could be answered simply. Sure she felt not needed, weak, useless but something kept her living. She didn't know why but something told her to keep living. It would yell in her mind 'Don't die! Don't kill yourself. Wait. Just stay alive. Do you want to look weak? Do you want to look pathetic in his eyes? Is that what you want?'

She never let those thoughts leave. That's what kept her going. She wouldn't end her life yet. She had something to live for. All her life she just wanted to be happy. But as you can see, that didn't work. Her love left and so did her parents.

Oh. I guess I'm leaving the story aren't I? Why don't we begin. After all, you already know a lot about her already right? So let us begin.

Sakura was already up before morning. It was her usual thing. She would get up and just get dressed and brush her teeth. Sometimes she would look at the old team seven picture.

"That was the past," she said to herself. "No more are you like that." True, she was right. In fact team seven was no more. Kakashi, their perverted sensei was a teacher for a new team. Naruto, the boneless, loud ass idiot became an ANBU. Sakura, just stayed a Jonin. She didn't want to be a ANBU. She didn't want to teach. Well, lets continue with the story.

Sakura walked up to the old bridge. She of course ignored it. She walked up to her training ground. As usual, Sakura would train and then go to Tsunade. Of course along the way she would see Naruto and maybe Kakashi.

Her training was not simple. She knew she had perfect chakra control so she didn't need to practice at that. Instead she word at tenjutsu. She had to after all. She had mastered everything except this skill. Her tenjutsu consisted of fire and water practice. She would try any tenjutsu skill that included fire and water.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled. It seems the dobe came early today. Really early. Sakura gave a nod in hello.

"Training?" she asked in her emotionless tone. Naruto nodded. He didn't wince at her tone. She was like this for a while. He knew how she felt.

"Sakura?" he asked. Sakura looked at him with her dull sharp eyes telling him to continue. She was a girl with a few words after all. "Why won't you become a ANBU like me? After all, you can be the captain already." Sakura shook her head. How many times did he ask that question?

"I don't want to," she simply said. Then of course he would ask the usual..

"Why?" he already asked. Shit. Naruto beat me to it. She would give him another look. Hadn't he asked that enough. She was really annoyed by this.

"I don't want to," she repeated. Wasn't it that simple? He grew quite. That was her answer. He should not ask again.

"Are you going to Tsunade?" he asked. She gave a nod and continued her tenjutsu training. "Still practicing tenjutsu?" once again she nodded. "I swear you are becoming like him."

"Don't ever say that!" she yelled. She threw a kunai at his direction. It was fast and hard to block. Naruto couldn't dodge it. He yelped. "Don't ever compare me to him! That basterd is nothing like me!" She took out her kunai which got him stuck on the tree. She left him there, panting from her reaction.

"You basterd," he said. "That is what you have done to her. She is just a shell now. That was because of you. You broke her. Shattered her." Naruto held back his stinging tears. She was in so much pain. No one could help her. He could but why would he? He didn't care at all. "Basterd!"

Sakura walked through the streets of Kohona. She saw men stare at her. 'Leave me alone.' she thought as she glared at them. Her fanclub was coming soon.

Why wouldn't they quite? She would never go out with them. Sakura ran on top of building to building. 'I swear you are becoming like him.' her mind thought. 'Never.'

"Never," she said. "That basterd should rot in hell." Sakura made it to the hokage's office. It didn't take her long of course.

"Hello Sakura," Tsunade said.

"Hi," she said back in her emotionless tone. Tsunade was used to this voice to. After all, she knew that this would happen to her. Tsunade still felt pity for the girl.

Tsunade knew that Sakura was upset from the Uchiha prodigy's leaving. It took her over a year to almost get rid of that sadness. But sadly she sunk into the darkness. When she becoming her old her parents left her. No. They abandoned her. She was put back into the sadness. Tsunade couldn't do anything about it.

"Sakura," she began. "There are no missions today."

"Why not?" Sakura asked. Tsunade shook her head. She knew how Sakura was at this. She would live for training and missions but that was not what kept her alive no was it?

"Every mission is taken," she said. "Take a day off."

"Once you do you become weak," she said. Wow. She said a sentence with six words. All again in one day. What day is it today? I swear it's one of those good Sakura days.

"You still need to take a break," Tsunade said. "You have been practicing every day." Sakura shook her head.

"No," she said. She glared at whatever was out the window. Sakura got up.

"Are you coming tomorrow?" Tsunade asked. Sakura nodded. She quickly left leaving the hokage and her sake. Tsunade smirked.

"Good," she said. "I have one mission for you tomorrow."

Sakura went back home. She lived in a apartment now. Her room was black and blue. There were no light colors but only dark. She looked out at the window.

"Why do I live?" she asked herself. "There is nothing here for me."

'Don't die! Don't kill yourself. Wait. Just stay alive. Do you want to look weak? Do you want to look pathetic in his eyes? Is that what you want.'

"..." she didn't say a thing. That thought was right. She was strong. She could never look weak. Even if it's those basterd's eyes. She looked at the clock. '9:00 p.m. I still have some time.' she thought. Sakura just looked outside. She then just sat down on the couch. That was just it.

'Do you want to look pathetic in his eyes?' Sakura drifted to a very light sleep. She does need rest. After all, Tsunade has something planned for her.

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