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"Then where is he here specifically?" Temari, Kankuro and Gaara asked.

"There is no need to ask," they all heard. Sakura turned around and so did Sasuke. Orochimaru stood there, alive and looking well, non-dead of course. "Sakura-chan, I owe you this thanks. I wouldn't have been alive right now if it weren't for you."

"Drop dead basterd," she said. "Permanently." Orochimaru gave an evil cackle.

"Still feisty as ever," he said. "And what's this?" he asked as he observed Sasuke and Sakura. "Has Sasuke given up on power and took love instead? How sweet." Sakura glared at the snake man.

"I will not hesitate to kill," she warned. Oro laughed again.

"With the seal?" he asked. "I don't think so since I have full control of it." Sakura winced in pain and fell to the ground.

"Sakura!" Sasuke screamed. She screamed in pain and kneeled down. "You basterd." (Takes one to know one.)

"I'd like to see her live through this trap." Oro chuckled evilly and disappeared into the darkness.

End of recap.

Sakura screamed in pain as the green glows grew around her body and her chakra, weakening. The pain was unbearable. Sakura tried her best to heal the new wounds that began to fall as the green glows disappeared at one place and went to the other. Her chakra was useless. The marks would just come back. She screamed harder as each drop of blood fell.

"Sakura!" Every one yelled. As each one tried to move closer to hear she pushed each one away.

"Stop it!" she yelled, closing her jade green orbs and falling to the ground. "Get away!" Sakura attempted to stand with her wounds but the green marks pushed her back down.

"Sakura!" Sasuke yelled. "Some one, heal her!" it was no use. It seemed like if Sakura was the only medic around. Sakura looked down and stared at the blood as Sasuke moved closer to her. Her eyes grew darker and darker each second and move he made. Gaara watched attentively, he felt as if Sakura changed dramatically, as if she was a cold blooded hunter. We'll help you Sakura." as Sasuke tried to pick her up he was surprised to feel a pain in his gut. Sasuke recoiled and flew a little bit away (a couple of feet or so) He gripped his gut as crimson spilled his mouth. "Sakura," he whispered. As Sakura lunged towards the rest, she met with a block of sand from Gaara.

"It seems she is no longer the Sakura we know," he said as Sakura hit the walls again and again. "The seal she has from the snake basterd are controlling her." Sasuke stared as Sakura growled and the green glow once took her in again. Her hair grew dark and short and seemed to be nearly red as blood. Her nails grew longer and her eyes changed from jade green to dark purple. She grew taller as more curves produced. Her clothes which was the wedding dress now torn and red from her blood changed into a strapless black top that had a shine to it that was shaped like a corset. Her bottom part of the dress became a short skirt just like the corset and it hugged her hips and for her legs she wore the same boots before she left the group to Itachi. Her hands had long gloves like leather.

"This shield won't hold me for long," she said with her dark purple eyes glaring. Sakura drew her hands to her chest and closed her eyes for a moment. Gaara widened his eyes.

"Shit," he cursed. "We have to get out of here." it was too late for Sakura unleashed her chakra when she spread out her hands away from her chest.

"Dark winged jutsu!(1)" she yelled as she reopened her eyes. The barrier from her to the others disappeared as the attack hit them. "Stop!" she yelled and the attack stopped as if time did. "I give you a choice. You can join Orochimaru-sama or, I kill you here." her lips grew into a cold evil smirk. "I will not choose any mercy for any one of you."

"Stop this Sakura-chan!" Sasume yelled. Sakura turned to the red haired girl and glared.

"Is that a command?" she asked. Sakura titled her head a bit and glared. She moved one arm and let the attack go towards Sasume. "No one commands me except Orochimaru-sama." Sasume stood still as if there was a jutsu preventing her from moving, paralyzing her fully. Sasume shut her eyes waiting for the attack but it never came. She opened her eyes and saw someone standing in front of her.

"Sai!" she yelled as he collapsed from the pain that hit his back. Sakura became rigid when she saw his blood spill. 'What's going on?' she thought. "Don't die Sai!" Sasume cried out. She pulled him close. "Don't die." Sakura moved backwards.

"What-----di----did—I----d—do?" she stuttered out. Her purple eyes changed green for a second. "S–Sai?" her body grew numb as her blood grew cold. She held her hands to her head and screamed.

"Sakura!" Sasuke yelled and ran towards her, not caring if she'll hit him with her jutsu. As Sakura heard her name call she looked up and glared as her eyes changed once again to purple.

"Leave," she commanded as her body rose off the ground. "Or do you wish to join?" she turned around and let her feet touch the ground. "I'll let you live but if you interfere once again I will kill you all with no mercy." Sasuke stopped in his tracks and stared at Sai. He discovered that the wound on his back was healed with no scar what so ever.

"I won't leave," he said. Sakura turned. "Nor will I join the basterd."

"Is death your choice then?" she asked.

"I can't live in this world if there is no Sakura, the Sakura I fell in love with."

"Then prepare for your death," she said and ran towards him with her incredible speed. Her hands made unknown seals and she did not blink. " Fire arrow jutsu! (2)" she yelled as flames hit her hands and she made them look like a bow and arrow. Sakura stopped in her tracks and let the fire go as it transformed into a flaming bird.

"After all, I'm the one who's truly in love with her."

'There is no such thing in love.' she thought. 'Love is a weakness. It pushes you back.'

The one who's truly in love with her.

Sakura closed her eyes and shook her head. 'Die.' she thought. 'DIE!' Sakura opened her eyes and was shocked to see that he just stood there.

"I can't live in this world if there is no Sakura, the Sakura I fell in love with."

"Stop!" she yelled but it was no use this time. "No, stop!" Sakura did what she thought would help. "Kai!" she yelled but it didn't work. "Kai!" Sakura did what she thought might work. She let her self disappear. Sakura closed her eyes as her own attack went towards her. "Reversal jutsu, (3)" she said before the attack hit Sasuke. As Sakura let the attack hit her she felt no pain. She was surprised to see that the attack stop in front of her and stayed there. She felt her control slipping and let her eyes change back to dark purple. The bird stayed in place and smirked at it. "Good bird," she said as the fire gathered in her hands and disappeared.

"Why did you stop?" Sasuke asked. Sakura glared with her purple eyes.

"Be lucky that she still lives," she answered. "But this time, I won't let her control me again." Sakura lifted her self in the air and let a hand touch her bare shoulder.

"My, my, Sakura-chan," he said. "Is that a proper way to show your strength?" Orochimaru snickered.

"I was just toying with them Oro-sama," she said. "Though it is easy to kill them now." Sasuke glared at Orochimaru.

"A glare won't do any thing, Sasuke-kun," he said. "I would give her back to you," he said. "But that would be just a waste."

"Let her go," Sasuke said. "If it's another life I will give it to you just give Sakura back to me." Orochimaru laughed.

"What love," he said. "But sadly, I won't except this. Your skills are different from Sakura's and this jutsu is what you can't learn." Sasuke growled and jumped up. "I won't let you take her that easily." Sakura's face stayed blank but she had a plan afoot.

"Oro-sama," she said. "Maybe it is about time I really show my true skills."

"Go ahead," he said. Sakura smirked and moved away as they landed on the ground. She preformed seals again. 'This is for you, Sauske' she thought.

"Celestial slash!(4)" she yelled. As the attack moved to Sasuke Sakura made her twist. "Reversal jutsu, Orochimaru!" she yelled as the attack moved to Sasuke. "Paralyze jutsu!" Oro couldn't move. "You forget what an actor I am. Do you think that I would really kill my friends. Why else do you think I healed Sai and not kill him?" she asked. "I had control since my first attack." The attack hit Oro and he screamed. "You were to use me but I would not allow such thing. I am a very complicated person you snake basterd. I learned during the years and I knew what I was doing."

"You little bitch," he coughed out as he tried to crawl his way towards her.

"More like a traitor to you," she said. "Don't think that I enjoyed this moment. There were even twists that I did not even know. It all started when you wanted me to come to the Sound and learn the jutsu. It was easy to tell that you wanted me for your own use. I figured that out as soon as you showed me the seals. I don't want to give you any mercy. You were trying to make me kill my friends and the one I truly love. I know that it was you who killed my parents. You knew what Itachi did and used it for your own use."

"I won't die just yet," he said. Sakura glared at him with her now jade green orbs.

"I'm not a cold hearted killer as you think. But you caused them pain." Sakura turned to Itachi's body that was some where on the side. "He was really my first kill. The man before, when I came to the Sound, was my creation, a jutsu," she said. "I hated to kill, to see that red blood. My missions were never to kill at all." Sakura looked down. "If you continue to move you will die," she said. "Each second, the wound on your whole chest area, will open bit by bit causing you to bleed." she watched as he moved to her inch by inch. Sakura moved away as Oro's blood spread, nearly touching her feet.

"Kabuto will heal me," he said. Sakura shook his head.

"Do you not remember?" she asked. "He died when Sasuke killed you the first time. You can't live much more. Time's up and you can go where you belong." Oro coughed more and more as his blood came through. Sakura inched further away from him and turned around, not wanting to see the blood that fell. She felt her self being pulled into something hard. As she opened her eyes she realized that Sasuke pulled her into his chest to she could not see the blood. With out knowing it, tears fell out of her eyes. Sasuke smoothed her hair.

"It's over, Sakura," he said. "There is no need to cry any more." Sakura looked up and smiled as she changed back into her blood red, torn up dress. Her hair grew pink and her eyes changed back into jade green like they should stay as. The gloves and boots disappeared and she fell to the ground. "Sakura!" Sasuke said and kneeled down to her. She smiled once again.

"It's alright, Sasuke," she said. "I'll be fine. It's just that, I'm low on chakra." he nodded.

"Is there any one else you made a deal with hiding out here?" he asked and she smiled.

"Only one," she answered. Sasuke stared at her with a serious look. In the back, Temari smiled and well, Kankuro cried. Gaara had a gentle smirk on his face and Sai and Sasume smiled and held each others hand.

"Sakura," Sasuke said with a warning voice. She smiled and took his hand, bringing her face closer to his.

"That only one was you," she said. "The deal was to be yours and only yours forever." Sakura slowly closed the gap between their lips, enjoying the moment with Sasuke. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him closer while he, returned the kiss and brought his hands to her waist. He didn't care if her dress was dirty, he loved her no matter what.

"Sakura, your back!" Naruto yelled as he saw them coming from the gate. She smiled. "And your smiling!"

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asked.

"You haven't smiled like this in years, Sakura!" Naruto yelled. He turned around. "Old lady!" he yelled. "Their back!" a vein popped in Tsunade's head and she smacked Naruto on the head. Sakura laughed at this act.

"Sakura," Tsunade began. "You do realize that you betrayed the village and there is consequences to that."

"Not unless she did," Gaara spoke up. "I know what happened Tsunade and so does Kankuro and Temari. This was a mission I asked them to help for."

"A mission?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes," Gaara said with a nod. "Although I couldn't tell you before. You see, Itachi was creating trouble and we asked Sai, Sasuke and Sakura to help us immediately," he lied. Sakura smirked and Sasuke was surprised. 'Shit.' he thought. 'That's good.'

"Alright then," she said. "I guess there will be no punishment for her at all." Tsunade turned to Sasuke. "As for you," she said and Sasuke nearly winced. "I'm happy that you fulfilled your three tasks. Therefore, you are no longer on any punishment as well." Sakura smiled once more.

"Thank you, Tsunade," Sakura said. "Now then. I think that me and Sasuke have some where to go to." Temari smirked.

"You forgot some thing," she said and threw Sakura a small bag. Sakura looked up at Temari and smirked.

"I should trust you with this more often," she said.

"Just call and I have the perfect thing." Sakura laughed a bit.

"Wait!" Naruto yelled nearly shocking every one. (So freaking loud!) "Why are you wearing a wedding dress, Sakura?" he asked. "And a blood soaked one at that."

"It's a long story," Sakura said. "I will report the details to Tsunade and you will find out."

"Alright then," Tsunade said. Tsunade turned to Sai. "Are you coming along or not?" she asked. Sai looked at Sasume (I seriously thought here, is it Sasori or Sasume?) And thought for a moment.

"No thank you, Tsunade," he said. "I actually want to be with a person I treasure dear." Tsunade got the point and nodded.

"No more Sasuke stalker!" Naruto cheered which caused Temari, Tsunade and Kankuro to laugh while Gaara just smirked again. Sasume giggled as Sai clenched his fist.

"I'll still visit dickless wonder," he said. "And don't think I won't kick your ass after that." Naruto stopped cheering and gulped.

"I think I just heard Hinata calling," he said. "I'd better go then, bye!" Naruto began to run like if Ramen was going to be given out for free.

"So where are we going, Sai?" Sasume asked.

"Where you want to go," he answered. "I have already saved us enough money to last quite a while and I'll always protect you." Sasume smiled.

"It's time for us to go," Gaara said and Temari nodded. Kankuro let a tear drop.

"I shall miss the beautiful cherry blossom," he said. Gaara felt his eye twitch and turned to Temari.

"Do you have a frying pan?" he asked.

"Always have a spare," she said and took it out. Gaara took it and smacked Kankuro on his head.

"That should do it for a while," he said. Temari nodded and took the pan back.

"I'm not gonna carry him," she said. Temari watched as the sand picked Kankuro up. "Thank you Gaara."

"Just be sure to have that pan with you at all times," he said and Temari laughed as they left the village gates. Tsunade smirked.

"What a good mission indeed," she said with her smirk. "Now I'm just wandering what Sakura and Sasuke are up to. I'd better tell her that breast enhancing jutsu soon. It might come in handy."

"Sakura," Sasuke said. "What's in there?" he asked and pointed to the bag in her hand.

"Some thing you will see later," she said as she opened the door to her apartment. Sakura walked into a room and Sasuke followed her in. He never noticed this room before. Inside was a bed that was a soothing green color and it seemed queen sized. There were some candles inside too and all over it seemed soothing and romantic. "I'll be right back," Sakura said and went to the bathroom. Sasuke sat on the bed with a puzzled face.

"It better not be another outfit Temari gave her before," he said. Sasuke checked his nose as the images filled his mind. "Stop thinking dirty thoughts. Stop thinking dirty thoughts," he repeated in out loud.

"You know I can here you right?" he heard a voice say. Sasuke looked up but saw no one.

"I must be hearing things," Sasuke said and heard a laugh.

"Oh really?" the voice asked. "Then who am I?" Sakura went inside and Sasuke could have sworn that his nose already began to bleed. Sakura was wearing a shirt that was on top of her belly button and a little under her boobs. On the shirt it said with black letters, "The BITCH is back." (A.N..Hehehe. I have an inspiration for that. Thank you sister! By the way, The, is and back are written in smaller letters and the words BITCH is written in big letters.) As for her bottom she wore the shorts that said "Blow me." Sakura laughed. "Nicely done Sasuke!"

"I'll kill Temari for this," he said. Sakura laughed again and sat on his lap causing him to blush.

"Get your head out of those thoughts," she said as she pushed him down on the bed with her on top. "This is only for tease." Sakura sat up but was brought down by two hands.

"Quite a good tease," Sasuke said and nibbled her ear causing her to blush and him to grin. "But with clothes like those or not, I can still tease you to."

"Bring it on," Sakura said and her eyes glinted with challenge. "I've some more clothes for you to see."

"This will be fun," Sasuke said and closed the gap of their lips.

1. Dark Winged jutsu is what Sakura used to attack the group. This first attack draws the dark chakra that she now had at that time and she realeases it in a dark beam. the attack is quite strong but depends on how much chakra you put into it.

2.Fire arrow jutsu is the second attack Sakura used and she used it on Sasuke. At first she makes a fire and shapes it into a bow and arrow. she then releases the bow and arrow and the fire arrow transforms into a fire bird. Sakura is able to stop the attack if the opponent is not too close to the attack. she can also touch the fire and gather it back into her hand.

3.Reversal jutsu is what Sakura used to make the Fire arrow attack her self instead of Sasuke. She also used it to take her other attack against Orochimaru. The attack makes any other attack she later preformed come back. It's just like Kai but the jutsu hits Sakura instead of fully canceling it.

4. Celestial slash is what Sakura used to attack the group but then used the Reversal jutsu to attack Orochimaru. The attack pumps a black or white sword (Depending if the person has good or evil chakra) and once the person slashes as a sword they send the attack that can kill a person but that depends on how much chakra you put into it.

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