Duty and Choice
by blue

"Jadeite. You're here." She did not try to hide the surprise
in her voice, nor did she pretend that she was not glad to see him.

"Did you doubt otherwise?" He asked amused.

"Hai, but it is gone, now that you're here." She answered.

Nodding in acknowledgement he looked thoughtfully to the night
sky. Once, a long time ago he would have been insulted at such a reply
but it was good knowing that at least someone was being truthful to him
completely. He pointedly ignored what her earlier doubts did to his
pride. The moon shimmered above with the stars, making him momentarily
forget what it was that had prompted him to leave, feeling awed by the
beauty before him, he knew his resolve was hardening considerably more
than before on protecting this planet, his planet.

"I shouldn't be here."

Her eyes narrowed and she turned her face from his as the wind
pulled at her hair. Hiding her face and then revealing the regal beauty
that he had silently admired for so long now.

"Neither should I." She said quietly.

"Himoto-chan..." he whispered.

She turned to him, her eyes shining with tears. Surprised, he
was taken aback at how much she trusted him, until now, he never
thought about how much he had relied on her as well. "Jadeite, why?" She
turned again. "I used to know a boy- who was once my comrade. Where
did he go?" She asked him, her eyes of crimson seemed to flicker with
purple sparks as she looked to him again.

"When I see this beauty, Himoto-chan, and I feel the hope and
sorrow of my people..." He looked away, hardening his heart to her.
Determined to do what he was born to do, "I chose Earth." He finally
said, softly breaking her heart.

"Iie Jadeite, you choose Beryl!" She whispered in vehement
denial. Slowly she was regaining her composure again. Regaining her
control over her wayward heart, chosing her own path away from his, away
from the one man whom she had thought she would forever share a similar
goal with, a life with.

She had been foolish and naive to believe it.

A fault of her own making, she was sure.

Hardening her heart to him, she closed the doors of her eyes and
turned away.

Duty before love.

Serenity before self.

Kingdom before life.

He shook his head in denial at her accusations. How could he be
so blind? But he continued as if his reasoning were sense, "Endymion is
weak, he is a traitor, for he choose the Moon instead of Earth. His home,
his planet! Why must you join him?" He demanded. His golden hair fell
into those sky-blue eyes that she had loved since childhood, but now she
no longer recognize the half crazed devotion to that monster named Beryl.
How could he say these things? How could he forshaken the duties that he
had pledged his life to?

How dare he!

"I did not know you were so jealous." She replied at last in a
frosty tone, her eyes shadowed and her hair hiding whatever else she left
bare to the light of the moon above them. "We love Serenity as much as
you had once loved Endymion. And yet, you and the other Kings chose
jealousy instead of love, hatred instead of joy." Her eyes were burning
now with convection, and now Jadeite was fearful of the fire in her eyes,
not of her, but of what this would mean for their future.

Perhaps there is hope still.

Perhaps he'll see the light.

She was willing to show it to him if he'd only look to where she
points to...

She opened her heart to him one last time in hope.

She turned her eyes to his and met his stare.

His eyes burned with unnatural coldness, and for a moment she
didn't recognize the look he bared. The face he wore was not the one she
had familiarized herself with in the nights, tracing the sharp cheekbones
and brushing her fingertips against those lips...

Who was this man who stood before her, claiming to be 'him'?

Who was he to dare be the imposter of the man she loved?

Then the darkness dissipated and once more the man she had known
since childhood returned. He was looking solemn, losing that momentary
edge of ice as he looked to her pleadingly. Jadeite would never beg her
to understand. He had too much pride to beg and she would never accept
such a man in the first place if he would sink so low as to sacrifice his
pride for...


"Himoto-chan," he reached out for her. "Stay with me." Those
three words, held so much of his longing for her. Her heart wavered; he
could see it, her rouge lips opened to answer. Her hand reached for his
but then stopped just as their fingers were about to brush.

She will never accept!

Not like this.

"I've waited my whole life, loving you."

Her hand reached passed his own, and brushed against his lips.
Those lips that she had memorized in the dark, who's owner had captured
her heart in a moment of understanding. He had always been her shelter
and now her shelter was gone.

But she shall not plunge herself into the ground like he had done.

Not for despair or a loss of hope.

That was Beryl's secret weapon.

She shall never allow her heart to be used in such a way as that!

She would not go down as a fallen warrior, but one who had heart
enough to stand against the darkness.

Even if it meant duty over love.

Even if it meant Serenity before self.

And it shall always be her Kingdom before her life.

She paused and pulled away, her eyes hardening.

"But I can never forgive you!" She retracted her outstretched
hand and backed away from him. "Traitor! I shall never be a traitor like
you!" Her hands were held close to her chest, as if she was afraid what
they would do on their own if given the chance to escape.

Her heart thumped wildly aginst her warm palms.

It was already mourning.

She would not allow such a blind thing choose her path for her.

She had her own duties!

He was taken aback by her fierceness, "Himoto-chan?" His voice
told her of his pain but she knew her duty and though her soul cried out
in pain as the threads that bound them together broke, she refused to
back down from her belief. The future separated for the two, splintering
into two different paths at that moment.

No longer where they comrades.

They were enemies instead.


She choose him as her enemy.

Standing tall and straight, as a proud soldier of the Moon. A
general and personal guard of the court of Serenity, she refused to give
in to the beating of her heart. She will not be weak like him and turn
her back on her leige. She will sacrifice everything for this, because
her pride shall not fall to temptation, and she will not become another
one of Beryl's minions.

Her hands fell away, as if in despair from her heart. She could
never capture it again in her hands and give it away for free. Innocence
died at his feet as she gave up her first sacrifice. Her hands clutched
into fists of determination.

Hatred and regret now tasted bitterly on her tongue.

She said nothing as she gathered her strength and her resolve.

There shall be no tears for this last moment together on Earth.

Her eyes never turned from his; ready to leave she said her sad
goodbye the only way she knew how. "You have made your choice." She
whispered, her balled fist struck her own chest as the flame burst forth
to swallow her, keeping him away, always at bay. It towered and
disappeared like a flying star, heading for the moon. If he had ever
hated the moon, it was now, for stealing her away.

'Sayonara Jadeite... Forever.'

The tears shall never come.

- - - -

"Jadeite." He turned to see the stone-faced Kunzite. What
happened between him and Venus was still unknown to them all. Maybe
Zoisite knew, but still Kunzite was the only one who didn't seemed to be
affected by the situation. "She's gone, ne?"

Jadeite winced and straightened. Only then did he realize that
he was prepared to go after her. "Hai." He could not think of anything
else to say, just thinking of her last words made his guilt increase.
The thought of her smile and the past made his heart ache and made him
also doubt his decision.

"Don't go after her, she would not accept you unless you gave up
your beliefs." Jadeite nodded slowly. "Would you betray us for her?
Like Endymion did for that Moon brat?" Kunzite asked.

Jadeite hardened his resolve at the thought. "Iie! I would
never do such a thing as Endymion had done! That was weak, and he
allowed his weakness to use him..." Jadeite paused as darkness came
upon his usually bright blue eyes. "I will never be weak like

Kunzite smiled at this -- a very rare smile that was meant to
reassure the younger man. Patting Jadeite on the shoulder, the older man
nodded in approval. "At least somebody listens to reason!" Kunzite
patted Jadeite on the shoulder one more time and then left.

He choose to accept her choice.

The blond looked to the Moon and glared at its beautiful, soft
glow. "I will never forgive her for taking you away, Himoto-chan! I
will never forgive her!" Jadeite turned abruptly from the beautiful,
full moon hanging in the sky. It was the last time he saw her before
the battles between the Earth and the Moon escalated to a point of no

But does it matter?

By then he was too corrupt to care about such trifling as love!
And who would ever listen to that nagging weak voice in his blackening
heart about happiness? He was powerful and rich from the pillages of
war. His kingdom was thriving after no longer being loyal to the
Golden Kingdom. He was satisfied...

Who knows what happiness is anyway?

So, Jadeite did not cry when he saw her for the last time in
their life on the Silver Moon. And when he saw her again in another
life time -- captured by her beauty again, and yet, still denying such a
thing as love and joy existed -- he used her. She in return was too
stubborn to back down from her beliefs because that was who she was, and
upon choosing her loyalties to Sailormoon -- the hidden Serenity-hime --
she killed him.

So the fine line between love and hate continued. So when the
choice came as a second chance at redemption, he loved her but choose
another to marry for life. And so, when he broke her heart and she did
the same to him, and the cycle continued.

Tears? What were they for, anyway?

- - * - -

Some would say that our love is tragic in that we were made for
each other but can never be together. Unlike Endymion and Serenity,
whose love shines on down an eternal path of love and unity, ours had
died from a premature death and left us empty and alone. Many would
deem that I am not so lucky, that my fellow senshi and I were forced into
a life like this.

I disagree.

I choose this path as much as Serenity choose her own.

Endymion choose to be with Serenity at the risk of anarchy on his
own planet. He paid the price and he now holds her heart throughout
eternity like a bright flame within the dark night of the uncertain future
no matter how bright Pluto has told us of its coming. Serenity in turn
choose Endymion, a life of him and only him.

She will not survive without him and choose not to do so.

It was her choice to live in a fairytale, no matter what the cost.

But someone must always pay and we choose to pay it for her.

Her happiness is our own and we had made it our world to ensure
she remains in bliss with love. She is our salvation for believing so
deeply in it. We cannot.

We choose not to.

I choose Serenity before Jadeite.

I choose duty before love.

Serenity choose love before duty and she always will. That is who
she is and always will be. We do not wish to change that and we will
sacrifice everything so that she would never have to.

Serenity and Endymion.

Our salvation in our deepest nights of loneliness, because they
show us that love exists that we had a chance at a love like this. But
we choose duty and will always make that same decision.

Some would call it a mistake.

We call it love.

I can still remember the darkness within his eyes when he choose
Beryl. I can still recall all the reasons why I loved him, and it was
this same man that choose his planet over me, the same man that choose
another woman over me. I do not condemn him for it, because I have done
the same.

There is no salvation in condemnation.

We have only love.

Sometimes when I see those two beautiful people strolling down the
rose gardens with the spray of rainbow in the air, my heart beats a little
quicker with regret, but it never lasts. I love them and when I'm lonely
I wish I could be apart of that intense love.

Serenity and Endymion's love is different for us.

But it is still love and for that love, we will fight to death to
defend it and we will sacrifice everything to keep it alive.

That is the choice we made on the shores of the Sea of Serenity,
bounded by our oaths and the princess's tears, we choose the side to stand
by. It did not matter it was the side of light, it only mattered that we
choose it for love.

My brave dark king once told me that our love would last forever.
It was his promise that I intend to keep. Now, there are only memories,
but I refuse to regret because that would be true betrayal. Instead, I
keep his smile behind the darkness of my eyes when I close them, I shall
keep the memory of our embrace wrapped around my body as I drift to sleep
at nights, and most of all, I will forever remember our kisses and lock
them into my heart.

One day, perhaps we will not have to make the same choice that
will force us apart. One day, perhaps we will meet again and choose
instead to love again, like Serenity and Endymion choose to love. But for
now, I choose by the light of Serenity; the light of the brilliant Moon.
And I shall only remember the goodnights you whispered in my ear, and the
goodbyes I whispered in return.

For now... I choose the safety of blindness.

The End


Himoto = Princess of Mars = Sailor Senshi Mars = future Hino Rei
*Himoto means the origin of fire

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