Hi! Welcome to MOLAD: Breaking Light. This story follows MOLAD: Destiny's Edge. You don't have to read that story to understand what's going on, but it would help. As long as I get reviews, I'll post chapters since I finished this story about half a year ago.

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Phase 1: To Shatter

Silence enveloped the entire world of Hollow Bastion. Not a Heartless was in sight, which was strange in a place so seeped in darkness. Instead, black and white feathers drenched in crimson were scattered on the ground, some drifting wherever the wind took them, others still falling down from above like a swarm of petals falling from their mother tree.

Everything around had the taint of blood, even the vast amount of water climbing the cliff walls.

This was the sight Donald and Leon arrived to at the Rising Falls.

"What the hell happened here!" Leon exclaimed. Though in truth he already had a pretty good idea.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Riku fought with The Master of Darkness, that's what happened!" Donald yelled, stating the obvious.

Leon sighed, not in the mood to argue with the loudmouthed waterfowl. "C'mon, let's go find Riku and make sure he's still alive." And with that they leapt up through the rubble to reach the platform that would take them to the castle. Amazingly, it still worked, if a bit roughly.

When they arrived at the main entrance, they saw the damage was far more extensive here than down below. Craters littered the landscape like confetti, with plenty of broken pipes and crumbling walls as well. And, of course, more blood-stained feathers.

Leon and Donald did not pause for long as they rushed through the wreckage to find The Master of Light alive, or The Master of Darkness dead, or the other not so pleasant vice-versa.

"I can't believe him!" Donald complained as he struggled through the rubble. 'I thought we had a deal; if The Master of Darkness shows up, then let us know about it!"

Leon examined the destruction around them. "He must've thought it was too dangerous for us. This battle was far fiercer than I ever expected it to be, even for such an epic confrontation as this. It's dumb luck that this place wasn't turned into space dust."

"YOU'RE JUST MAKING EXCUSES!" Donald screamed, jumping up and down.

"This isn't the time for a temper tantrum! We have to find Riku!" Leon snapped. 'Now c'mon let's go!"


When they were about at The Great Crest, something struck Donald.

"QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WHAT ABOUT SORA!" he shouted. "He went with Riku too! But if The Master of Darkness came here then-"

Leon stopped dead in his tracks. That's right; Sora had gone with Riku in search of the Master of Darkness. If Sora had tried to fight the commander of the dark then maybe...maybe that was why Riku hadn't called the rest of them. Sora was by far the best warrior next to Riku, so if he had been struck down...

Donald was far ahead of Leon by the time he came to his senses. He wasted no time catching up to him, his feet stepping over pools of dried blood and discarded down.

At the church chapel...

No much was left of the walls that once surrounded it. The outside wall had been completely demolished, revealing all the scarred insides...and Riku.

Riku!" Leon and Donald exclaimed at the same time, rushing over towards the figure crumpled on the floor.

Riku's wings had vanished long ago, returning Riku to his normal form. His clothes clung to him in bloodied tatters, bruises and cuts all over his body. He didn't stir as the others ran over to him.

Leon checked his pulse. He let out a sigh of relief. "He's still alive," he reassured Donald. "But he's in bad shape. I'm going to try to heal some of his wounds so we can move him to the Gummi Ship. You go find Sora."

Donald gave him a firm nod and rushed through what remained of the tower's top to see if he could locate Sora.

Leon brought out a bottle filled with a green liquid. He pulled out the cork, then let the substance ooze out of the bottle and pour over the worst wounds. The ooze began to glow and the injury began to seal itself a bit. He pulled out some more bottles to aid the process.

Donald darted up the remains of the palace with nothing short of supersonic speed. He glanced right and left, but still no sign of Sora, the one he was supposed to protect.

Finally he arrived in the chamber right before the Keyhole of Hollow Bastion. Much like rest of the castle, various craters and pieces of broken ceiling were scattered throughout the room, and all but one torch had been either knocked over, burning the floor beneath it, or annihilated altogether. Unlike the other rooms, however, this one contained none other than the Keyblade Master, lying unconscious on the floor in just as bad shape as Riku.

"Sora! I found him!" Donald yelled to the downstairs area. He rushed over to him, raising his magic rod into the dusty air. "HEAL! HEAL HEAL HEAL!"

A pale green mist drifted out of the staff's end, surrounding Sora and glowing lightly as it tried to treat his wounds. They were sealed only slightly, but it was enough to carry him back to consciousness.

"Unnnnnnnngh..." Riku moaned as he fluttered his eyes. "Wha...?"

"Have a nice nap?" Leon asked.

"Huh? What..." Riku began to speak.

Then it all came flooding back to him. The Keyblade Master, the secret, the battle.

"...So, I survived. That's a relief," he added with a small smile. "Where's Sora?" he asked, not really sure what the best answer would be.

"Donald found him higher up," Leon explained. "He's working on healing him right now. Don't worry, he'll be fine."

Riku managed to sit up. The potions helped with his wounds, but not his fatigue. He looked down away from Leon.

'So that Master of Darkness got you by surprise, huh?" Leon questioned.

"Yeah...you could say that..." Riku replied, continuing to stare at the floor.

I know I should tell them. But...

"Sora?" Donald asked.

The Keyblade couldn't even bear to speak to his guardian. Or, he should say, his former guardian...

"Sora!" Donald yelled, frustrated at odd behavior. 'I go to all this trouble to find you and heal you, and THIS is the thanks I get! QUAQUAQUAQUAQUAQUAQUAQUA!" Donald left up and down in a fit.

And the foul-tempered waterfowl went on and on...Sora couldn't help but look up and smile, if sadly. "Donald..."

"What!" Donald snapped.

'We...We had promised each other to always be friends..." Sora began

"Huh?" Donald paused, puzzled. "Of course!"

Sora chuckled a little. "Well...but I suppose that promise we made wasn't really taking this into account..."

Dark sparks flew around Sora as the darkness swirled around him and began to attach to his back, forming bird wings the color of onyx...


Leon's and Riku's head shot straight up to where they heard the scream.

"Donald!" they both shouted at the same moment.

He wouldn't...There's no way...

"Riku! Stay down here! I'm going up there to check it out!" Leon ordered as he rushed to the scene.

It wasn't long until Leon arrived and saw just what the problem was.

Sora floated before them, not as The Keyblade Master, but as The Master of Darkness.

His wings were flickering, threatening to give out at any second.

Leon didn't say anything. There was nothing to say, as the obvious didn't need to be stated.

Donald was backed up against the wall, or what was left of it, with a petrified look on his face. "It-it can't be! You traitor!" With an enraged scream he fired a Blizzaga spell straight at him.

The spell struck him right in the chest and knocked him back to the ground, the wings fading away. He had a sorrowful look in his eyes. "I...didn't think this counted..." Sora spoke with a sad smile. A dark mist surrounded him like a blanket and shot off high into the sky, leaving a faint trail of dark smoke behind.

Utter silence enveloped Hollow Bastion once more. Leon turned around to go back down to where Riku was.

"I see," Leon began, "So this is why he didn't call us...C'mon, Donald, let's get Riku out of here before anything else happens."

Well, hope you like. There are about 17 chapters for this story, I believe, but I'll probably clump some of those chapters together when I post them here.