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Phase 15: Interruption

The first thing Sora did when he woke up was yelling some obscenity about Sephiroth and shoot a Firega spell straight up. It took him a few moments to realize that he'd made a nice big hole in the ceiling right above his bed. "Wha?..."

"Look who's finally up,' Cid stated as he walked into the room, seeming more jittery than usual. "Took ya long enough."

"Uh...what happened?" Sora asked dumbly.

"Oh, nothing much, just Sephiroth rampaging all over the place, planet half-destroyed, death, gore," Cid hissed. "Ya see, everything's just dandy here!"

Sora scanned his surroundings to see that the house they were in was about ready to give up on life. The walls were cracking and charred, the windows broken, the curtains all but shreds.

Yuffie hopped in and hugged Cid's arm. "Aww, don't mind ol' Cid. He's just hasn't had a cigarette for about three days."

"Damn right!" he growled. "Of all the places to blow up, he just had to blow up the one drugstore that had cigarettes.

"Three days...Hold on, how long have I been out!"

"Bout six,' Cid replied.

"Six!" Sora exclaimed, springing out of bed. "The others! Where-"

"There all fine," Cid assured. "We've been waiting for you to snap outta whatever that was. Riku woke up on the fourth day, Cloud the fifth."

Sora blew a sigh of relief. "Where are they now?"

"You have a nice nap?" Riku teased as Sora entered the vast basement.

"I guess you could say that,' Sora replied, smiling. "You?"

"Well, I was out for over half a week, so I imagine so,' he answered.

A explosion rocked the basement, then died away.

"You're lucky, we've had to put up with this racket all week,' Cloud replied, looking at the ceiling as if he could see through it.

"Sora!" Kairi called out, dashing to him and hugging him with all her might.

"Hey Kairi!" Sora replied. He glanced at Riku over her shoulder. He could practically see his silvered hair begin to stand on end and turn a limish green.

He decided to hurriedly end the embrace before things got a wee out of hand.

"Uh, so anyway, what's the plan?"

Phase 16: Final Fall

"Well, the plan is that we're gonna go beat the crap outta him!" announced Cid, now riding in his Gummi Ship near Sora. "Oh and don't get hit by that fancy star thing again."

Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Donald, and Goofy also were encased in their Gummi Ship's protective shells. Vincent flew just below Cid's Gummi Ship, for now he had become the beast known as Chaos. Sora, Riku, and Cloud glided side by side. A special kind of communication chip inserted into their ears so they could hear the others that remained inside their ships.

"There he is!" Sora exclaimed, pointing to the long-maned one some distance away. "Firaga!"

The maroon-hued flame struck its target, giving birth to much smoke around Sephiroth. An instant later, he erupted from the smoke and attempted to skewer Sora. As Sora dodged, Riku managed to land his Keyblade in the Master of Evil's shoulder, causing shining scarlet to streak down his trench coat. In response, Sephiroth blew them back with an invisible force.

Cid fired his torpedoes, which speedily made their way to Sephiroth's location and made contact. Flames curled around his location as a black smoke hid him from sight. When the dark vapor was carried elsewhere, it was clear to see that Sephiroth has shielded himself using his wings. He drifted in the air, the shining wings fused to form a bubble around him.

With a little effort, the fusion was broken, and he lunged towards the group once more, now looking a bit irritated.

The Gummi Ships quickly dispersed across the sky, searching for different angles in which to strike him.

"Get 'im!" Cid exclaimed to all.

Yuffie's ship spat out brief bursts of shortened lasers spiraling towards him. Sephiroth swiftly recreated the bubble around himself to block the hailstorm of light. Cloud charged through the air and slashed at the bubble. Sephiroth was forced to revert his wings back to normal, and made sure a leave a lengthy gash across Cloud's chest in return.

While he had his focus on the Master of Twilight, Sephiroth found his back was being plummeted by lasers and ice spikes. Their origin was from Cid's ever-versatile Gummi Ship. They were soon accompanied by Leon's crimson flares and scrap metal.

Sephiroth quickly teleported to escape the barrage, leaving Riku to evade the mass of projectiles. He soon found himself out of the artificial tempest, but not without a few scratches and burns.

The creature that was once Vincent crashed down upon Sephiroth, digging his claws in. The Master of Evil gave him a quick zap to make him let go. When he lunged again, Sephiroth let his teeth chew on his blade instead. The monster snapped angrily upon the katana, seeming intent to shatter the sword.

Summoning a miniature sphere to his hand, it drenched the beast in it's strange inferno. Like before, the orb combusted, morphed into a string of fire, and casually coiled around his arm.

When Leon's ship crept behind him and begun its barrage of flame and sharpened bits of steel, Sephiroth simply let the coil melt into a tide of heat and eradicate all projectiles that dared to get too close. Soon the flame was torn into three fragments. One went after Leon, one went after Vincent, and one went after Sora.

Leon found himself twisting and darting throughout the sky, trying to outmaneuver the shred of heat that tailed him. But it was unable to follow long, as it was soon shot up by the green lasers of Aerith's ship.

Vincent also tried to escape the clutches of the flame. Cloud zipped to the scene to slice the wisp clean in half. Vincent hastily healed himself.

The Master of Darkness did not run. He simply waited somewhat impatiently for it to reach him, then chilled it with a close-range Blizzaga spell.

Then the warped skies parted way to reveal the stars once more. Sora and the others quickly took note. This was it. They had to get it right this time. If they failed this time, it was most likely that it wouldn't be ruins that would greet them when they woke up.

As the attack prepared itself, Sora muttered "This better work."

The three opposing Masters gathered near each other and cast Aeroga on themselves. Not that they honestly thought that was going to protect them from the attack. It was just a precautionary measure if Cid's plan didn't work.

Cid's war instrument was becoming primed for the plan even in that moment. The wings were widening, the thrusters were charging, the reflective liquid was engulfing the ship's exterior, making it seem that the night sky was chewing away at the ship. Soon not even the cockpit could be could be distinguished from the rest of the ship.

It was still visible, yes, but the mirrored surfaced made it hard to tell what part of the ship was which, or where it was going. It was far from perfect camouflage, but that wasn't the main point of the substance anyway.

He carefully steered to where the Masters were. He couldn't move too fast or else he'd risk breaking the plan. He wouldn't die, but the substance would be weakened, and no one wanted that.

The Masters took note of Cid's approach and made sure to try to keep the attention to themselves. Sora and Riku both summoned fireballs from the tip of their Keyblades, while Cloud shot lightning bolts at Sephiroth.

All the magic missiles were extinguished before they could get 10 feet of the Master of Evil. He just smirked down at them as the rays began to fall.

That was the moment.

The ship kicked into high gear and caught the beams from above. The substance, eager to do its true purpose, reflected the rays away from the allies and back and Sephiroth.

He saw them coming, but their rapid ascent was not to be avoided. He was struck, knocking him back ever slightly, and the attack began its work. His eyes were wide open, then began to cloud over, then becoming doused with sleep. Slowly he began his involuntary descent.

The assault of light did take its toll upon the ship, however. Most of the substance had been burned off, with patches of the ship available to the naked eye. Some of the metal itself was melted, and the missile launcher looked like it was about to drop down with Sephiroth.

"Well, I'm outta here,' Cid announced, beginning his retreat. "Get im kids.'

Sora shot out a barrage of Firaga spells down upon Sephiroth. Almost all found their target with ease, as Sephiroth was far from alert. A storm of lasers trailed behind it, with lightning bolts and ice fragments pursuing after them. All slammed into their target, bringing all kinds of smoke into being.

The vapors swirled in place for a few moments, then were suddenly scared off. The Master of Evil had regained awareness, but didn't seem to be fully back into reality. He moved sluggishly up, his eyes not focused on anyone in particular.

Yuffie fired a ruby-hued missile at the silver-maned one. Sephiroth responded with a lazy slash at the air, bringing an energy slice into existence. The crescent beam collided with the missile, and both their paths ended at that spot. An enormous explosion resulted, blowing everyone back.

When he had regained control of his flight, Cloud let himself fall down to greet Sephiroth. His blade finally got to taste the wet crimson as it bit into Sephiroth's shoulder. It slid down his sleek coat, dripping down to the ground below. He did not yell, only grimace and set his angry eyes back on Cloud.

Riku came next, thrusting his Angel's Whisper into his arm. The Master of Evil was forced to let go of that katana he held so dear. He witnessed it fall, a shining star. He managed to break free of the Master of Light and Master of Twilight, and dove down to recapture it.

Then the Keyblade Master himself, the Master of Darkness known as Sora, had himself plummeting downward, Ultima Weapon pointing straight down. He descended more and more swiftly, the winds screaming louder and louder for him to stop, but he paid no heed. His eyes remained focused on his target, making vague adjustments as he was being rushed ever closer. His hair completely whipped back by the opposing streams of air, his eyes merely slits, it seemed like the moment would never come despite his ever-increasing speed.

But the moment did come, and before he even realized it, his Keyblade had skewered the heart of the Master of Evil.

A few faint moans and grunts were heard, as the liquid ruby flowed from both his back and front. Soon only quiet was heard; not even the winds had anything to say. Then, almost peacefully, the body slipped from the Keyblade. It fell down through the clouds, a mere broken shell.

Sora looked down at the bloody tip of his weapon. It was still oversoaked with the shining scarlet, the excess joining the descent with Sephiroth.

Then after the inevitable crunching sound was heard, he let his back slump and a sigh go free from his mouth.

Phase 17: Picking Up the Fragments

Hours had past, just how many hours they were not certain. After all, the clock had been all but obliterated in the chain of violence, as well as just about everything else.

It was odd, how relaxed they were in these ruins with splatters of red and black. True, they had managed to defeat the Master of Evil, but the damage was nothing to be dismissed. Street signs laid upon the broken roads, with neither light nor noise to accompany them. Feathers involuntarily cloaked in dry crimson were tossed about in the timid breeze. And resting upon the clocktower were the ones who started it all, and ended it all as well.

Sora, lying on a fallen clock hand, gazed down upon the destruction from the highest perch left standing. His blackened wings still clung to his back, but he neither noticed or cared.

"So, it's finally over," he spoke, breaking the mostly peaceless silence.

"Yeah,' Riku answered, staring up at the sky. It was finally back to normal, with only the deep blue showing off the stars. "Least for now.'

"Uh, I don't think he's gonna be coming back anytime soon,' Sora interjected.

That seemed quite true. Sora was the first one to set his eyes upon the body, and he was convinced that he wasn't going to be up and walking the next day. Or the next week. Or the next year.

"Who says it'll be him we'll face next time?' Riku replied.

"Whaddya mean?" Sora asked. "I mean, he was the root of all evil. So no one should be evil anymore, right?"

Riku sighed. "Since when are things ever that simple?"

Sora stayed quiet for a moment. "I dunno. Back at home?"

The Master of Light smirked. "True. But my heart, it doesn't feel gone."

Sora turned his gaze to the sky as well. "But yeah...I know what you mean. Even though all evil should be gone, I still feel it with me.'

Then suddenly his face ballooned with a goofy grin. "But like you said, it's all over for now right?"

"Right,' Riku responded, chuckling a little.

More silence.

"...So, what do we do now?" Sora asked.

Riku averted his sight to the devastated town below.

"Well, we could always fix this place up."

Sora also set his eyes on what remained of Traverse Town. "Yeah, it is looking pretty bad, huh?"

Riku snorted. "Yeah, really. 'Specially that old bell."

The Traverse Town bell had lost its unity somewhere in the chaos, and now had become indistinguishable fragments that lay across the tower in disorder.

"Yeah..."The Master of Darkness agreed, looking upon the shards. "So why don't we fix it?"

"Right now?"

"Why not?"

Riku shrugged. "Whatever."

So the Masters and Light and Darkness began to gather up the pieces, seeing if they could make it just like it used to be.

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