Hey! this is my first poem on this site, first on i have wrote for this subject It is kind of when frodo realizes he cant really stay in the shire any more...


Outside the sunshine's, the lips smile

Inside the pain grows, the realization sinks in.

It was worth the while

And yet it is not the same, I'm different from it began

My mask wants to stay

But my true self knows its is not right

How to keep them a bay?

Must hide my plans from their sight.

My time is up

This age is over

So in a toast I lift the champagne cup

ForI can no longer live this life as a rover

Ok thats it D btw: for rover,in this peom it is not adult member of the boyscots but

noun: someone who leads a wandering unsettled life ohk dohk, please review an let me know what you think, i do not like flames very much, but if you want to flame knock ur self out i could care less.