Shattered Dreams

"The Queen is wise in all her years,
Her heart is pure to all her peers
Yet before she wish those eyes doth close
And seem at peace doth her repose
She shall look back on all the years
And wish she kept her children from these tears."
("The Jeweled Tears")

What's the matter?
Did your glass house fall down?
Yeah too many damn pebbles
Tell me about it
But hell you do have a lot of rainbows now
--Carolyn Sawicki
("Glass House")

...And my children called for me in the distant land, faraway.
Yet, all I could hear was yesterday's tears and the billowing cloak of
black Death. He comes to me now on his winged horse, silent without a
care. His eyes are hidden mysteries, threatening to take my secrets with
him to the grave. Still, I utter a denial, a simply "No." Because
there's still much to do, but he only smiles and stretch out his hand and
pull me toward the lighted dawn...

"My Queen!" The dream world shattered as she turned her face to
the woman who came towards her then, on that ledge at the center of her
kingdom. Far from the reaches of the central computer where she had
already left her soul. Now, she was but a body, a body with only
memories, soon to fade and turn to dust. Her silver eyes looked over to
the Senshi of Time, so young she was. Now, she saw that this child had
not changed at all from the girl that her father, Cronos -- the God of
Time -- had called upon so very long ago. Even with the blood of a god
flowing through her veins, she was still so very young then too, and so
filled with hope and a need to please...
Selenity did not sigh. It was not her place to do so. Regrets
will change nothing and bring only pain. "Pluto," she whispered. That
name that this woman would only be remembered for. For who would she
tell now? Uranus and Neptune stood uncertain at the edge, those two
watched them silently from afar, yet the Queen knew that though they
would never cling to one another before her like the young lovers of the
Moonlight Kingdom she created, their hands were linked forever to each
other as were their fate. So they stood apart from the sorrowful Pluto
saying nothing while they bared witness to their Queen as she reach forth
for the dark-haired senshi. The senshi that was destined to be lonely.
Destined to be wise but at a price almost too high to pay. Neptune held
tighter to her wind lover's hand, they both had agreed that this was
Pluto's time, not theirs. So they shed no tears, but bore their weight
of silence painfully, sadly watching their friend bow to the feet of the
dying Queen. They would not live to see the end of today and did not
wish to, that was their only salvation to the choice they made this day.
"So, you have gathered the others?"
Pluto had tears in her eyes and could not answer. She could only
nod, for here, before her was the only woman she had ever known to be
mother. "Why are you crying Pluto? Can you not see that we are standing
on the edge of the universe? Standing..." the Queen's voice faded as
those silver eyes, once so blue that the sky of the Earth could not be as
beautiful, now faded only to silver. It would soon be white. The
crystal was the only thing keeping her alive now. The only thing, and it
was taking over, slowly taking the life force of its owner. Slowly
killing her as it ate away at the Queen's seemingly fragile body.
"Queen Selenity!" Pluto gasped, as she held onto the pale, cold
hand. Clutching it to her warm, wet cheek. The woman's eyes cleared
again, and now there were whiteness in her eyes where there had been
silver but moments ago. The flesh of the Queen was already solidifying,
already turning to crystal. The graceful dress could not hide the
horrifying sight from the Outer Senshi. The only survivors of a dying
kingdom, it would be dead before Earthset.
"I am a dying woman now and without a kingdom. My people are
dead, my children are gone..." if Selenity had strength to cry, to rage,
she might have. But she was so tired now. She could feel her body
growing colder. Could feel the crystal desperately trying to give her
power that she no longer possessed. "I am only Selenity, daughter and
mother to my ancestors and my children. I hold no powers now, and I can
barely keep myself alive from moment to moment." There was no hurry.
Death was coming no matter what she did. She will say what she had time
to say, the rest, she would not be able to alter, not even with her
words. Even if she was the Queen of the Moon but a few hours ago. A
Queen that had the power then, to live long and rule wisely, a Queen with
the power of life and death.
"Selenity, we are here to summon the Saturn Senshi. If you
protest, we will not do it. We will leave the ruins of this palace and
the memories of the old for the children of the Moon if they choose to
return--" Pluto was crying still. She could not hold back the tears,
but she tried hard not to sob and lose sanity to grief. Her voice did
not crack, even through her blurred vision and the marring of her dark
skin from the salty tears, her voice would never crack from this day
forth; it was a promise she intended to keep.
"No!" Selenity cried out sharply, though it came to no more than
a gasp. "They must not find this place intact!" Uranus and Neptune
looked to each other in surprise. "No!" Selenity protested again, this
time much more subdued because it took all of her remaining strength to
not cry out in suffering. The crystal took another part of Selenity's
form and the woman gasped painfully at the change. Muscles and bones
transformed into stone, bulking and breaking in places before the nerves
became no more. It was a process that would still take a few more minutes
to finish. "That is not what I want them to find. This is of the past.
Whatever lessons I've learned from this, I have stored it into the main
computer." The three Outers all gasped in surprise. "Let them build
their own dreams, instead of living in mine. Let them find their own
destiny!" The Queen closed her eyes again. Perhaps for a moment she was
indulging in the dreams of the past or perhaps she was fighting off the
agony and the dizziness of the transformation.
Pluto stared at this woman, a woman who even now seemed a
goddess, even when she was dying. "What is your command my Q--
Selenity?" Pluto asked, correcting herself from her long learned habits.
"Destroy everything but the small area around the main computer.
Leave no trace that civilization ever resided here or on any of the
others. Sailor Saturn will be able to do that. It may take her awhile
and she may not live through it..." There was pain in those white eyes
now. The silver was already eaten away. They did not know if the Queen
can see anymore, but none of them asked because it was not relevant to
the future. The ending of a dream that they had once thought would live
forever was changing into stone right before their eyes, changing into
dust and ashes.
Neptune was crying, unable to hold back the tears any longer
but it was Uranus who had buried her golden head into her lover's
shoulder. They did not wish for the Queen to know their pain. Even
in their loneliness, they had remembered the peace and calm of the Moon,
remembered it with fond and loving memories. It was what had kept them
going through the years of guardian-hood. Now it was all over. All the
light and love and joy that once resided within the moonstone walls that
are now in pieces on the Lunar surface. Now both guardians, of the Sea
star and the Sky star, wished with all their hearts to guard this place
even in loneliness! It was still better than to watch this dream, this
bright light of hope in the distance, disappear into Death and oblivion.
Pluto was already feeling a stab of contempt for Man, for it was the
Earthlings who destroyed this beautiful place. The place she had given
up her youth and her life for, to maintain. The dream she had given up
love and friendship so that it would keep on shining. But Man had killed
it with his envy and hatred and his inability to understand that the Moon,
its guardian since the beginning of time, was peaceful. It was like the
son stabbing the Mother for fear that she would harm him when he was no
longer weak, when she had born him and raised him in his younger years and
kept him from harm. The Earthlings had done this with ingratitude!
"Selenity?" The crystals climbed an inch higher. It was reaching the
Queen's stomach now.
"I wanted to tell you, how proud of you I am!" The Queen gasped
in torment but the smile upon her face did not change. "How proud I am of
you all!"
The growth rate of the crystallization was increasing as it begun
to swallow the Queen whole. In the last minute of her breaths, her eyes
already crystallized and shimmering with unshed tears, she reached forth
and touched, for the last time, the cheek of the crying Pluto. "Gomen
ne." The images flashed before her eyes as a flood gate of past secrets
forgotten and future ones to be born came before the inward eye of the
Time Guardian. Time stopped in those moments as it stretched and seemed
to go on into infinity. "My last and final request of you, Plu--" Serenity
froze. She never got to finish her sentence but the peaceful smile on the
statue's face remind, the last remainder of the dead Queen.
"I shall accept this with honor, Selenity." But the Queen could
no longer answer with her heart turned to stone. The Sun rose slowly from
the black horizon of the dying atmosphere around them, the magick was
ebbing away into nothingness. The crystal statue shown brightly as the
beams of the rising Sun stroked each glimmering facade. It would be the
last Sun rise that they would ever see on the surface of the dead Moon, and
one that their Queen would've wished to have seen, but she was no more than
a block of cabochon* now.
Uranus was shaking badly within the arms of her lover, refusing
to release the tears beneath those ice-blue eyes. Neptune, though,
wept openly as she stared at the statue of the once living Queen. "My
Queen!" She whispered as she stretched out a desperate hand to the woman
who had once been the symbol of her hopes and dreams, who now glimmered
like a gem within the pieces of her dead Kingdom. Even then it was hard
to believe that this was the end. It was like an ethereal dream that would
evaporate by morning like the dew drops on each blade of golden-grass that
used to decorate the immaculate lawns of the Moon Kingdom. It was hard
to grasp that the once immortal pillars of the grand palace now lay
crumbled and broken around them and that the people they once protected,
those that they would greet in their dreams of home, are now dead. Death
is a concept hard to grasp, and even with the smell of decay upon them it
was still strange to say that tomorrow will not be coming, that though the
Sun will rise and set, they would not be another witness to it. Sometimes
reality is hard to grasp simply because it appears to be impossible to be
what it claims to be real. Hope, even in the end, is a hard thing to
kill. Thus, when the statue crumbled to ashes and dust before their eyes
till nothing was left except the crystal that had given them everything
and in the end took it all away, the truth has yet to dawn that the Queen
was dead. The finality of it was painful, and some may even claim it to
be fictional. Pluto, seemingly unaffected by the shock of the events that
had traversed in the last few hours, bent and took the glimmering jewel from
among the ashes of the dead Queen, watching it shine beneath the Sun.
"We must hurry," she finally said as she turned to her companions. The
shields will collapse soon and we need to allow Saturn the time to gather
her powers and destroy what's left."
Uranus looked sharply up from Neptune's shoulder, her eyes
narrowing at Pluto's words. "How can you be so cold?" The blonde
demanded angrily.
"It is Selenity's last wish and I intend to see it through to the
end!" Pluto replied coolly as she held out her Garnet Rod. "As the
Guardian of Time, I command thee, as thy last duty to the Kingdom of the
Moon and the last act to the Silver Millennium to withdraw your talisman
and summon Sailor Senshi Saturn."
Uranus glared at the tall Senshi of Time, "No!"
"Uranus, we must." Neptune said softly as she called forth her
mirror. It shone with radiance under the brilliant Sun. Aqua eyes
implored her lover to follow.
"No!" Uranus shouted out in protest. "How can you destroy the
last of our dreams?"
The tears still fell freely from the eyes of the aqua-haired
senshi, as she bowed her head in pain. "Because," the Senshi of the Sea
answered, "It is my duty."
"I command thee to withdraw your talisman!" Pluto struck her rod
against the ground, rouge eyes burning with determination.
Uranus faltered and looked away. "No." The blonde uttered
softly, too stubborn to move from where she stood.
"Then you leave me no choice." Both Uranus and Neptune looked to
Pluto startled, unsure what the other would do. The dark-haired senshi
closed her eyes and opened her palm, concentrating for a moment on the
glittering gem. The crystal shone brightly before she opened those eyes
of time once more. Pluto lifted her rod and pointed the Garnet glob at
the stubborn blonde. "I command thee come forth Talisman of Honor and
War, I call thee to gather in the ancient rite of cleansing." Uranus
gasped as the burning in her chest erupted and the Space Sword came
forth. "I command thee to bring forth the power of your given names, thy
Sword of Light, thy Mirror of Truth and thy Jewel of Time!" The Mirror
wretched itself from the startled hands of the Neptune as the Garnet gem
detached itself from the top of the rod to join her sister talismans.
"Gather forth to unveil the Grail and wash this planet from the evil that
lingers here still!"
"I can't believe you done it!" Uranus raged as the talisman
joined together and the forces collided like a beacon in the endless
night that has fallen upon the dead Kingdom of the Moon. "There's no
turning back now, Pluto!" The blonde swore. Neptune said nothing and
only looked on with dread to the horizon, as long as she was not starring
at the gathering powers before her she could make believe that her dreams
would not yet end here, not by her own hands and her own powers.
The light blossomed like the petals of a rose, opening to reveal
a golden grail. A woman with hair the color of dark raven feathers
basked beneath the beauteous golden light. With her skin the color of
the palest moonstone, she reached up to the floating cup. The Holy Grail
yawned open its mouth and spelt forth butterflies with the wings of
rainbows, wrapping around them. All three senshi watched now, Uranus
with apprehension, Neptune with awe, and Pluto with a distant look of
sadness. With the Grail in one hand, the girl's dress spelt forth in
colors of the purest white, flowing to the ground as the rainbow edged
the bottom of the liquid dress. Those eyes of deepest violet appeared as
the girl's free hand opened and then closed to grasp a glaive, set upon
the end of a sleek black rod that was even taller than the girl herself.
Her eyes turned to the Senshi of Time, who was now leaning on her Garnet
rod, rouge eyes withdrawn and blank. "The Queen ordains that the Central
Computer and the area around that part of the palace to remain untouched.
All else must be annihilated!"
The girl nodded curtly, "Understood." Her voice was softer than
they had thought and her bearing was noble. Her eyes revealed the
darkness of Death and the light of Rebirth. "Do you...?" She begun,
looking from Pluto to Neptune and finally Uranus, expectantly.
Uranus narrowed her eyes at the girl and pulled the startled
Neptune into her arms. "I do not wish to know what life is like without
hope." The blonde stated firmly.
"Nor I." Neptune agreed, her voice weak from fatigue and turmoil.
Saturn looked back to the weary Guardian of Time, who only smiled
ever so sadly. "I must continue the legacy." Both Neptune and Uranus
gasped in surprise.
"But Pluto, how will you survive after this? Where will you go?"
Neptune demanded.
"Must you continue to suffer?" Uranus pleaded. Knowing the
other's fate, the blonde forgot her anger in her moment of compassion.
Pluto shook her head as she pointed her rod to the Garnet Orb,
the jewel returned to the owner as those rouge eyes looked to her
friends. "I must watch over the children of the Moon and await their
rebirth. She smiled as she struck the butt of her rod against the
ground, the door of Time opened behind her. "I shall await your rebirth
my friends," she looked over to the silent Saturn and nodded a goodbye.
"And yours as well."
The girl did not react, but only nodded in turn. "I will see you
in the distant future." She answered softly as she closed her eyes once
more to gather her powers.
"Goodbye," the Senshi of Time bowed to them one last time and
turned to the Gates of Time. "And good luck." The door closed firmly behind
her and vanished.
"There is no pain in Death." Saturn reassured the two woman
before her. They clung to each other tightly as the winds begun to pick
up. "I am the messenger from the depths of Death. Carrier of the
protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. The soldier of silence, Sailor
Senshi Saturn." She raised the glaive into the air as the blade begun to
glow. "I am the messiah of light, messenger of rebirth. Carrier of the
protection of the sacred Chalice, the Holy Grail. I am the messiah of
despair." The Grail, too, began to glow. "To cleanse this planet from the
evil that defiled it. To give it Death so that it could be Reborn," the
glaive rose ever higher as the Grail begun to float and rest itself just
at the tip of the blade of the glaive, bathing it in gold and white as
the rainbows of butterflies opened their wings to fly. "In the depths of
Death and Despair, there is where Hope is born and gives light! Thus I,
messenger of Life and bringer of Death, gives thee Rebirth!" The symbol
of Saturn flared into life upon the forehead of the Senshi of Saturn as
her glaive shone under the rising Sun.
"Have I told you about the first time I fell in love with you,
Neptune?" Uranus asked with a wink at the startled aqua-haired senshi.
Neptune smiled softly as she pulled her lover's face down close
to her own, "I love you." Was the others only reply before closing the
distance between them with a kiss as an end to their own shattered world
just as the light exploded around them. Those bands of flaming brightness
wrapped around them, as Neptune did wrap her pale arms around the neck of
her lover for the last time.
"Death Reborn Revolution!"
With those three simple words, the world as they knew it -- along
with their life long dream -- ended, as the bright glaive smashed into the
ashen ground of the Moon. The spell was broken, as the energy expanded
explosively out across the surface of the Moon.
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust...

* * *

The baby was crying, but neither her mother nor her father heard
her cries. A door appeared from beside her window and opened to reveal a
woman with hair long and silky. Eyes of deepest rouge turned to the
crying girl beneath the light of the Moon and hair of the greenest-black
swirled as the woman approached. "Hush Selenity." The woman cooed the
baby, setting a white gloved hand upon the golden forehead of the child.
The baby silenced, looking to the stranger with wide blue eyes
filled with innocent curiosity. Who was this mysterious woman who knew
her name? The child wondered as the tiny fist reach forth to grasp the
white fingers upon her head. The woman chuckled at her attempt and
lightly tapped the girl's small pert nose. "Did you ever hear of a story
about a princess from the Moon, who fell in love with a prince of Earth?"
The woman asked, as if the child should understand her. The child
giggled and made a grab for woman's fingers again. "She loved him so
much that she could not live without him! Her kingdom died at such a
love and the Queen of that fairytale kingdom wept at her daughters death.
Not wishing for it to be the end, the Queen of this fairyland banished
the evil that had tried to destroy it, so that those of that kingdom shall
rise again! You, Selenity was the cause of the tears of that powerful
Queen, you her only heir and her only love." The baby watched the woman
in awed silence as the woman opened her palm to reveal a jewel more powerful than anything else in the world, and more beautiful because of
its simplicity than anything ever discovered. "Because the Queen had lost
her kingdom, she could not give her child the throne that was rightfully
hers, instead she left a jewel so that her daughter will have a chance to
make all of her dreams come true. Here is the jewel that will make all
your dreams come true, Princess Selenity, and the only legacy your mother
could leave for you before her death. Use it well, Princess, and make her
The woman watched as the crystal began to glow under the light of
the shining Moon, and then slowly it floated from her hands toward the
smiling baby, still awed and fascinated by what lay before her. The
small hands reached for the power of the crystal, but it knew that its
new owner would not yet be ready to obtain it, that fate had other plans
for what was to come. So, instead of allowing the small child to hold
it, it descended into the heart of the child and disappeared with a small
flare of light as it passed through the baby's flesh and nestled itself
into the sleeping soul of the blonde.
"Good luck, Princess Selenity. Good luck." The woman spoke to
the child before turning and walking toward the door in the wall. Those
eyes of ages passed looked back to the child with a sorrowful smile as
the door of Time slowly swung closed. Just like her mother, the Senshi
of Time sighed sadly as she closed those aged eyes. Let us hope that
they do not meet the same ends with what powers they were given from the
The child closed its sleepy blue eyes as the Moon watched over
her protectively. An innocent to the fate that awaits her, dreaming only
of a world still hidden behind mists and legends. But the soul of the
sleeping princess heard and she wept silently under the Moon, letting her
tears congeal into stars as she mourned the passing of a great Queen and
the fairytale Kingdom that had in the end, shattered to pieces.
Yet, the baby slept and forgot the woman who had visited her to
tell her of her fate. But her soul remembered the tale the woman brought
with her, and her soul waited for the day it will be reawakened and make
those dreams come true.

The End

To Angus MacSpon and the stories his own inspires.

For those of you too lazy too look this up:
*cabochon* is a highly polished, convex-cut, unfaceted
gem (What can I say? I got tired of using the word
stone over and over again, so I got creative ^^v)

Also, the Queen's refrence to Pluto's possession of
a God's blood is from the manga which I got off of
Usagi and Mamoru webpage -- where wonderful Alex
Glover's translations are posted and I am thankful
to him for translating the many mangas like "Miss
Rain" and "The Cherry Project", which I adore!
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