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Part 1

(A/n: Yay. Another Code fic by yours truly. All the 'poems' or 'letters' are lyrics to songs I like… I don't own any of them, unless stated otherwise… Although you'll probably never see that. Anyway, I don't own the songs, or anything from Code Lyoko. Enjoy! Oh, and it's in Aelita's POV.)

Song 1: 'Who's to Say' by Vanessa Carlton. How Lyrics Were Written: Broken up and placed in different spots, only half of song used, minor words changed slightly.

Song 2: 'Amarantine' by Enya. How Lyrics Were Written: Complete song, no changes or edits.


"How long will you be gone?" I asked.

We were sitting in Jeremy's room, watching him pack up a large suitcase. Jeremy was sent a message earlier that day that his uncle on his mother's side was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver and 5 other cars. His uncle had lived across the Atlantic in the United States, and was to be buried in Wisconsin; this meant he was to be shipped with his parents and any other relatives in France to the United States for the funeral. He was allowed to stay in his room for the remainder of the school day, and he gladly took up that offer. We had heard nothing of him since, including the time we were gathered in his dorm room as I helped him pack his stuff into suitcases.

"For.. About a month," Jeremy choked, sounding on the verge of tears.

"We can send you the homework, if ya want," Ulrich offered. Jeremy took off his glasses and pressed his palms to his eyelids.

"Please and thank you…" he murmured. "You can e-mail me too.. I'll have my laptop.."

"What about Xana?" Yumi asked, taping her heels on the floor. "How will we know if he attacks?"

"My computer will be on. Just look out for anything suspicious, and check the computer every break." There was a knock at the door. "I have to go… Take care."

Jeremy stood and put his glasses back on. He hugged each one of his friends, each one of us returning the warm embrace. I could swear he gave me a small smile before he turned and dragged his suitcase out into the hallway. Jeremy's father picked up his son's suitcase and walked down the hallway. Just before they turned the corner Jeremy stopped and waved to his 4 friends as we stood in the hallway. He disappeared, and we all stood there as if awaiting his sudden return. When he didn't appear around the corner, Odd turned to the rest of us.

"Want to see if we can catch him as he drives off?" he asked with a shrug.

We arrived at the front of the school just as Jeremy's car turned out of the driveway. I sighed and wrapped my arms around myself. A cold breeze had blow by and chilled the surface of my skin. He left… I never really said a proper goodbye… I turned to my friends.

"Maybe.. I should stay in Lyoko until he gets back," I said, rubbing my upper arms. They exchanged glances.

"No," Yumi stated simply. I blinked.

"You're just about as smart as Einstein; we need you to help us with our homework!" Odd laughed, lifting an index finger like it knew everything.

"Plus it just wouldn't be the same," Ulrich smiled warmly at me and shoved his hands in his pockets. I smiled back and tilted my head. I guess it's better to have one friend missing than two…

I was glad the next day was Saturday. I didn't have any school, which meant I could spend the day in Lyoko to make sure Xana didn't take advantage of the situation. Yumi came with me and Ulrich and Odd sat in the Supercomputer room and played cards; or something. I couldn't really tell what they were doing, but Ulrich had brought a pack of cards with them. By the sound of it they were also rough-housing; Yumi had to scold them after it sounded like they broke something.

It was a very long and unproductive day. Yumi and I sat boredly inside and outside of a tower in the Glacier region of Lyoko. We kept ourselves entertained by listening to what was going on back in the factory and racing from an iceberg into the tower. Xana hadn't woken up from our activity, and obviously hadn't noticed Jeremy was no longer there, much less no longer in France. I secretly hoped Xana didn't wake up until Jeremy got back, but I knew he would figure it out somehow and try to take advantage of it.

Ulrich, sounding quite bored, told Yumi and I we needed to come out so they were back at the school by curfew. Yumi suggested she stayed there until morning, but I had to remind her that she lived with her parents and not at the school. She gave in, and both of us were materialized. Hopefully Xana wouldn't attack while we were sleeping.

By the time we made it back to the school I was already missing Jeremy. He'd only been gone 1 day… How was I going to stand a month? Even then, a month was an estimate. They might stay longer…. Who knows?

I changed quickly to avoid any chill that could touch me while I did so. It didn't work very well, and since my pajamas were cold it wouldn't have done much anyway. I tried to call Jeremy around 11:00. I hoped it wasn't too early or too late in the United States; I didn't want to wake him. Unfortunately, his phone was off, or dead. I leaned against the wall from my spot on the bed and glanced around the room. I smirked at the picture of Jeremy and I goofing off when I was first materialized on earth….. I picked it off my end table and gazed boredly at it.

Before I knew it Sissi was shaking me from my dreamless slumber. She looked quite annoyed, but handed me a white and gold envelope addressed to my dorm room. I scanned it over silently; there wasn't a return address….

I thanked Sissi, who shrugged and went to probably take a shower, and set it on my dresser. After changing, I took the letter and headed up to Ulrich and Odd's room.

"Nrn….. Aelita, it's Sunday…. Go back to bed.." Ulrich whined, shoving his pillow over his face.

"But this is important!" I urged, tapping the letter with my fingertips.

"What's more important than sleeping?" Odd asked, raising his head slightly.

"I got a letter," I said, turning to him.

"So?" Ulrich asked.

"It's unmarked. Remember what happened last time I opened an unmarked package?"

"Good point…." Odd sighed, tumbling out of his bed. "We'll open it with you…."

"What did I say about volunteering me?" Ulrich moaned, throwing his pillow at his friend. I sighed and put a hand to my forehead.

"Guys…. Please…." I murmured, shaking my head. My male friends apologized and we sat down on Ulrich's bed so he didn't have to get up. Odd yawned and leaned his head over my shoulder to watch as I opened the letter. Ulrich propped his head on his arm. It was a lyric.

When you're around they tell me slow down,
We're too young you need to grow
The speed's the key
And they don't know who we are.
And who's to say that we're not good enough?
And who's to say that this is not our love?

Mother don't tell me friends are the ones that I lose
And sometimes family are the ones you'd choose
It's too late now
I hold on to this life I found

Who's to say we won't stay together?
Who's to say we aren't getting stronger?
Who's to say I can't live without you?
Who are they anyway? Anyway they don't know

And I try to pretend but I just feel it when we're together
And if you don't believe me, you never really knew us
You never really knew.
You and I, packin' up my room, we feel alright
But they don't know who we are.
I shine so bright when you're around

--My dear Aelita; Love you.

I blinked. What was this? Some random person just me a letter with a strange lyric and a confession of love… Was this some kind of joke? It's not a very funny one.

The door opened and drew all of our attention away from the typed on paper. Sissi was standing moodily in the doorway, holding another envelope between her index and middle finger. From what I could see, it was addressed to myself… and from… Jeremy!

"Yeah, I keep getting your mail. You might want to do something about it, or I'm just going to throw it away," Sissi said, walking over to the bed to hand me the envelope. She glanced awkwardly at Ulrich before turning and leaving. I watched, then turned back to my new letter. At the top right hand corner was the name Jeremy Belpois. A return address for the United States was listed right below it, and an airmail stamp coveredpart of the envelope.I ripped it open and looked at the handwritten note. It was…. Shorter than I thought it would be.

Dear Ai,

How are you back there? I'm on the plane right now, but when you get this I'll be in Wisconsin and at my destination. I forgot that since I brought my laptop it will alert me when Xana attacks; so I'll probably call you whenever it goes off. Give the others my regards; I miss you all.


(p.s- Make sure Odd does his homework!)

The room was in complete silence. I heard Odd mutter something about doing homework and Ulrich shifted to a more comfortable position. He only wrote to say he'd know when Xana attacked? Jerk! Doesn't he ever think of anything else! His uncle was just killed for god's sake, and he's worrying about Xana! When he gets back he's going to have a little piece of my mind.

"……..So…….." Ulrich mumbled, breaking the silence. I heard my stomach complain and I suddenly realized how hungry I was. Odd snorted.

"Let's go have breakfast," he suggested with a smile. "I think it's scrambled eggs and toast this morning!"

The three of us headed down to the cafeteria with the small herd of other hungry students. We were still silent; we're all probably thinking of our own problems. I thought of the letters I had received minutes before and who the first person could have been from. After breakfast, we called Yumi and got together in the park to talk.

"Hm… I have no idea who it could be," Yumi said, handing the lyric back to me.

"We could do a handwriting test of all the guys in school," Odd suggested.

"It's typed, numbskull," Ulrich commented, rolling his eyes.

"Then we can do a typing test…. Or check for fingerprints!"

"There is no such thing as a typing test, Odd, and we don't have finger print spray. Besides, it's just a silly letter; it could have been a dare or something."

"Ulrich is right; this isn't anything to get worked up about," Yumi agreed, plopping herself on a bench. I twisted my face and looked up at the partly cloudy sky.

Nothing exciting happened almost all week. Xana still hadn't woken up, and I was starting to think that Jeremy did something to put the program in hibernation or something. Classes were the usual. Homework loads got considerably smaller, and left only about two assignments to e-mail to Jeremy. It was kinda… boring without him.

And then Friday came. Sissi chucked another gold and white envelope at me during lunch. Luckily I caught it before it landed in my spagetti sauce….. It was just like the one I had received the Sunday before; unmarked, addressed to me, and ending up in Sissi's room. My three other friends gathered around to look at the glossy paper.

You know when you give your love away
It opens your heart,
Everything is new.
And you know time will always find a way
To let your heart believe it's true.

You know love is everything you say;
A whisper, a word,
Promises you give.
You feel it in the heartbeat of the day.
You know this is the way love is.

Love is.
Love is.

You know love may sometimes make you cry,
So let the tears go,
They will flow away,
For you know love will always let you fly
...How far a heart can fly away!

Love is.
Love is.

You know when love's shining in your eyes
It may be the stars
Fallen from above.
And you know love is with you when you rise,
For night and day belong to love.

-------She isn't as beautiful as you, my dear.

I growled softly. Another one! C'mon! Who ever this is needs to get their head examined. But I must say, they write beautiful lyrics. Or are these poems? I'm not sure; I still didn't know much about the different types of poetry. Maybe I should hang these all up in my room…. I can compare them and see what they all have in common; maybe look for hints to who it might be…

"Well we know one thing about this person; they are completely obsessed with Princess, here," Odd snickered, ruffling up my hair. I ignored him and the others as they talked. I'd rather examine this envelope more. I turned it every which way, hoping to find some kind of clue. Eventually, I opened it and looked inside. Hey!

"Look," I said, pulling out a strand of golden hair. The others ceased their speaking and looked at the hair.

"Hair?" Yumi asked, taking it from my fingers.

"Well this'll help us narrow down the options of who it could be," Ulrich said, taking the hair from Yumi. Gee I hope so.

"Who do we know that's a blonde?" Odd asked, taking his turn to look at the hair.

"There's you for one thing," I said blandly, glancing at the boy sitting next to me.

"Except that I don't like you," he responded, then quickly added, "I mean, in that way. I like you as a friend."

"There's Jeremy," Yumi said, taking the hair back. "But he's over seas and if he sent it, it would probably have an airmail stamp on it."

I tuned out my friends once again. Who DID I know that was blonde besides two of my best friends? Really no one; but then again, they could be one of those people that watch you from afar and have a shrine dedicated to you… A stalker, right? Yeah. It could be anyone. Hmm…

I was brought back to reality again when Odd changed the subject.

"Look what I can do!" he exclaimed, peeling a banana and shoving the entire thing in his mouth. The rest of us wrinkled out noses as we watched him eat it in only a couple of chews. The fact that he could FIT that entire thing in his mouth disturbed me.

"That's disgusting, Odd," Yumi said. "Not something to be proud of."

"Well, like, it could be if you're a girl…." Ulrich started. "…. I'm just not even going to go there."

"Go where?" I asked, blinking.

"No where," Ulrich said quickly. "So Yumi, what did you get on your math test?"

I sighed and took the hair back into my possession. I should probably keep it. Ya know… Just in case. I folded it into the thick glossy paper and put that into the envelope. Geezus Odd, stop talking about food! It's keeping me from my thoughts.

"I eat pasta with meatless balls," Odd said, pulling a meatball out of his pasta.

"That was random," Ulrich said, slurping up a couple of noodles.

"Ugh," Yumi made a face of disgust.

"It tastes the same!" Odd argued, popping it in his mouth and chewing proudly.

"If you close your eyes," I snickered, putting my fork in my mouth. My other friends snickered as well. Our group laugh doesn't sound complete with out Jeremy…. I really miss him. I should call him… Or send him an e-mail or something. I wonder why he hasn't written….

I got my answer the next day. And as sure as heck, I got pissed. Don't ask why, it just set me off.

End o' part one. Hopefully the other parts will be as longer than this, but I'm not promising. See ya next chapter!