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Chapter 1:

Kyou's Pov

It's raining. I hate the rain. Maybe because it's wet and I'm the cat. That's what everyone thinks at least. I hate the rain though because that's when the sky's crying. It weeps for the souls that walk upon the earth lost and confused. This planet so cold and restless. Everyone wants to be someone else. These people so full of evil. This city tainted in lies. This family cursed. This is why the sky cries for us hopeless souls.

I sigh. This world seems so strange when you look at it for a different point of veiw. We're just many different shades of gray. No black and white. Just grey. Tohru's getting over excited downstairs again. Sounds like Ayame and Hatori are here to. I hear Momiji and Haru. Kagura and Yuki. Shigure and Kisa. Not to mention Hiro's there smarting off to everyone. Uo and Hana. Their all down there laughing and smileing. All but me. They don't notice so I don't care.

They wouldn't want me there anyway. There's storm going and since today was Tohru's birthday everyone got stuck here, but they're all having fun. I think this would be a lighter shade of grey. Just slightly foggy. At least for them. Tohru asked me to come down but I couldn't. I couldn't stand to be in their presence. I couldn't stand to make this an even darker shade of grey. I don't want to cause anyone sadness and yet that's what I bring. The air around me is tainted with despair.

Because I know my freedom will be shortly lived. Soon my life will become nothing more then a bad memory for everyone. Great I was mentioned downstairs. I think black Haru just made his apperance. There's the stomping and there's the busting open my door. "Hey there Kyoukichi. What are you doing up here all by your lonesome? What feel to proud to join us downstairs?" I can't even pull up the will to fight him.

"Go away Haru." No violence not now please. I can't take another fight so quickly after the last one with Yuki. I almost died, but they'll never know. Only Hatori knows the extent of my injuries. I ran before it got any further. I'm a coward and yet I was wise. Yuki had managed to break a rib that barely missed my lung. So please Haru not now. "Not now."

"What was that Kyoukichi? You don't want to fight? Are you a coward?" I can only look out the window and whisper," Yes I am." They're calling his name. He laughs at me and leaves again. That's right laugh. Everyone laugh at the monster. I hate thinking it reminds me to much of what I truly am. When I heal I'll become a moron again and pick fights but not yet. I can't fight yet because if I do I'll get hurt. Then again I always get hurt.

Sounds like people are starting to leave. The rain is starting to let up. Great who is it now. Oh just you Hatori. Sometimes I wonder if he ever smiles. Wait I remember a while ago when he smile for Shigure. I think there's something going on between them I really do. Must be nice to feel wanted. "Kyou." I look at him. "I need you to come with me." That's strange.

"Why?" He looks upset about something, but motions for me to follow. I don't know weither I should go quietly or run. It might be nothing but it could be dangerious. My instincts are kicking in and they tell me to run. I throw open the window and jump onto the roof. I don't know where I'm going to go but my instincts just tell me to run. I jump off the roof and land on my feet. I hear Hatori calling for someone to get me. I stand but before I can get anywhere Yuki has me.

"Got him Hatori." No you idiot let me go. I feel the need to run. I can't go with him. Why's Hatori looking at me like that. Why do I see pity in his eyes? He pulls out a needle. No let me go. Let me go. I'm fighting but it hurts. I feel so weak. Ow Hatori please don't do whatever your about to do. Please. Everything's getting hazy. I can feel the rain on my face. Today the sky will be crying for me.

Everything's dark. I feel so cold. I can barely move. There's a voice over me. I can't make out the words but it sounds so familiar. "Monster." My eyes open wide. I need to get out of here, but I can't move. "That's all you are is a monster. I wonder if you can even feel pain right now." I can feel a warm hand pressing down on my chest. He's stroking it waiting for me to wince. He must know about my rib. Gahh. "Ah so that's where it is. Can you feel this Kyou? Can you feel anything at all?"

He's pressing down harder. It hurts so bad but I can't scream. I close my eyes and try not to think. I can't breath. He's pushing the rib into my lung. No please stop. "St...t..op!." His hand's gone. I gasp for air. I need to get out of here. He's pinning me down. His hand's moveing up from my chest to my neck. Please don't hurt me. He trails his fingers gently down my neck before gripping it firmly.

"What's the matter. Can't breath. Do you really deserve air? Do you deserve this life that was given to you? You are nothing. You never were and never will be. I can find uses for you though. Because even if you are a monster you are a very pretty monster." He lets go of my neck and licks where the bruise is bound to form. I just relized I have no clothes on and neither does he. He pulls away and looks at me a smirk in place. "Tell me Kyou can you feel this?"

Pain erupts through my body as he pushes into me. I try to pull away anything to get rid of the burning feeling. It hurts. He leans next my head and whispers in my ear. "This is what you wanted wasn't it? To feel wanted to feel needed?" I clentch my eyes shut. Tears leak from my eyes. This is the only thing I'm need for. Other people's pleasures. "There's one thing I'm glad for Kyou." He looks at me again. "I'm glad I'm the One. That. Got. To. Break. You." He thrusted into me with every word.

I feel his seed flood into me and mix with the blood that's dripping out. Then everything went black.

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