I lied I know. Sorry. I had a really weird dream last night. Some guy got raped in it and I thought of the story and went oh shit! It was a really weird dream and I can't remember or I'd tell you guys about it.

Tainted Tears

Chapter 7: The price of freedom is your life

Waking up was the hardest part, but I knew something was wrong. I open my eyes and looked down to where Kyou had once been. He wasn't there. Panic began to run through my veins as I jumped to my feet. "Kyou!" I screamed. I ran through the house, no one was there. A note from Tohru and Yuki on the fridge, no Shigure in sight, and Kyou was missing, I slam open the door and runn towards the woods screaming out his name. I'm running, sweat pouring down my face, my heart is pounding in my head, I know my head will hurt by the end of this, but I have to find him.

Somewhere in my gut I knew something was wrong. I didn't know where I was going, but my feet lead me and my heart seemed to feel where he was. I rushed through the last batch of trees into the clearing. At the end was a cliff that dropped into a lake and at the edge stood Kyou. Tears stained his face as he looked back at me. "Kyou." I whispered.

"Go away, you stupid cow." He said with no hatered in his voice. The wind blew lightly pushing the orange locks over his eyes making the image of Kyou seem so small. The anger and passion for the fight gone now, all that remained was a broken soul. I could feel the tears in my eyes as the realization of his intentions came to me. Kyou was going to jump. I took a step foward towards him and he took a step back. " I said go away!" I shook my head.

"Please don't." Kyou shook his head at me.

"I have to. I can't do this. I can't. Not that monsters child. I can't let the baby suffer that way. I just can't." A new stream of tears fell.

"Kyou, please. Come to me." Kyou looked up at me. His eyes red with tears falling.

"I can't." He turned to the cliff.

"Then let me go to." I whispered. A part of me knew that if Kyou went over the cliff then I to would go. He looked back at me confusion on his face.

"Why?" I shrugged.

"I'm nothing without you." I said clearly. Then all the fights made since, all the Yuki craze everything led back to him. My kitten. I was in love with the outcast. I would die for him and with him. Kyou laughed harshly.

"Don't mess with me, Haru. I'm going to die and no ones going to care. Not Yuki. Not Shigure. Tohru may for a moment, but Yuki will take care of her. And you won't. You'll find someone else to fight. I'm wothless. Nothing more then a toy to fuck." As he spoke I could almost hear Akito speaking through him.

"No Kyou, you're wrong. I'm nothing without you. You are my world. Without you I have no one to fight with. No one to argue with, and no one to love secretly." I had said it. It was in the open now and the distance between us seemed to close.

"Whhat?" He whispered as his eyes watered up more.

" I love you. I always have. I just never realized it. I love you, Kyou. Only you." My heart raced with a new fire. I was saying it. Admitting it.

"Don't fuck with me." He screamed.

"I'm not. Please don't jump, but if you do just know I'll be following." Kyou looked to the lake below and back to me. He let out a sob and for a moment I thought he was about to go over, but then he fell to his knees and cried. I ran over to him and pulled him into my arms. He sobbed into my shirt as I kissed his head tenderly. "I love you Kyou. Only you." He cried harder as I spoke softly to him.

"But I'm worthless. Trash. I lost my virginity to that monster for crying out loud. I'm not good enough for anyone. I'm not even brave enough to die." I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his head once more.

"You're perfect for me, and you're not worthless. He didn't take it he stole it and in my mind that doesn't count." Kyou looked up at me his eyes red from crying.

"What do you mean?" I look at his confused face and put my hand softly on his cheek. Smooth I noted. Not a trace of stubble.

"I mean this." I move towards his face slowly giving him a chance to pull away, but his eyes close slowly as if waiting. Our lips meet gently and fire pulses through me. Our kiss grows deeper as I run my tounge across his lips. His mouth openes allowing me entrance. I explore his mouth with my tounge, the taste of spearmint with a small hint of cinnamon reaches me. I wanted more of this man. The stirring in my pants told me as much, but I knew I had to go slow.

Kyou moaned softly into my mouth as his fingers crept their way into my hair. I run my hand down his back and push it under his shirt. Soft heated skin reaches my touch. I'm melting into his touching on my scalp and he's moaning as I scratch lightly at his flesh. Our mouths are meeting with a firey passion now, crushing tounges colliding. I move to pull away,but he pulls me back in. "I don't want to go to fast for you." I whisper against his lips.

He pulls back and looks into my eyes. "You can't." He says with perfect clarity as he pulls me back to him. Our lips meet and my mind goes out the door. His body against mine, I yearn for more. I pull at his shirt and he allows me to remove it. Bruised, tanned flesh meets me. He pulls back and covers his body and I grab his arms and move them away. I kiss one of the bruises and then another. He relaxs alittle. I push him to the ground softly and run my hands up his sides.

A moan comes from him and causes a jump in my pants. "Haru." He says with a voice that sounds like heaven to me. I pull my shirt over my head and he looks at me lust in his eyes. He runs his hands over my chest as if hes noticing my body for the first time. A pink tongue slips over his lips. I gasp as his hands brush over my nipples. I lower my face into the crook of his neck and nip gently causeing him to bend into me. Our erections touch and I know he wants it to. I suck at his neck lightly ignoring the collar and its meaning. This moment was for Kyou.

I move one hand lower rubbing over his flesh with my fingertips. He moans and groans as I move down. Closer and closer. He whimpers and I nearly lose it. My hand meets the top of his pants and within a moment I have them unbuttoned and unzipped. He gasps as the air meets his now revealed erection. I look down and smile. I'm bigger. My hand brushes over the tip softly and he bites his lip.

I wrap my hand around him as he takes a deep breath. I work my hand up and down his shaft slowly. His face is so beautiful I notice, his cheeks tinted with red, his lips spread apart as his breath comes out in gasps, and his eyes half closed looking up at me through orange locks. His hand touches my hip then moves towards my zipper. I hold my breath as he unbuttons the button and pulls down the zipper. I sigh as my erection pops out of the tight pants.

"You're bigger then him." He says with a whimper.

"I'll try not to hurt you." I say softly. I release his erection as he pushes me back. I land on the ground and he stalks towards me like a cat towards its prey. His eyes shine with a fire that I haven't seen in awhile. He kneels between my legs and takes the head of my penis into his mouth. I gasp. His tounge rubs against me as he slids down my shaft. I'm throbbing and he was trained well it seems.

He pulls back up letting his teeth graze me ever so softly as his hand reach towards my sac. His hands touch me and I nearly explode as he takes me to the hilt. I can feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head as he continues sucking and touching. He pulls back and goes back down. I can feel my hips starting to rock and he goes with the flow. More squeezing by his hand and a harder suction with his mouth.

I'm so close I can feel it. "Kyou!" I scream as I'm pushed over the edge with one final suck. He takes all of me in as I shoot my load. He pulls back and swollows and looks at me with eyes that scream take me. I can feel my erection returning as I lay him down on the ground once more. I spread his legs and he closes his eyes.

"Tell me if I hurt you." He nods and bites his lip. I've decided that I like this look and would make him do this often. I suck on three of my fingers and the push one into him slowly. He gasps and I wait. He nods his head and I pull in and out a few times. Then I push in a second and begin stretching him open. Soon the third finger joins the others two and Kyou begins to moan.

"Are you ready?" I ask softly and he nods. I pull my fingers out slowly.

"Please Haru. Now." He begs and I melt. My erection is throbbing now. I pull his pants off completely and mine follow swiftly. I'm positioned between his legs and gulp as I place my head at his entrance. He clentchs and I whisper, "Relax love." He does slightly and I push foward slowly. His entrance squeezes me as I push foward. Heat and tightness engulf me. I clentched my teeth trying not to shove in completely.

"Haru." He gasps as I slid slowly into him. My breath catches and I groan. I push in more inch by inch until I'm completely in him. His body squeezes me and grab onto the grass beside his head.

"Are you ok?" I ask. He nods and pushes against me softly. I pull out slowly and push back in. He moans and wraps his arms around my neck. I speed up slightly, in and out in and out. Kyou's breath is in my ear as he pulls my head down to him. I pull back and kiss him. He opens his mouth to me and a battle of tongues begin. Heat engulfs us as I start slamming into his body.

"Haru!" He screams as I hit his spot. I aim for that spot once more and begin slamming into him. I put one hand upon his hip pulling him down as I push in. His eyes have closed and he screams in pleasure with every push. Sweat begins to form on our chest. I bend down and begin biting and sucking on his neck. He screams and pushes against my thrust. "I'm so close." He screams and I slam harder into that spot.

I begin to pulse as my climax comes closer. He screams and I slam. "I'm cumming!" He screams as I push my motuh against his. I can feel his semen hitting my chest as he comes, His body clentches tightly and I slam in once, twice.

"I;m cumming, Kyou!" I shoot my second load deep into his body. I thrust a few more times before collasping on top of him. He's breathing hard and I'm listening to his pulse racing. He runs his hand through my slick hair. I look up and see his face. Eyes closed, face red, and a smile on his lips. I push up onto my arms so that I can look down at him, "I love you." I whisper and kiss him softly.

"He'll never let us be." He said through gasps.

"We'll find a way." I say.

"I love you too." He says. I look down at him and smile.

"We should head back." I whisper. He nods and we stand. We grab our cloths and dress quickly, knowing that a shower awaited us back home. I hold out my hand to him and he takes it. While we walk back I begin to wonder how Shigure took the news.

So likey its longer and a lemon! Yay me.