Title: Be My Escape

Author: OceanSurferGirl

Summary: What do you do when the person you want is the one you can't have?

Rating: PG-13

Length: It's going to be quite a few chapters, though I'm not sure how many just yet.

Warnings: Incest between brother and sister, and some cursing.

Status: WIP

Author's notes: Well here's my first shot at a High School Musical fanfiction. To all those disgusted by the thought of Ryan and Sharpay, I'm sorry, but this was just begging to be written. ;-) I hope you enjoy!


"No Ryan, that's not right! How many times do I have to tell you! You start the box step after I come out of my pirouette, and then spin me around! It's not that hard, so get it right!" Sharpay Evans demanded through gritted teeth. Her brother Ryan rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest in irritation. Normally, Ryan was the most non-temperamental people you'd ever meet, but when it came to his twin sister, there were times he lost it. This was one of those times.

"Sharpay, we've been dancing for the past six hours, and you've managed to find something wrong with every single thing I do! I am trying to get it right, but your attitude is not helping!" He snapped. Sharpay took a step closer to him so they were face to face, her face tightened into a fierce snarl.

"Look Ryan, maybe you don't get it, but we have to be perfect! We actually have competition now, and I'll be damned if that overrated Gabriella girl gets the lead again! Let's try it again, and this time- DON'T mess it up!" With that, Sharpay flipped around and walked over to the CD player. Within seconds, the annoyance on their faces was covered up by a huge smile. Ryan performed the song flawlessly, if just to spite Sharpay. By the end of the song, he was certain she would be satisfied with his performance, leaving the rest of Saturday afternoon entirely to him. He felt a real smile spread across his face at the thought of just hanging out. His hopes where smashed only seconds later as Sharpay let out an ear piercing shriek.

"RYAN! Can you please FOCUS? You almost dropped me during the second verse, and your pivots are getting sloppy. If just for five minutes, could you pretend you cared even a LITTLE bit about auditions? I swear, sometimes I wonder why you even bother if you're just going to waste my time!" Sharpay fumed. Ryan took a deep breath, but he was seething.

"What the HELL is your problem Sharpay? You wake me up at the crack of dawn for some "extra practice", then you tear me apart over everything I do- EVEN IF IT'S NOT WRONG! I'm done with rehearsing today, so find yourself someone else to be a bitch at."

With that, Ryan stormed out of the room and slammed the door with a satisfactory thud. He walked angrily up to his room, where he immediately stripped of his sweaty clothes and jumped in the shower. He felt his anger and tension drain away with the water, and when he exited the shower ten minutes later, he felt ten times better.

Taking his time, he did his hair, slapped on some cologne, and put on a pair of jeans and a stylish polo. Checking himself out in the mirror, he flashed a perfect smile and nodded his head in approval. Ryan then grabbed his jacket and headed downstairs. He was halfway out the door when he heard the soft crying sound coming from his families dance room. Ryan froze. With his hand on the front doorknob, it would be easy enough to slip out pretending never to have heard the soft cries... but he knew that he could never leave Sharpay crying over something he said while he went out and had fun. Sighing, Ryan half-heartedly closed the front door, and walked into the dancing room.

He was a little more than surprised when he saw Sharpay curled up in a corner, head buried in arms, and her body shuddering with small sobs. He felt his heart go out to her, and he hesitantly took a step towards her.

"Sharpay?" He said quietly. Sharpay instantly rubbed away the tears and lifted her head to meet his gaze.

"What Ryan?" She replied sharply. Ryan winced.

"I'm sorry about the things I said earlier." Sharpays eyes turned cold, and she chuckled sarcastically.

"Oh Ryan, no need to apologize. You were so right. I am just a "bitch" with no feelings." Ryan winced, and quickly interjected.

"Well it's not like you were being nice earlier! I've been dancing all morning with you, and according to you, I can't get anything right!"

"Why is it so bad to want to practice?"

"Why are you obsessing over every little detail? Our audition is solid- we're going to be great, so I don't see why you can't chill!" Ryan replied in irritation

"Because I don't WANT to just be great! I want to be the best up there Ryan! I don't want to be beat out by some little nobody who can't sing the right pitch if it hit her in the face! I am better then she will EVER be, and I need to prove it!" Ryan stood still for a moment, and his eyes widened slightly at a startling revelation.

"Is that what this is about?" Sharpay froze. The anger evaporated from her face instantly, molding into forced casualness.

"What do you mean?" She asked quietly. Slowly, he walked to her and sat shoulder to shoulder with her.

"Are you still upset because Troy chose Gabriella over you?" Ryan gazed at her openly, searching her face for some sign. . Sharpay stiffened, and he saw the tears gathering behind her eyes.

"Oh Sharpay." He whispered quietly. Then slowly he wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her so her head was resting on his shoulder. He felt her start to sob softly, and he gently rocked her back and forward. "Sharpay, Troy doesn't deserve you. Somewhere out there is one lucky guy just dying to ask you out." He heard Sharpay whimper softly.

"But they don't Ryan! No one wants to date me, or even flirt with me! I don't get it! How can a girl like Gabriella have Troy, and I'm left with no one?" Ryan felt his heart constrict in his chest painfully.

"Well what about Zeke? He seemed pretty interested in you!" For some reason, the words felt wrong as they rolled off his lips, and it certainly didn't seem to put Sharpay at ease.

"Zeke? As in, loves to cook Zeke?" Ryan nodded. Sharpay stared at him for a moment, before lowering her gaze in hopelessness. "We never had chemistry when we were together… I mean, he treated me like a princess when we were together, but it was so predictable! I thought that was what I wanted… But the more I think about it, the more I want someone who challenges me! Someone who doesn't just give me my way all the time… I kinda thought Troy would be that guy, but it appears that once again Gabriella has beat me out for something I wanted." Fresh tears started rolling down her face, and she whimpered softly. Ryan swallowed hard, lifted his hand, and wiped a few of her tears away.

"Sharpay, I think you're a hundred times better than Gabriella, I swear. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it." Sharpay pulled away so she was looking eye to eye with Ryan.

"Thanks Ryan." She hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry for getting on your case earlier. It won't happen again." Ryan chuckled lightly.

"Don't say things you'll regret now!" Winking at her, he felt a grin stretch across his face. As if his smile was infectious, a slow smile spread across Sharpays face as well, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. Ryan bit his lip and wondered what he could do to get her to laugh. A devilish thought came to his mind, and he smirked at her playfully. Sharpay frowned, and looked at him oddly.

"What?" Ryan simply grinned wider, and pounced on her, tickling her like there was no end. Sharpay was incredibly ticklish, so she lay laughing on the floor, and gasping for breath. Giggling hopelessly, she began kicking her legs to throw him off. He wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow, Ryan ended up right on top of Sharpay, every part of their bodies touching, with his arms holding hers down. Suddenly it wasn't so funny anymore. Gazing into her beautiful brown eyes, something inside of him snapped.

"Oh…" Ryan whispered quietly. Then unable to stop himself, he lowered his head and kissed her softly. When they pulled apart, Sharpays tearstained eyes stared at him in shock. Realizing what he had just done, Ryan jumped up and scrambled towards the door.

"I uh- I gotta go." Ryan called over his shoulder shakily. The next thing Sharpay heard was the slamming of the front door.


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