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Harry yawned as he walked back from Mrs. Figg's house. The Dursleys had left him with her for the day as they went to an amusement park for Dudley's eighth birthday. They had told him not to return until ten at the earliest. So Harry was walking with Mrs. Figg back to the Dursley's house at fifteen past ten. He had spent a very boring time at her house, looking at pictures of her cats and helping her with her garden.

Harry and Mrs. Figg turned the last corner to Privet Drive and stopped in shock. The house was in ruins and there was a giant green skull floating above the house with a smoky snake curling throughout the skull. Harry ran across the street to the house and ran through the broken down door. Inside, he found the Dursleys' bodies in the kitchen. All of them had fearful expressions on their faces, but there were no outward indication of any wounds that would cause their deaths. Harry felt tears well up in his eyes as he looked at his only family laying on the cold floor. He felt arms fold him into their embrace and he started sobbing. They might not have very nice people, but they were the only family he had.

"Come on, Harry," said Mrs. Figg softly as she led him out of the house. "You shouldn't have to see this."

Harry continued sobbing all the way to her house, where she left him in the guest room and disappeared. Harry cried himself to sleep, dreaming of lifeless bodies and green light.

Harry woke up slowly, wondering where he was. The room he was in certainly wasn't his cupboard under the stairs. Suddenly, the memories of finding the Dursleys' bodies flooded his mind and he started crying again. He cried for a good ten minutes before the tears ran out. He sat up, wiping away the tears and taking a good look around the room. He recognized it as Mrs. Figg's guest room, but the thing that caught his attention the most was an elderly man sitting in a chair across the room. He was dressed in a robe made up of various shades of purple and he wore a pointy hat on his head. He had a silver beard that went down to the floor as he was sitting down.

"Hello, Harry," said the man softly. Harry instantly found himself trusting the man, almost as if he was a long lost grandfather.

"Hello, sir," Harry said timidly, sniffling slightly.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, Harry," Dumbledore told Harry gently. "I've come to talk to you about where you will be staying now."

"Are my Aunt and Uncle really…really dead?" Harry asked softly, almost too softly to hear.

"I'm afraid so, Harry. I have something to tell you, something very important," Dumbledore said seriously. Harry looked at him curiously. "Harry, I am a Wizard as were your parents and you." Dumbledore then turned the table next to his chair into a telescope and back. Harry just looked on in amazement.

"How did you do that?" asked Harry excitedly, thoughts of the Dursleys gone.

"You will learn how to do that and more, eventually though. I placed you with your relatives to keep you safe, but I'm afraid that I overestimated the magic protecting your home. I have decided to send you to a friend of mine to keep you safe from the ones who murdered your family."

"Why would I be safe there and not here?" asked Harry with only a slight stutter.

"Because my friend lives in another country, Harry. Plus, only a fool would attempt to attack you there," Dumbledore told Harry with a chuckle. "He lives in the country of Japan."

"That's where you're sending me? To Japan?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Harry, now we must be off. You should go say good-bye to Mrs. Figg," suggested Dumbledore.

Harry nodded and went in search of Mrs. Figg to say good-bye and to thank her. Dumbledore watched Harry go with a heavy heart. It was because of his mistake that Harry no longer had a family. However, Harry would be quite safe with Kentaro. After all, only a fool would attack a Ninja.

"Now, Harry, I need you to touch this feather. It will transport us to my friend's house in Japan," Dumbledore said as he held out a feather. Harry looked at him curiously, but he still did as he was told. "Three, two, one."

When Dumbledore said one, Harry felt a jerk from behind his navel, as if something was pulling him forward from that point. After about ten seconds, Harry felt himself touch back down on solid ground. He fell to his knees, unused to travel by portkey. He looked around at the room they had landed in and saw that it was like he had stepped into that oriental movie that Dudley had gotten last year with Bruce Lee. As he was looking around, he never saw an elderly man step from the shadows and walk up behind him.

"Hello, Albus," said the man softly, making both Harry and Dumbledore jump in surprise.

"Kentaro, you still can surprise me after all these years," Dumbledore said as he shook Kentaro's hand warmly.

Kentaro turned to face Harry. "So this is the lad you wrote to me about. Why did you bring him?"

"His family was recently murdered and he needs a safe place to stay. I couldn't think of anywhere safer than here with you and your students," said Dumbledore with a smile.

"You do realize that if he stays here, he won't be attending Hogwarts, right?" asked Kentaro curiously as he arched an eyebrow.

Harry took a good look at the man who might be taking him in. He was dressed in loose black pants and a loose black shirt that buttoned up the front with wooden toggles. The sleeves were quite big and hung loosely around his hands. He had a sword strapped to his back and a weird weapon that had three pointy ends sprouting from the handle (A sai, if anyone is wondering). The man's hair was cut short, but it was silvery, just like Dumbledore's. His eyes showed patience and understanding, along with great wisdom.

"I realize that, old friend, but I believe that it is necessary that he know how to survive. Besides, he can always transfer later on if he wishes to do so," Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling brightly.

"I see," Kentaro said simply. He then turned to Harry. "Mr. Potter, I have decided to allow you to join my students here, but be warned, you will find it very difficult here. We will teach you the ways of the shadows, the way of the Ninja. You will have to work twice as hard as any other student, seeing as you are the youngest student here. I give you this one chance to back out, to go back to England with Albus. I am certain that he could find somewhere for you to stay."

Harry thought about his options. He could go back with Dumbledore to England, grow up in a Wizarding house and probably have a very nice existence. Or, he could stay and learn something he was sure that not many people got the chance to learn. He would have to work hard, but he wasn't afraid of hard work.

Harry weighed his choices and thought about the consequences of his decisions for about ten minutes before turning back to Kentaro. "I would like to stay here," he said at last.

Kentaro smiled at Harry before turning back to Dumbledore. "I am impressed, Albus. And you know how hard that is to do. I will gladly take this boy as my personal student."

Dumbledore tried and failed to hide his shock. He had expected Kentaro to just allow Harry to stay and train with his teachers, not take him as his personal student. Kentaro hadn't taken on an apprentice in over fifty years!

"Harry, I will come once a year to check up on you, to see how well you are adjusting," Dumbledore told Harry gently. He gave Kentaro a nod of thanks before disappearing with a crack.

Harry looked at the spot that Dumbledore had been in just seconds before. Kentaro coughed softly to draw his attention.

"Harry, I'll show you to your quarters now," he told Harry as he opened a door Harry hadn't seen. Harry nodded and took a deep breath before taking his first steps in his new life.

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