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Okay here's Chapter Two for Summer!

Chapter 2-

"Hullo Harry, Emma," Luna greeted with out looking up from her magazine.

"Hey Luna," Emma greeted back. "It's good to see you again."

"Hi Luna," Harry greeted after Emma.

Luna closed the Quibbler and stood up, "It's good to see you too. So let's get this plan into action. Oh by the way, can we please add some smifflers into the plan?"

"Smifflers?" Harry, Emma, Mat, and Ginny asked in unison.

Luna looked up with dazed eyes, "Oh never mind, it's too hard to catch them anyway."

Emma looked at Ginny and all she did was shrug. "Luna, meet Matt, Matt this is our friend Luna, but you probably already know that." Emma introduced.

"Hi!" Luna said shaking Matt's hand. Matt smiled; he was slightly amused by the scissor earrings that were bouncing up and down on Luna's ear lobe.

"Alright, let's get a move on!" Ginny said loudly.

Emma took Matt's left hand and Luna took his left. Harry then grabbed Emma's hand and Ginny grabbed Luna's, with a final shout of goodbyes to Mrs. Weasley, the group descended back to the Granger's household.


The ride to Emma's was slightly bumpy, causing the landing to be a little rough. They had landed at Emma's door, Emma had tripped over something, she had no clue what it was, she was getting ready to hit the cold stone ground, but it never happened. Instead Emma had landed on something hard, but not to hard, it felt like a stomach. Emma quickly jerked back and opened her eyes.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Emma apologized to a young man, he looked like a teenager that was around their age. They were in a very awkward position.

"It's alright, are you okay?" The young man asked helping Emma up.

"I'm fine, I'm sorry."

"No, its okay, good thing I wasn't a muggle," The guy said smiling.

Emma turned around and glared at Matt. He put up his hands in defense and grinned.

"I have to go; it was nice bumping into you. Um... Did I just say that out loud?" The guy asked flushing a light shade of red and scratching his head.

Emma laughed a little, "Yah..."

The guy picked up his bike and flashed Emma a smile, he got on and rode out of the gates. "MATT! You git! We could've gotten in so much trouble!" Emma yelled climbing up the stairs.

"Well at least you met one hunk of a man," Ginny said wagging her eyebrows.

Emma laughed and hit Ginny in the arm playfully, "Yah but I don't know his name or anything of that sort."

The group of friends walked into the house and Ginny finally answered Emma, "Well you do know that he has a great stomach, great eyes and hair."

Harry and Matt stayed behind while Ginny, Luna, and Emma were talking about the guy. Well actually, it was just Emma and Ginny who were talking about the guy, Luna was just listening while she read the Quibbler; which was upside down.

Emma turned around and laughed, Harry and Matt were on the ground pretending to stick their fingers down there throat. "Oh stop acting like babies!"

"Wow! Now I know where you get your bossiness!" Harry exclaimed in a teasing tone.

Emma looked offended and smirked, "Coming from a person who likes that bossy person!"

"Emma Lynn Granger!" Harry shouted glaring at Emma.

"Uh oh! Last name, gotta go!" Emma said loudly, when Hermione and Ron had reached the bottom steps of the stairs.

"Hermione help!" Emma shrieked. Harry's glare faded and turned into a smirk. Harry then ran and went to tackle Emma, but he sorta missed and tackled Hermione instead.

Both friends were on the ground, Harry on top of Hermione, Hermione then smiled, "Well hello to you to Mr. Potter, a hug would've been fine."

Luna, Matt, Ginny, and Emma were smirking behind the two. Ron was standing in front of the two scowling, he didn't even notice Luna.

"Ahem!" Ron cleared his throat.

Harry quickly scrambled off of Hermione being extra careful not to squish Hermione. "Well then..." Harry said trying to break the awkwardness. Hermione laughed and took Harry's hand, he had offered to her after he had stood up.

"Thanks Harry," Hermione smiled and walked over to Ron who was still slightly scowling.

Emma noticed this and said, "Jeeze Ron lighten up!" Emma's voice came out a little harsh but only two people noticed Harry and Matt.

Ron quickly smiled and said, "So why are you guys here?"

Ginny took her chance and said smirking, "Well, you see Ron, Emma invited Luna and me over so we could have a tour of her house, and you know make plans."

Harry noticed how Ron paled and started to fidget with the collar of his shirt at the name Luna. "Ron, why so pale?" Harry asked trying hard not to scowl at Ron for doing such a thing to Hermione.

Ron looked around the room and managed to stutter out, "W-Who m-me? P-Pale?"

"Yes you, Ronald" Luna said her eyes were staring directly at Ron.

"Luna, y-your here too..." Ron said wiping the sweat off of his forehead.

Hermione looked concerned and turned to face Ron, "Ron are you alright you feel a little clammy." Hermione then placed her hand on his forehead. "And you're sweating too... Are you coming down with something?"

Just then Harry quickly left out into the back; you could tell he was shaking from anger. Emma told the group to stay while she followed Harry out into the backyard.

To get to the back yard, you had to go through the kitchen, so on Emma's way out she grabbed two cans of iced tea. Emma found Harry kicking at a tree in the far back of the back yard. "You know, kicking at a tree won't help," Emma said softly.

Harry stopped and turned around to face the voice. Harry sighed, he had his fists clenched, "I know Emma, but I can't help it. I mean Hermione; she is so kind and caring... How could someone do that to her? Ron doesn't deserve her for what he did..."

Emma pulled Harry down onto the grass with her and handed him a can of iced tea then said, "Well think about it this way, your the greatest person I know, you're also kind and caring. But why is Voldemort going after you? You don't deserve Voldemort to come after you, to kill the ones you love. But its life Harry, I know it sucks, but your friends are here for you. The ones you love will always be there for you, no matter what. You have to look on the bright side, even during the darkest times, there has to be a light."

Harry smiled then sighed and told Emma, "I guess you're right Emma, but you did forget one thing to describe about me."

Emma raised an eyebrow and asked curiously, "What did I forget Harry?"

"I'm kind, caring, cute, sweet, and pretty hot if I do say so myself," Harry said smiling sheepishly.

Emma laughed and hit Harry in the arm, then muttered, "Yah that and full of yourself."

Harry pretended to be in shock and asked, "Did you just insult me Miss. Granger?"

"And if I did?" Emma asked teasing Harry.

"Well I have to do this!" Harry scooped Emma up and walked over to the pool, which was like the size of two tennis courts. "Ready?" Harry asked smugly.

"Harry James Potter!" Emma screamed as she got thrown into the cold water. "I'll kill you!"

Harry then ran quickly into the house, with a soaking wet Emma at his heel.

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