Title: All in a Name (one-shot drabble)
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh slash! (pssh, I swear it's canon)
Pairing: Yuuri/Wolfram ('course)
Warnings: Slightly intense yaoi, badly written story, cheesy nickname
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN KYO KARA MAOH. Trust me, if I did, these two boys would be screwing like bunnies. :3

"Never." Yuuri folded his arms stubbornly and sat down.

"Yuuu-chaaaannn!" His fiancé whined. "You promised you would just once!"

"Eh? I don't remember making that promise." Yuuri looked up at Wolfram, only to be welcomed by a pouting lip one could land a helicopter on.

Wolfram stepped behind Yuuri's chair and wrapped his arms around the demon king. "Please, Maou?" He said as he nuzzled his head in Yuuri's shoulder.

Yuuri turned his face away from the begging bishounen. "Why would I ever do such a thing?" He replied.

"Oh, you know you want to" Wolfram closed his lips around Yuuri's hyper-sensitive ear. Yuuri flinched and quickly swatted him away. He regrets ever showing Wolfram his tender spot.

Wolfram huffed and jumped into Yuuri's lap, trapping him. Yuuri squirmed under Wolfram until he was caught in a kiss. Wolfram smirked at Yuuri's halted movement. He took the chance to deepen the kiss, running his hands through Yuuri's hair. His tounge slid into the other boy's mouth, trying to make Yuuri respond.

Yuuri jumped at the sudden heat and hugged Wolfram around the waist, pulling him further into his lap. Yuuri massaged Wolfram's tounge with his, fighting for dominance as their hands moved across each other's bodies fervently.

Wolfram smirked into the kiss; he was winning. He felt a tightness in Yuuri's pants and decided to rub against it. Yuuri moaned and pulled his koibito closer.

Suddenly, Wolfram pulled away. He took back his tounge and his arms. Yuuri blinked, angered at being torn away from the bliss.

"Why'd you stop?" Yuuri asked, cutely confused.

"Say it." Wolfram demanded.

"Oh, come on!"

"SAY IT." Wolfram rubbed against Yuuri once more.

Yuuri gasped and blushed. "You're my... Big Bad Wolf." He said, looking away from his betrothed, who looked similar to a little girl who just got a pony.

"You wimp." Wolfram smiled before finishing what he started.