Someday Out of the Blue


Rune Wolfe

(Lyrics from Elton John's "Someday out of the Blue")

"Here comes the night

Here comes the memories

Lost in your arms

Down in the foreign field

Not so long ago

Seems like eternity."

Chapter 1: Friends Never Say Goodbye

Yuuri gazed blankly at his computer screen, taken over by a sudden loss for words. Now eighteen and in his first year of college, he found that life was dull, repetitive, and could not be described by flashy, elegant terms.

Perhaps it was his own fault, having decided himself to dedicate his time to physics. Turning away from his unfinished essay he caught sight of a photograph on the far corner of his desk. From it the boy stared back at him with bright emerald eyes framed perfectly by a crown of blonde hair.

That had been his fault. Being separated from Wolfram had been his own choice. At the time it had all seemed so easy, but now, three years later, it was the worst thing he had ever done.

Now thoughts of Wolfram plagued his mind, whether it be at school when the teacher spoke of princes in foreign lands, or when he tossed in his sleep, reaching out for someone who was no longer beside him.

Without realizing it he had reached into his pocket, now fingering the small item that had remained there since that day. A small ring, encrusted with a perfect blue diamond. He had intended for his fiancée; now he wondered if it would ever grace that beautiful hand.




Wolfram glared at his eldest brother, the man could be extremely infuriating. "You want me to what!"

"You heard me perfectly well, Wolfram. I want you to find a new fiancée." Gwendal's façade of calmness and duty only served to further anger the young prince. "Having you lounge around the castle all day is useless when you could be increasing the population."

"Like that's necessary," Wolfram rolled his pale green eyes to emphasize his lack of worry for the population. "Besides, I shall not bear a child that is not Yuuri's."

"Yuuri isn't coming back, Wolfram, he chose to have a life in his own world. Or have you forgotten?"

Wolfram averted his gaze to the floor. Defeated, he murmured, "How could I forget? But, I can't force myself to love someone else. I just can't."

Before Gwendal could respond Conrad interrupted, "that's enough for now, Gwen, we have other matters to see to that are more important than Wolfram's love life, for instance, the uprisings in the east."

"I have already sent a good portion of my men out there…."

Wolfram's thoughts drowned out the rest of the conversation as he slid back against the wall.

Months…years… it all felt like eternity. Yuuri was gone, so what point was there to life now? Everyday was the same, wake up only to be pestered by Gwendal and Gunter to move on. Death, he thought, would at least be an eternal sleep in which he could dream of Yuuri as long as he desired.




Yuuri stepped clumsily through the door of the university. He was exhausted, having stayed up all night to finish his essay. In addition to that he hadn't heard a word the teacher had said during the lecture. Was it him, or was the view from the classroom window becoming more fascinating?

At that moment two raindrops splashed onto the top of his head followed by a sudden downpour. Attempting to dodge under a tree Yuuri slipped, tumbling headfirst into the now slick concrete. Having no moment to comprehend the situation, Yuuri lifted his head, hurt and dizzy, one side of his face scratched mercilessly.

Just then he saw two other students rushing to flee the rain. Attempting to get their attention he moved to stand but plummeted once again to the ground where he was rendered unconscious.




"Weller!" Wolfram yelled, as his brother began to drift off. "You aren't listening."

"I assure you I am, Wolfram. You refuse to meet the suitor because he's not Yuuri, see? I got it." The man's patience was wearing thin after an hour of Wolfram's complaints. "Gwendal won't be happy."

"Why should I care?" Although it seemed shallow, Wolfram's reasoning went far deeper. The thing his brothers didn't understand was that he couldn't…. no, he could never betray his love for Yuuri. It was what made him tick, the thing that pieced everything about him together.

Conrad just sighed, an understanding smile dawning upon his lips as he turned to report Wolfram's answer.

Once the man was gone Wolfram turned to the window, he would not stand for this much longer. Kneeling beside an old trunk in the corner, he pulled it out from behind the curtains…the thing that would end his suffering.

He thought against leaving a note, nobody would understand anyway.




Yuuri woke to the sound of birds chirping. Good, he thought, the rain has stopped. But opening his eyes he found that was not the only thing that had changed. The college building was gone, along with the street and the tree, leaving him only with a foreign field.

"What…," he mumbled, his hand subconsciously rubbing the side of his head, "this can't be…."

But it was.

The King had returned.