I no own characters. I only own the feelings that I have put into Krad. I dedicate this story to the one woman I'll ever love even though she'll never understand how much it kills me not to be able to hold her.

Chapter 1:Anything To See you Smile For Me

Krad's Pov

I loved you and you never knew. At least not until I told you. The look you gave me made my heart break. All you could do was taunt me until I snapped. Love is such a fickle thing. It can break in a instant and burst into a flame of desire the next. Yet you had no idea that I was serious. You had no idea that I really wanted you as my own. The moment I knew that I would never hold you I snapped. I became crazed and wanted you gone. I tried to forget then I tried to find a new.

Now I make myself pretend to love my tamer and want to kill you. Yes kill my dear Dark. If I ever caught you I'd wring your neck and beg you to tell me why. Why couldn't you love me? Why couldn't you have just understood? You always treated me like a game. My feelings a joke. This is how you make a cold heartless bastard. It doesn't take abuse or cold words all it takes is unrequinted love. It stings the skin and extinguishes the flames of passion. It's the crack that forms in your heart and spreads before you finally break.

This is all that's needed to break a person's sanity. Strange how weak a strong person can really can be. To be able to hurt people without blinking only to cry at a few laughs from others. It's amazing and it sickens me. I loved you and you threw me aside as if I didn't matter. Then you tease me just to get a rise out of me. It's amazing how you can break my heart apart and I'll still love you with all the little pieces. Dark. You name describes my surroundings so perfectly.

Cold and empty, dark and dank. These are the surroundings of my heart. Yet your still here. Deep in the isolated silence. Memories of times before this bitter vendetta began. Strange how everything seems so distant and yet so clear in my memory. I can still see you smile at me. Now you smirk. What I wouldn't give for you to smile at me once again. No malice no hatered. Just smile for me once and I'll be happy.

Now we stand here face to face in this world of broken art. Dead trees surround us in this baren wasteland. No Daisuke, no Satoshi. Just you and me and two swords. Your glaring. We're both pretty banged up. It was a hard road up to this point and now is the hardest of all. One of us will be sent to oblivion. Can you really hate me that much. What am I saying of course you can. Look at everything I've done to you. I'm not sure why you haven't already killed me. I would.

Your taunting me again. You can't just let it be can you Dark? "Well Krad. It's just you and me. Soon though it'll be just me. I can't stand the look of your face anymore. I depise you."

Actions speak louder then words but words hurt just as badly. Dark one day maybe you'll understand. "I think not Dark Mousy. I hate you." He's smirking again. I hate that smirk.

"Aww what's wrong Krad. I thought you love'd me. Guess you just proved my point. You are a heartless bastard." I can feel the anger rising in my chest. I can feel the pain of my heart breaking. It's riping itself apart with every word.

"I did love you. I would have given you my life. You had my heart in the palm of your hand and you threw it away. So don't you start with me Dark. Don't talk about things you don't understand!" I drop my sword and lunge at him. He glares at me when we hit the ground. We're rolling trying to get the upper hand. He throws a punch and hit me right in the face. He manages to get me off of him. He grabs his sword as I stand. Pain runs through my body like ice. I look down at the sword that is now impaled in my stomache.

I look up at him. He's glaring. He hates me. "I hope you die." He twists the sword. I take a deep breath and take a step foward the sword pushing futher in. His glares fades. "What are you doing? Stop that." I just look up at him as the sword goes out the other side of my body. The hilt is now pressed against my body. There's blood. Lots of blood. It's falling like the tears on my face. I pulled him close into a hug. "Why did you do that?"

I sigh. "Because Dark. You still hold my heart in the palm of your hand. Even if it is torn into pieces. You want me to die then I'd rather die holding you for a moment. Just a moment." I breath in his scent. Everything's starting to fade. He's sobbing. I can feel him. So warm to the touch. I look at him and touch his face. He looks up at me and throws his arms around my neck. This is the first kiss we've ever shared and it'll be our last. "I ...I...lo.ve..y...o.u" Everything's gone.

Kit: It's short and sad. This story is just AU. I wanted to dedicate it the one I love most. Sierra. I won't give out her last name though. I just want her to know that I love her more then I do my own life. I would gladly give it all up just to see her smile. Review and tell me you hate it or me don't really mind either way.