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Anything To see You Smile For Me

Chapter 2: My love, My heart, My Angel

Your cheek is cold to the touch. The warmth and color gone. I had removed the sword after you fell. Blood had gushed from the wound, but you couldn't feel it. I can still feel the linger of your lips against mine. It feels so distant now.

The fighting, the curses, all pointless. All it took was your death to make me realize this. Now I have nothing left. No taqmer, no enemy, and no heart. I realized a little to late that you were my love, my heart, my soul. My angel could you ever forgive me? I never would have guessed that you had told me the truth.

I thought it was a joke, a cruel joke. Then you got mad at me. I thought it was because I didn't fall for it. You know it was hard for me to trust anyone. I still can't believe your gone. Your blood coats my skin. It seems so strange. I finally got rid of you and now I only want you back.

Years of fighting for what, unrequinted love. I thought you hated me so I forced myself to hate you in return. I never would have guessed how far off I really had been, but when you pushed yourself onto the swrod I knew that I had been wrong.

Now your gone. I know you are. Your lips are turning a light pink. your cheeks paleing with each passing second. My angel what am I to do. I've learned to hate you only to have it all fall back on me. I love you, my angel. My broken angel, Krad.

Was I your only true love? Did I come across your mind everyday? Every minute? Did you ever dream of me? Did I ever say I love you in return? I know it's a little late but, "I love you too." Your body is fading from my side. Why are you leaving me?

Do you really love me at all? If you do then you can't leave me. "Don't leave me. You can't leave me alone like this! I love you! I..lo..ve..yo..u!" I punch the ground and scream at the broken sun that hangs overhead.

The trees around me twisting their branches as if to build a cage around me. I'm trapped here in this broken world. I am a piece of broken art. A painting that was ripped in half only to have the other half forever lost. Tears fall down my cheeks as rain starts to fall onto the baren waste land of tainted art.

Even the rain seems broken. This world has no place for love or light, and I've just lost my love, my life, my angel. I wrap my arms around my body. The blood is starting to wash away. Arms wrap around mine. I turn around to see you smiling at me. That can't be. I killed you.

I watch'd your body fade away. I had your blood on my hands, but the rain washed it away. Did any of it really happen? Am I losing my mind? I look down and see blood coming from a wound in my stomache. Blood's blossoming around the blade. Your hand covers mine as we push the blade in further. Your smiling down at me as my vision blurs.

"Now we can be together again." I smile softly as you kiss my cheek. My body's getting weak. I'm afraid to die, but as long as your there beside me I can face anything, because my angel, I'd do anything to see you smile for me.

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