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Personal assistant.

How personal can you get?

Hinata pushed up her glasses a bit as she tried to blend in with the wall behind her. She had worked as a secretary for the Uchiha co for over a year now. She had only seen the patriarch and his eldest son a few times. Now she had been transferred up a bit, she was going to be Uchiha, Sasuke's personal assistant. Uchiha, Sasuke were the Uchiha's youngest son. He had a reputation of being a real bastard.

Hinata hated when people was looking at her. Actually, if she could, she would spend the rest of her life in a small cabin in the woods where she never met any people at all. She was shy and had no social life at all. Unless you counted for the kitten she had rescued from a dumpster a few weeks ago. The poor little fellow couldn't be more than a few weeks old; she had barely opened her eyes. But with Hinata's help she had regained her health and strength and was on her way to become a real little prankster.

'That's Hinata-chan, think of neko-chan, and just ignore the way Uchiha-sama is looking at you at the moment. After what I heard he doesn't like people much either. So just let him inspect you and you can get on with your duties.' She bit her lip and pushed up the glasses that again had slid down her nose a bit. A nervous habit she couldn't rid herself of.

She saw him rose from his chair and walked towards her with a cat like grace. He was tall, almost a head taller than her. The tremble in her body became more and more vibrant as she dared to look up into his face. His black eyes didn't hold any emotions what so ever but his mouth was quirked in a wicked smirk.


His father had sent a woman to him to serve as a personal assistant. His father had assured him that this woman was hard working and very good at what she did. Sasuke had called her in to his office. He wanted to take a good look at her before making any real decisions. He snorted inwardly. She was probably like the rest of the female race. He could give them one look and they melted before his very eyes. This woman was probably no exception.

He looked at her. She was on the small side. Petite like a dragon fly. He did notice that her hair was shot, a bob cut. That was unusual. All the other women at this floor had long hair. 'A nice change…' he thought as his eyes scanned over her. She was not blessed with huge boobs; her hips looked nice, grab-friendly. She was dressed in a creamy white blouse and a dark blue, long skirt. On her feet was a pair of comfortable shoes, not like the what the others wore. Her pale face was practically covered with a pair of large, round glasses. Glasses that seemed to refuse to stay in place. He watched her push them up several times before he got out of his chair and walked towards her.

She was trembling like a leaf in the wind as he approached her. She was probably infatuated with him already. Stupid females. But he couldn't help but tease them a bit. He wondered how far he could get with this one before she fainted. He saw her tilt up her head and he looked into her eyes. White eyes met black ones. 'She must belong to the Hyuuga-family. But they have money enough to support a small nation, so why does she work here?' he silently asked as he leaned in. He could smell a faint lavender scent. She didn't use strong, nauseating perfumes either. This woman was a mystery to him.

"What is your name?" he asked as he saw her back up against the wall.

"Hinata, sir," she answered quietly.

"Hinata…. So you're going to be my personal assistant?" His voice was low and husky.

She nodded and closed her eyes, hoping he would step away and not invade her personal space so much. Gods, she hated people.

"How personal are you willing to be?"

'She's going to faint anytime now..' Sasuke thought with confidence. His lips brushed over her soft skin and he knew that she was going to fall to the ground.


Hinata was panicking. She hugged the files in her arms tighter. He was too close, too close. And the suggestive tone of his voice… she let out a whimper and when she felt his lips against her cheek she snapped. She screamed and did what her teacher at the academy had taught her to do if she was being molested. She kicked the man between his legs.


The man in front of her groaned in pain and before she knew it, she hit him in the face with the folders, sending him to the floor with a heavy sound. She fiddled with the door and ran out from the office. She didn't care that people was staring at her. All she wanted was to get away from the creep. Her face was flushed as she ran towards her small personal space. She grabbed her coat and ran out of the building as fast as she could.


Pain, the god awful pain was coursing through Sasuke's body. He held his and against the offended part of his body. He was muttering curses under his breath as he tried to will the pain away. This had to be the first time a woman had refused him. 'Damn female!'

Once the pain had subsided somewhat he rose to his feet and stumbled towards his desk and sat down on the chair. He was still cursing the woman who dared to defy him and promised that she would regret it. He only needed the pain to go away.


Hinata sat on her bed with the little cat tucked close to her body. She was still trembling. Her heart was racing and she could feel sweat running down her face. She had run all the way home, refusing to look back. She had been so afraid, she was still afraid. How could she go back to that place after this? She would probably going to get fired for attacking her new boss.

"But why did he do it? I'm not beautiful or anything? So why did he come on to me like that?" she asked with shivering voice. But her only answer was a little mewl from the kitten in her arms. "Neko-chan, I can't go back there. Uchiha-sama will have to get another assistant for his son."

And as soon as she had calmed herself down she grabbed her phone and called the office. Uchiha-sama's assistant transferred her call into his office.

"U-Uchiha-sama, this is Hyuuga, Hinata-san. I'm sorry, b-but I have to leave my position. I can n-no longer work for you," said Hinata. She was stuttering, but her voice was loud and clear.

"Hyuuga-san, what happened?" asked the charismatic man. He had thought that Hinata had been perfect for the job as his youngest son's assistant.

"I don't want to t-tell you, but I just can't go back. P-please, I will come in tomorrow and leave my resignation with your secretary."

"As you wish, Hyuuga-san. But if my son has caused you any trouble, I will deal with it." Uchiha-sama was well aware of Sasuke's behaviour against women, but he had thought he would leave Hinata alone. But obviously, that had not been the case. Ohh, Sasuke-chan was going to hear from his father.

"P-please, I just don't to be of trouble. Just let me quit my job."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Hyuuga-san. You will be covered for your troubles."

The conversation ended and Hinata fell back on the bed. She was crying again. She liked Uchiha-sama, he was a nice man. Firm and charismatic but just. And she was going to miss working for him.


Sasuke got a call from his father's secretary. He was asked to report to Uchiha-sama's office immediately. He didn't like it but he couldn't go against his father's orders.

He adjusted his tie just before he stepped into the Uchiha's grand office. His father looked rather grim and Sasuke couldn't help but swallow a bit harder. This didn't look good at all.

"Sasuke-chan, what did you do to Hyuuga-san?" asked Hiro and his black eyes drilled a hole inside Sasuke's heart.

"Nothing," answered Sasuke. His face didn't reveal the chaos that was still raging inside him. He had been stunned that Hinata had reacted the way she had. She wasn't an ordinary woman. She had not fainted in pure lust when he spoke to her. She had not melted into a puddle of goo when his brushed his lips against her skin. As he waited for the pain to subside he had thought about the white eyed young woman and he had come to one conclusion. She intrigued him. And he found it to be very refreshing.

"Sasuke-chan, don't lie to me. I know your attitude against women. Tell me what you did or I swear to God that I will put you over my lap and give you a stinging spanking."

"I just wanted to test her, Father," said Sasuke after a few moments of silence. He contemplated of what he should tell his father.

"Test her?"

"I wanted to see if she was just like the other women. I hate them, Father. I hate the way they make themselves look like idiots in order to impress me."


"I spoke to her and…"

Sasuke was beginning to feel really stupid. His father had a way to get information out of his son no matter how reluctant Sasuke was.

"And I kissed her cheek…."

Hiro's eyebrows shot up and he looked at his son. Sasuke had kissed Hyuuga-san? He sighed as he recollected himself. The poor girl probably had a heart attack or something. He knew about Hyuuga, Hinata. She had been the heiress to the Hyuuga Corporation, but had declined, leaving her younger sister in line for the throne.

"She called me two hours ago and told me that she will no longer be working with us. She said that she couldn't come back, she gave no reason, but I can imagine that you scared the living daylight out of her. So thanks to your little "test", I have lost one of the most effective secretaries in this building," said Hiro sternly.

Sasuke remained silent.

"When will you learn that there are gems out there that are supposed to be taken cared of, not smashed into tiny, sparkling pieces? And thanks to you, that young woman now has to seek a new job."

"She's a Hyuuga, she have money!" shot Sasuke back.

"No, she came to me asking for a job. She said she wanted to make her own future; she wanted to stand on her own two legs and not live of her family fortune. But you made sure that she will not come back here. You scared her, Sasuke-chan, and you scared her real good. I hope you're happy because I will give you one of your fangirls as a secretary from now on."

Sasuke gulped hard.


"Unless what, Father?" asked Sasuke.

"Unless you can apologise to her and ask for her forgiveness. Perhaps she might come back?"

Sasuke nodded. He knew that if he didn't do this, his father was going to make sure that Sasuke's life became really, really miserable.

"Is that all, Father?"

"Yes, you can leave. Ask Temari-san to give you Hyuuga-san's address," said Hiro and waved off his son. Inwardly he was smirking. He had long been worried about his son's disinterest to really find a woman to settle down with. Sasuke was twenty five years old now and all he ever had was quick relationships that hardly lasted a month. Perhaps he could find an anchor in Hinata?

Sasuke nodded again and turned around to leave when his father spoke up again.

"Sasuke-chan, you walk funny? Are you in some sort of pain?"

A growl answered his father's question. Hiro chuckled and mumbled something about a very shy woman that could handle herself.

Sasuke face turned crimson red and he stormed out of his father's office. The humiliation was just too much for him.

Hiro began to laugh loudly when his son slammed the door behind him as he left. 'Sasuke-chan, I'm sure that you're done for this time.' He had tried to find a special girl for his son but had failed every single time. He had bet pretty high this time, hoping that Hyuuga-san would be the one to take on his son's grumpy attitude.

'Forgive me, Hinata-san…. I know that you will think badly of me because of this… But I want you to be the one that catches my son. He needs a pure and clever woman and you are just that.'


Hinata sat at her low table and tried to force some food down her throat. She had no apatite but she needed to get some form of nutrients into her system. Her little Neko-chan was sitting next to her new mistress and she looked at her with large blue eyes.

"Neko-chan, I'm sorry, I forgot about you," said Hinata softly and rose to her feet to give her kitten some mother's milk formula. She warmed the milk a bit and filled a small bottle with it. She put on the rubber nipple and picked up her kitten and placed her in her arms.

The small cat, now used to the bottle-feeding began to suckle the rubber nipple with eagerness. Hinata smiled and relaxed. This little creature was something that brought light into her otherwise rather dull way of life. She heard a light knock on her door and thinking it was the land-lord, she said Come In.


Sasuke had found the place where Hinata lived. It was not a fancy quarter as he first had thought. No, it was almost in an area where you should not live if you were a young woman. His nose cringed as he smelled all kinds of disgusting odours. 'Does she really live in this house?' he thought and looked at the note he gotten from his father's whirlwind of a secretary.

He knocked on the door that had number 8 on it and waited for an answer and he got it. He heard her soft voice call him inside and he opened the door. He didn't like the fact that she had not locked her door. Anyone could come inside and do all sorts of things to her. He felt his heart flutter when he imagine how she would look when… beaten and raped… The image really disturbed him and unconsciously he promised he would do anything to make her move to a better area and he would surely make sure that she locked her door.

"Hyuuga-san?" Sasuke called out.


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