Shortie... real shortie...


Hinata felt someone grab her arm and turn her around and she was faced with Sasuke's raging face. She couldn't help but feel her heart leap up into her throat and she gulped trying to swallow it back down in place again.

"Hey!!" A voice cut in.

"Disappear," Sasuke growled darkly as he pulled Hinata closer to himself.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" the young man asked as he gently tried to pry the woman from this raging beast.

"Who I am is no business of yours," Sasuke let out a snarl as he with a few quick movements freed Hinata from the other man's hold. He got his arms around her upper body as he pressed her back against his chest.

Hinata could see Naruto move into a fighting position and she got nervous. She really didn't want anyone to fight over anything.

"P-Please stop… b-both of you," she stuttered as she held out her hands, keeping the man from jumping at each others throats.

"Hinata, do you know this guy?" Naruto asked without taking his blazing blue eyes of the black haired devil that had robbed him of a dance with this cute little girl.

Hinata, whose face had turned from ghostly white to a delicious red colour at the moment, nodded and put a hand on the hand that was placed on her stomach at the moment.

But Naruto didn't settle for a nod only.

"Hinata, if he is a bother just tell me!" he ordered.

"N-Naruto… t-this is Sasuke…. Sasuke… meet Naruto. Naruto h-helped me w-when I was lost." Hinata really tried to smooth over the shackles.

The message between the two men was clear. It didn't need words at all, just short nods.

Sasuke: Hands off, she's my lady.

Naruto: Take care of her, she's one in the million.

Sasuke: I know.

"Hinata, I buy you a mineral water next time we meet," Naruto said with a goofy smile.

"T-thank you Naruto-san," Hinata answered.

"Sasuke, you bastard, keep her safe ya hear?"

Sasuke just nodded.

"Until next time," and with that Naruto danced his way away from them.

It wasn't long until he was swallowed up by the dancing crowd in the club.

Sasuke let himself take a small breath of relief before turning the woman in his arms around to make her look at him. And he got a real look at her.

'Dance with her…' Gaara's words echoed in his mind as Sasuke let his eyes roam over the petite body in front of him.

'Dance with her? Fuck no… not in this dress,' his first thought was.

But then he could feel her small hands on his arms and he grunted in response and gently led her through the massive walls of people until he could find a spot where he could dance with this little night fairy without having three pairs of elbows in his back.

Sasuke held her at arms length as he bowed.

"Hinata-san… may I have this dance with you?" Sasuke asked and held out his right hand.

Hinata laughed softly at his old fashion manners but she nodded and placed her left hand in his right one.

And of course there was a slow song, gently without any words at all, pushing them both together.

Or rather, Sasuke took the opportunity and put his left arm around her waist and pulled her against his body as he still held her hand with his right one.

Hinata was at first very stiff as the young Uchiha moved them over a small piece of dance-floor, but as the song moved along she relaxed and she soon had her head resting against his shoulder, letting him guide her through the slow dance.

'Feels good, doesn't it?' her inner voice said as she relaxed. 'He's the one for you and you know it… and he likes you too… this you know well by now…'

Purple shades suddenly appeared on her face as she realized what her inner voice was talking about.

Sasuke – choked sounds – bathroom – "a milky substance" as he screamed her name…

The knowledge that he desired her…

'Gods… I d-don't think I can… Oh dear gods…' she rambled inside her head as she felt him press her body even closer to his as the people around the crowded their little dance-space.

But Sasuke could feel her distress and he moved them both to a dark corner and he used a finger to tilt up her face to make her look into his eyes.

"Hinata, I would never touch you unless you want me to," he said to the distressed young woman. "I would never force my self on you. If you just want to be my friend I will be happy to accept that, but never fear me… please…"

Another flush of colours crossed Hinata's face at these words.

Gods, she really felt bad now.

"But…" Sasuke began as his finger moved over her lips… "But if you ever want me… I'll be here for you too…"

A leg was pushed between Hinata's leg making her choke on her breath.

He would be there for her alright!


Still... a voice or two would be nice.