Your forgiveness has come

Hi people! So I'm writing my first FFVII fanfic. It's kinda strange… because my fave pairing is Cloud x Tifa… o.o But well, I love them too . Enjoy!

This fic is kinda philosophical, or something like that. I just don't know how to describe it o

I almost forgot, none of the charas belong to me. xD

"… there is a revolution going on out there… is this… what was supposed to happen… ?"

A dark silhouette was projecting from the rest of the dark atmosphere. Cloud and everyone else were looking outside, at the wonderful Lifestream helping to stop Meteor's fall. Everything was dark inside the Highwind, but there was some green glow bordering the dark silhouettes of machines, controls, and also Vincent.

He went out, without thinking of how dangerous it could be. While he was moving, Cloud looked at him, first worried, but then relieved. He was Vincent. Nothing would happen. The blue-eyed mercenary smiled innocently.

Vincent stood against the wall, next to the door for long minutes. His red eyes scanned the whole scenery. It didn't look surprising or catching for a cold person like him. He felt like nothing bad would happen.

"Woooow I don't feel airsick if I look at this!"

Vincent turned right to find a cheerful girl making lots of comments. He looked carefully at her for a while. For some reason, she was in the right place. Her mood, feelings, attitude or just she fitted the bright scenery perfectly… like she had come out from there. He stayed there thinking, without saying a word; perhaps she was more interesting than that big event below the airship.

"Hey, have you ever felt airsick? Hey! Are you listening to me! Hey!"

Vincent didn't pay attention to Yuffie's shouting and he just kept on looking at the nothing and being in his memories. She just couldn't accept it, he had to hear her. So she took his long bangs and started to pull them…

"Heeey Earth to Vincent are you here?"

Vincent was talking to Lucrecia when he felt falling… and he found himself stood in an airship in the middle of a strange phenomenon with a weird adolescent pulling his bangs. He was quite surprised, and looked at Yuffie with a deadly look in his eyes. Yuffie got a bit scared.

"… do you want something?"

"Finally! Where were you? In the other world?" Yuffie forgot her fear. This man's voice could drive her crazy.

"… in a dark room with many books and experiments" Vincent said really quickly, like he wanted to stop the conversation. "I was talking with a scientist."

"You're sure a strange man! But now you're here, on the Highwind, and Yuffie Kisaragi is talking to you!" She put a sad face and put her hands out Vincent's bangs. "You're always in other place, why don't you live the present?"

He was surprised. Apart from Lucrecia, nobody had talked to him in that way. But there was something else. In the few weeks he had spent with his new party, he had never seen her like this. Yuffie was almost crying. He could do nothing but looking at her again. He wanted her to look at him, but she seemed too sad.

"It's funny…" Yuffie suddenly added. "I want to bring Wutai back to old times… and I'm saying this… perhaps you prefer living in your past because you were happier than now… but I can't do it, because…" Vincent put his right hand on Yuffie's mouth, and he achieved what he wanted: she looked at him.

"Shut up."

Yuffie glared at him with sad eyes. She didn't understand what was happening. This man Vincent was so cold… she was almost crying and he just told her to shut up? And she had tried to be friendly to him… The ninja continued looking at Vincent, or should I say, at his red eyes, as if she was trying to find any comfort there.

They stay like that for some long minutes. They didn't say nothing, either move, or think. Yuffie and Vincent even didn't realize what they were doing, until…

"So you could find it, at last?"

Vincent suddenly blinked. His eyes widened, he looked at the sky, then at Yuffie. What was he doing? His hand was on that girl's mouth, and she was crying. He left it and walked a few steps back. Vincent was shivering, he couldn't control his own body.

"… are you OK… ?" Finally Yuffie could talk. But her voice still sounded weak. "… are you OK… ?" She repeated.

Vincent tried to calm himself. "What am I doing? That voice was…" He didn't realize but started talking to himself. "What are you trying to say? What did I find?"

"HEY YOU! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?" The ninja shouted as if it was her last speech in life.

"… so you're back to normal. Good." Vincent went back to reality and felt relieved. That girl would stop crying now.

"So can I start taking again?" Yuffie smiled. "Have you ever felt airsick?"

"No, I haven't. I like flying, actually." Vincent looked up at the sky. "When I'm on the ground, I fall into my darkness more easily."

"Your darkness? Well, you sure look like an obscure one but…" Yuffie started thinking a little bit. She was sure she heard something like it before. Then she remembered. "I know! I remember when Cloud went mad there in the Northern Cave, somebody said something about his darkness… err… I can't remember it very clearly…"

"I said that." Vincent closed his eyes and leaned against the wall again. "Every one has his/her own darkness."

"Me too?" Yuffie was getting interested in Vincent's talking. Her face showed the biggest innocence in world.

"You remember when you talked about Wutai? That's your darkness." Vincent liked explaining those things to Lucrecia; she was as innocent as Yuffie, before the experiment and giving birth to Sephiroth.

"So that's my 'darkness'?

"Finally, Vincent… your forgiveness has come."

"But what are you talking about!" Vincent shouted, again without noticing Yuffie was there. But then he realized. "… I was talking to myself. What did you say?"

"To yourself? Sure? You don't have an inner voice, or something?" Yuffie tried to help him, as he seemed hopeless.

"Inner voice, you mean a consciousness' voice? No, I don't. It's… I don't know…" Vincent started to get depressed. "I don't know… it's torturing me…"

"I know. Sometimes I hear all those voices from dear people of Wutai who died in war. They ask me to get Wutai back to the old times." Yuffie added. "It's kinda normal. Perhaps you are hearing to someone dead or something." Vincent only seemed more confused than before, and Yuffie got desperate. "Er, um, just close your eyes and put your mind blank."

"Ready." How strange, Yuffie thought. It had been too fast…

"Well, now try to hear that voice again." Yuffie sounded calm and cold, just as him.

"Sounds different. She just sounds different. That way of talking… it's the same as…"

"Finally, you found out who I am…? I'm glad. This will be my last speech, so please pay attention. I have been here because I couldn't let you as you were, and I couldn't let my son either. But I think that finally I can finish with all of this. Your forgiveness has come, Vincent. Now you can forget all of this. Please, forget me, forget me. You won't be able to continue living if you go on as now. Now fate has forgiven you, your heart will be filled with warmth and peace again. I'm leaving now, and please… please forgive me, I hurt you so much…"

"Shut up." Vincent said loud, opening his eyes and looking at Yuffie. She had a cold expression, and it just didn't fit her at all. "Could you please make me a favor…?"

"Eh? What…?"


END OF CHAP 1! This was supposed to be a one-shot, but I can't write short fics o OK, OK. I realized that there are lots of poetical and philosophical weird stuff I want to include, so I'll take my time o Please review! I really need it!