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"…please, I need you."

Yuffie's mind went blank when she heard it. Vincent was… "What… did you say…?"

"I need your help, Yuffie. I need a soul like yours next to me. Please be with me."

But then she went back to reality. What was she thinking? Vincent Valentine didn't love even himself! She was too fool to imagine… what was she imagining?

"What… what do you want…? I'm necessary… for what…?" Yuffie went closer to him. "I'm… just an object for you…?" Then she looked at him. Vincent seemed sad. "Answer!" Yuffie was going hysterical. "What do I mean for you!"

Without saying a word, in a second, Vincent put his arms on Yuffie's back and pushed her on his body. It was a bit brusque, but Yuffie didn't feel any pain. Her mind went blank again, as she felt Vincent's strong arms around her.

Suddenly there was a big explosion under the Highwind, and the ship started bouncing. Some screams came from inside the ship. Everyone was frightened. But Yuffie didn't feel it. She didn't even realize that the ship was bouncing. In Vincent's arms… she felt inside the nothing-ness. It was heaven.

"Your body is so warm…" Vincent spoke slowly, looking at the green glow outside. "Why…? Why are you so warm…?" He embraced Yuffie more tightly, like if it helped to know the answer for his question. "Let me know, please… please stay quiet…" Vincent said as he placed his cold fingers on Yuffie's soft bare skin on her back.

In a common situation, she would just hit him and call him a pervert, but Yuffie didn't feel like it. On the contrary, the ninja tried to get her arms out of Vincent's embrace, and surprisingly enough, he let her do it. "What will you do now…?" He asked, his voice sounding soft this time.

Yuffie didn't say anything; she just put her hands on Vincent's chest. "It feels so good…" The ninja had recovered her voice. "I'd like to know why, but… I think I'll never know" she said as she raised her head and looked into Vincent's deep red eyes "… and I don't care, either."

Vincent glanced at her mouth. Yuffie's lips looked so soft, bright, and tasteful… "If you feel so warm… will you taste fine too…?" Then he started remembering…

It was a tranquil night in Midgar. Hojo, Gast, Lucrecia and Vincent were sleeping after being working all day in an experiment. Suddenly, Vincent's eyes opened wide, and he got up. Lucrecia was next to him, in a deep sleep. The moonlight, which was entering the room through the large windows, was touching her angelical face. Her lips looked so soft… Vincent closed his eyes and leaned down then kissed her sweetly. She was so tasteful…

Vincent went back to reality, and opened his eyes. He tasted something delicious, but it wasn't Lucrecia. It was Yuffie, who had closed her eyes and was slightly blushed.

Vincent was confused, and broke the kiss in a sudden. He was shivering, what had he done…? Yuffie slowly opened her eyes, and looked at him, lust was covering her eyes.

"I am sorry… I didn't mean to…" was all Vincent could say. Yuffie seemed to know his thoughts. "What? Ya thought I was someone else…? Perhaps… the voice in your mind…?"

There was a long silence. "… yes… but… but…" Vincent just couldn't explain what was happening. "You don't need to say nothing, baka" Yuffie said as she pulled his bangs (and head) down again and kissed him deeply. Vincent couldn't do anything. He was caught. His will just lead him to put his hands on her waist and push her against his body again. He wanted to feel that warmth again, as he tasted those delicious lips once more. But it wasn't good. He doesn't feel good…

"Uh…?" Yuffie tried to complain as Vincent broke the kiss again, but stayed still when he moved his head and whispered into her right ear. "Take yours hands out there. You don't know how much it hurts." Yuffie blushed even more and freed Vincent's bangs, then put them on his cheeks. "Like this…?" Yuffie sounded like a playful child.

"Yes. You got it." He said as he smirked at her, turning her in 180° and pushing her against the wall. "When we finish with this, that strange event will be finished."

And he pushed his lips on Yuffie's, tasting more and more his warm possession. But he needed more, so he started moving his hands, delineating Yuffie's body. The ninja just let her lose in that man's enjoyable touch, as both of them opened their mouth deeper and Yuffie started exploring Vincent's mouth in pleasure.

He leaned back, with his eyes fixed on hers. She just did the same. "You are warm. You are delicious. You are soft. I love you, Yuffie."

She pushed him on her body, and before continuing delighting Vincent, she whispered "Me too. I want to be with you forever, Vincent. I love you."

There was an almost transparent figure sitting on Highwind's roof. It was a woman.

"Finally I am done here. I can go meet my son. Please take care of him. Vincent, your forgiveness has come." And then she disappeared, as the ship stopped bouncing and the two lovers went on tasting each other with burning passion.


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