Disclaimer: The drabbles are mine, the idea isn't. If you can't figure it out from the summary, the challenge was up on Ars Amatoria. Oh, and I don't own the Power Rangers.

Author's Note: Okay, a couple of things here. One, these 40 stories take place through the course of one day. Not sure why myself, they just do. Two, I normally don't write in first person or the present tense, so if something seems a little off, please tell me so I can figure out where I messed up. Three, in these drabbles, Andros and Ashley are about 27 years older than I am, so I'm fairly certain that I got some more stuff wrong here. Four, this is basically random fluffy, so enjoy!


When I was alone, it seemed to pass slowly. Each second that ticked by was an eternity. I can't remember how many eternities passed while I waited, so cold and so numb. I waited for my friend to awaken, my home to rebuild, my sister to be found. I can't remember much from those years, actually. As slowly as time passed, when it finally began to move again, I wasn't left with much to show for those years. All that I was left with to remember those long years was the overwhelming sense of lonliness.

Then she was there, and time never seemed to slow down. She never slowed down, either, and for the longest time, that alone never failed to scare me. I was so certain that I'd lose her somehow, and all I knew was that I couldn't bear that silence again, not after she'd taught me to laugh again.

She laughed a lot. She smiled a lot, too, and somehow, that's all it took for my heart to demand to laugh and smile, too. Again, I was afraid, but when I think about it now, it wouldn't surprise me if she knew that all along. Time after time, she was always there when I needed her, constantly reminding me that I wasn't alone any longer. As long as she was around, I knew I never would be.

I'm still not alone. She stirs in my arms, and I can't help but smile. After all these years, she's still here, keeping me as safe as I keep her.

"Morning," she whispers into my chest, stretching lazily. She rolls onto her back and her fingers reach up to toy with the ends of my hair. It's still very early, but I can see her smile even in the near blackness of our room.

"Morning," I whisper back, leaning down to kiss her mouth. Her arms are around my neck before I realize it, and there's nothing I can do but hug her back and hold her like I wasn't meant to do anything else. Maybe I wasn't.

"Andros," she murmurs, nuzzling against me. "I love you."

"I love you too, Ash," I say softly, hugging her hard. We've said those words to each other thousands of times now, but she still smiles everytime I say them. Time hasn't dulled the sense of wonder I feel everytime I hear them, either.

"Happy anniversary," I add a moment later, remembering what day it was.

"Took you long enough," she teases, smiling. "I thought you'd forgotten."

"Never," I retort, giving her a quick kiss. "I just can't believe how long it's been."

"Neither can I," she admits, her big brown eyes sparkling up at me. "It doesn't seem like twenty-five years, does it?"

"No," I say with a shake of my head, and it doesn't. Time hasn't stopped in years. "Sometimes it seems like I only met you yesterday."

"Funny," she says softly. "I was just thinking that."

She smiles and tilts her head up to me, and there's nothing else to do but kiss her. She kisses me back, and I smile against her lips, knowing that there's nothing that can keep me from loving her until the end of time.