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Draco's POV

Warm and Cold,

Light and Dark,

Good and Evil,

Pure and Tainted,

Gryffindor…and Slytherin.

There were so many things, clichés really, that were, and are against it.

And those listed above, they're only in Hogwarts…just wait for the real world…

So many things were against me loving him, my parents…no wait forget them, his godfather, his friends…I would say my friends, but hell, I have no friends. Well, there is Blaise, but he already knows, and if he cares…he sure hasn't said anything…not that he would.

Finished with my moping I stood, I had my own dorms, Father had demanded it; it's probably saved my life…

Blaise was a frequent resident on my couch, due to his recent revelation. He proclaimed his loyalty to the light, and refused the Mark. He says he was inspired by me, as I did the same only a day earlier. Hell the day I inspire is the day pigs fly. I looked out the window to see Goyle fly by on a broom.


So now? You may ask…well, now, Blaise and I are a two wolf-pack. That's it. Just us.

Harry Potter the golden boy, and his wonderful little friends have no clue as to our recent joining of the Light, it seems they are oblivious to it.

I sighed and turned from the window, it was time for dinner. And a Malfoy must never be late…I guess some bad habits never change…

Strolling into the Great Hall, I noticed that I wasn't late, that I was fairly early…oh well.

I sat at the end of the Slytherin table; few Slytherins were there…they liked to be late…I guess they thought it was rebellious…but as usual, all the Ravenclaws were. I sighed and put a few things on my plate…though I knew I'd just end up staring at it. Blaise sat down next to me with a sigh.

"How's it going Dray?" he asked quietly, scanning the room. I shrugged, not really trusting myself to speak. He seemed to sense this, because he turned to me with a concerned look in his eyes. I shrugged again; he followed my gaze and sighed when his eyes landed on none other than Harry Potter.

The object of my affections was chatting animatedly with his friends, Weasley and Granger. Weasley noticed us staring and glared, before poking Harry in the ribs and muttering something to him. Harry nodded and all three of the golden trio turned and glared at us…well Weasley at least. Harry's was more of a confused and curious glance, while Granger's was a knowing stare.

My breath hitched, did she know? No, she couldn't know, she couldn't possibly.

Blaise sighed again next to me and started eating.

"You know Dray; we should be outta here before the death-eaters in training come." He said quietly, the few Slytherins that were at the table glared at him; I nodded and went back to staring at my food.


Harry's POV

"No Ronald, the Sortuem charm does not improve your I.Q." Hermione said with exasperation in her voice

"Too bad…he could've used it." I muttered, it seems that only Hermione heard me…or Ron was too engrossed in his roast chicken to process it. She laughed and shook her head

"Right you are Harry."

"Mmphe mmpphmnms?" Ron asked, Hermione sighed

"Ronald! Don't talk with your mouth full!" She scolded; Ron gave her an innocent look before swallowing

"I said, what's Harry right about?" He asked eagerly, not wanting to be left out on the joke, Hermione laughed again

"He said, Malfoy could've used it." She lied, before taking a sip of her iced tea; Ron nodded and looked over at Malfoy. I lost interest and went back to my mashed potatoes…that was until I felt a sharp pain in my ribs.

"Ouch Ron, what was that for?" I asked, rubbing the place he had poked. But Ron paid no attention, he was looking at Malfoy

"The bloody ferret and his sidekick are staring at us." He muttered so that only Hermione and I could hear him. I nodded, noticing in fact that Malfoy and Zabini were indeed staring. Malfoy's was confusing…it seemed almost longing…Zabini's on the other hand was weary and slightly angry.

"Do you suppose they're plannin' somethin'?" Ron asked, I shrugged slightly

"Maybe…" I said unsurely, looking at the two, Hermione glanced at them and shook her head; she turned back to us with a determined gaze.

"No, I don't think so." She said firmly, Ron looked at her

"What makes you so sure?" he asked in curiosity, Hermione gave him a look

"Women's intuition." She retorted sarcastically "Now boys if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the library."

"There's a big surprise…" Ron muttered, I snorted into my drink and Hermione glared at us before leaving the Great Hall.


Hermione's POV

Something didn't seem right with Malfoy, and I intended to figure out what was wrong…now that I mention it, Zabini had been acting strangely too. I stopped outside the Great Hall doors and waited, this was just one weird thing I had noticed, Malfoy and his friend always left at exactly 6:15, which is the approximate time the other Slytherins arrive. They seemed to be outcasts in their own house. It was a recent development, the Slytherin Ice Prince and his noble best friend, suddenly became the Slytherin reject and his dirt bag friend. I sighed and shook my head, Malfoy had also become more secluded, he never picked fights, talked to teachers, or threw snide comments; in fact…he only spoke to Professor Snape and Zabini. His once tidy hair was unkempt, his skin paler than usual, he had bags under his eyes and in place of his usual sneer, was a broken and unsure look. He rarely ate…he rarely met anyone's gaze…and his malicious demeanor seemed to have disappeared completely. And I admit, I was worried. I was worried about Draco bloody Malfoy, the sworn enemy of my best friends, the same Malfoy that insulted, ridiculed, and pestered Harry. Teased, mocked, and taunted Ron. The same Malfoy…that called me a mudblood so many times.

This isn't the same Malfoy. I reminded myself as the doors of the great hall opened and none other than Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini walked through, passing by a group of six Slytherins that sneered and pulled their wands, I backed away…not wanting to become a target.

"Hey, look what we found. The traitor and the traitor." Pansy Parkinson said in an innocent voice, the others around her snickered. Blaise and Draco looked unaffected.

I was shocked to say the least; had they betrayed the Dark side?

"Creative, pug." Blaise insulted dryly, Parkinson glared. I had to stifle a laugh

"How dare you! How dare you insult me you Blood traitor!" She screeched.

"At least he's not an unattractive slut, who bows down at the first…thing that comes along." Draco said quietly, everyone seemed startled he had spoken…and then realized what he said. Parkinson and Millicent Bullstrode backed up slightly as the four boys of the group strode forward angrily…seeming to forget they were wizards and intended to use more barbaric measures. The boys broke off in pairs and ganged up on Blaise and Draco. I heard somebody's nose break and cringed…then I remembered something…looking down at my shining Head girl badge…I realized that I was supposed to be preventing this.

I stepped out of the shadows and cleared my throat loudly, the beating stopped and they stared at me. I was happy to find that my Gryffindor brave streak revealed itself.

"20 points from Slytherin and a month's detention with Filch." I said, my voice unwavering, they seemed pretty ok...until... "Each." That.

"What! Do you think you can do anything you want mudblood, just because you're Head girl? Or is it the fact that you're the golden boy's little girlfriend?" Parkinson sniped; I glared at here and noticed that Harry and Ron had arrived at the scene

"I wasn't aware of that Parkinson; maybe you should keep track of my life for me. Now leave before I change it to 50 points each." I threatened coolly, the guys let go of Blaise and Draco

"That was a present from the Dark Lord, you blood traitors! And Mudblood, you better watch your back!" Pansy shouted as they all left for the Great hall, I turned to the Slytherin boys. Blaise seemed ok, but I could tell he would have a black eye in the morning…Draco on the other hand…seemed to get an even worse beating. He was sitting on the floor where the thugs dropped him; desperately trying to stop the free flowing blood…it seems it was his nose I heard break. I walked over to him quickly and gently removed his hand, I pulled out my wand and I saw a flicker of fear pass through his eyes.

"Don't worry Draco; I'm only going to mend it." I said quietly as I place the tip at the bridge of his nose

"Levos Enterum" I muttered quickly and the blood stopped, Blaise helped him up and shot me a grateful look. Ron walked over and pulled on my elbow.

"Come on 'Mione, you healed the bloody git now lets go." He commanded, I heard him mumble something about how I should have just let the other kids kill the ferret. Apparently Draco heard it too, because I saw his eyes ice over slightly. I pulled my elbow away from Ron

"No Ronald, I would like to have a discussion with Draco and Blaise." I said shortly, not really leaving room for argument, Ron looked surprised at my name choices…as did the others, he gave me a bemused look and shrugged

"Fine, talk to the bloody ferret, see you later." He said, strolling away with Harry, a confused expression still plastered on his face.

Blaise looked at me after making sure Draco was ok

"You wanted to talk, talk." He said, I could tell he was guarding his emotions…I contemplated what to say.

"Did you really join the Light?" I asked quietly, Blaise gave me an unbelieving look

"Like you didn't know." He said, starting towards Gryffindor tower, Draco gave me a thoughtful look

"No, I didn't." I said indignantly, Blaise stopped and slowly turned

"Really?" He asked quietly


"Why do you care now?" A different voice asked, I turned to Draco, who was looking at me with big eyes…much unlike his former Malfoy counterpart. I sighed

"I don't really, I was just wondering. The real thing I wanted to ask you was what's wrong…I noticed you haven't been eating and your appearance implies you having been sleeping…truthfully I was worri--." I rambled; Blaise gave me an amused look while Draco looked at me surprised

"You were worried about me?" He asked in a small voice, I nodded slightly

"But now I know what's wrong…" I mused; Blaise smirked slyly, walking towards us

"Well, you see that's not the only thing that wrong with little draykinns here. He is also desperately and hopelessly in love with mppmh mhhner." Blaise stated, Draco clasped a hand over his mouth and gave him a dangerous look, Draco released him and glared "Meh…I think you should tell her…she could help." Blaise stated, Draco sighed

"Fine. But not here, follow me Granger." He commanded softly, I smiled

"Call me Hermione." I asked, Blaise scoffed and started up the stairs, while Draco gave me a small smile and nodded

"Hermione." Draco tried. I followed the pair to their private dorms, which I was shocked to find, was actually right across from the Fat Lady. Harry and Ron were fighting with her when we approached…it seems they both had forgotten the password.

"Oh for Pete's sake! You can't just let us in? I mean we've been going here for seven bloody years." Ron whined, I turned to Draco and smiled

"Excuse me for a second." I said hurriedly, he followed my gaze and nodded. I rushed over to the two boys, Ron saw who I was with and shook his head.

"Still with the ferret eh?" He asked, I sighed

"His name is Draco, Ronald." I reprimanded, Ron looked outraged, but I ignored him and turned to the portrait, which smiled down at me

"Ah, Ms. Granger! It's so lovely to have civilized company." She chirped, sending a glare at Ron, Harry sniggered and Ron glowered at him

"Yes it is, but I'm afraid I cannot chat now, the password is Noble one." I stated, the Fat lady smiled and nodded

"Ah, a rain check then!" She exclaimed before opening, Ron still looked ready to explode…

"Hermione are you coming?" Blaise called, Draco seemed to be already inside their dorm

"Yes Blaise, I'll be there in a minute." I replied, looking Harry straight in the eye, I don't know how I knew, but I just knew this had something to do with him.

"Blaise? Hermione? DRACO! Hermione have you gone absolutely MENTAL!" Ron bellowed, I stared at him a moment, before turning to Harry, who looked strangely calm.

"We'll talk about this later Ronald." I said shortly, before walking towards Blaise who had a ghost of a smirk. Harry dragged Ron into the common room before he made a scene.

Blaise nodded at me and turned to the portrait, it was of a witch and two young children…who I didn't distinctly know…Blaise sensing my confusion smiled

"Hogwart's resident know-it-all…doesn't know it all?" He asked in mock surprise, I gave him a look and he gave me an innocent face…and I could help it…I smiled.

"So then who are these people that ruined my precious reputation?" I asked wryly, Blaise's smile turned from amused to proud

"Well, the witch is my mother, Averina Zabini, the blonde child is Dray, and the stunningly handsome one is me." He said airily, I laughed as he looked at the portrait fondly. Averina was a beautiful woman; she had a milky white, flawless complexion. Silky midnight curls that framed her face, intelligent hazel eyes and rose red lips…Blaise took after her greatly. Draco was laughing at her feet, at something that the younger Blaise had said.

"You guys really are like brothers…aren't you?" I asked, gazing at the boys, Blaise looked at me, he smiled softly and nodded, before whispering the password

"Fuego de la oscuridad."

"Fire of the darkness?" I asked. He nodded silently and entered the portrait hole; I followed him without saying another word.


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