Summary: Piper is wondering why Chris is avoiding her so she and her sisters cast a spell which sends them and Leo into Chris's memories and secrets that he's kept inside for so long.

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A/N Okay first chappie of the story is finished! Yipee! This took me so long to write because of school etc etc...Okay just to clear a few things up Hyde Schol Reunion never happened in the sense that Chris is still avoiding Piper and they don't know why. Spin City didn't happen either but Leo knows that Chris is his son and that he hates him because he was never there for him. Okay just clearing that up to avoid any confusion so now on with the story!

Chris sat watching the traffic rush by underneath him from his spot upon the Golden Gate Bridge. He remembered Leo telling him once that it was a great place to come to and think. Chris guessed he was right. He had so much to think about that he thought his head was going to burst. For one thing they were still nowhere near to finding out who turned Wyatt and now Piper was pregnant again. With him. The thought was so ubsurd. Here he was in the past fully grown at 22 years old and his mom had a mini version of him growing in her stomach. Every since Piper had found out she was pregnant with Chris he had been trying his best to avoid her. It wasn't because of something she had done, it was just that he couldn't stand the thought of getting close to her and losing her again.

Chris closed his eyes and felt spots of rain fall onto his face. He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. It was well into December and the days were getting cold and colder. He opened his eyes. He liked been able to think up here but a lot of the time when he sat there thinking he started remembering. Remembering all the bad things in his life. Chris grimaced and shook his head. This wasn't a time for self-pity. He had to focus on saving Wyatt. Chris took one last look at the rushing traffic and orbed out.

Piper sighed as she watched Wyatt smear his breakfast all over his face and his baby-chair table. She eased herself out of her chair and picked up a cloth out of the sink. As she turned around to wipe Wyatt's face, she felt a kick in her stomach. She placed her spare hand over the growing bump. She gave a sad smile as she thought of Chris. He had been avoiding her for the past two weeks. She wondered what she had done in the future that had made him hate her so. Wyatt gave a loud gurgle of laughter and she was snapped out of her thoughts. She quickly wiped his face and lifted him out the baby chair. She put him in his playpen and switched on the television. Sitting down on the sofa she flicked through the channels. She heard the front door bang open and Paige's voice came called through the house.


"IN THE LIVING ROOM!" Piper called.

Paige stumbled in, laden down with carrier bags full of groceries.

"Hi! The supermarket was a nightmare! Everyone's panic shopping for Christmas!" she gasped out of breath.

"I thought you were at your temp job today" said Piper.

"Well I went there, spent half an hour trying to find a parking space, battled through the hordes of shoppers to find that the shop was closed!" Paige sank dejectedly beside Piper.

"Oh honey you'll get another job!" Piper smiled encouragingly rubbing Paige's shoulder.

"Maybe. I guess I'm just sick and tired of having different jobs all the time. I t would be nice just to get a proper job and settle down. I'm always feeling so drained nowadays." Paige yawned, proving her point. She stood up and went through to the kitchen to put the groceries away. Piper got up to go help.

"Um you haven't seen Chris lately have you?" she asked trying to sound casual as she put milk into the fridge.

Paige eyed her curiously.

"No why?"

"Just wondering" said Piper avoiding Paige's gaze.


Piper lifted her head to look at Paige who raised her eyebrows. She sighed.

"It's just…he's avoiding me. And I can't keep thinking that it's something I did or something I'm going to do even" said Piper

"Maybe he just feels weird because you know that he's your son now. You're a brilliant mom Piper! There is no way it is anything that you've done….or are going to do! God I hate time travel!" said Paige wrapping her arms around her older sister.

"Mmmm…. I don't think it's that. I'm convinced it's got to do with something in the future. I just wish I could find out what!" exclaimed Piper.

Paige's brow burrowed in thought.

"Well maybe you can find out!"

Piper pulled away from her.

"What do you mean?"

Paige gave a big smile, grabbed Pipers hand and orbed them both to the attic.

"Cast a spell!" she exclaimed once they had reformed.

"What! I can't cast a spell! Personal gain!"

"Well not really because if you cast the spell and find out what you do wrong then you'll be able to understand better and then have a talk to Chris about it who will then feel much better because he doesn't have to keep it to himself!" Paige said quickly in one breath. "So you're really helping Chris, not yourself!"

Piper couldn't help but laugh at Paige. She had looked so funny trying to explain it so quickly. Then she stopped laughing.

"Do you mean like a truth spell?" Piper's stomach sunk at the thought. She didn't want to go through that again.

"No! Don't worry, from what you and Phoebe have told me that could be disastrous! No, we'll make up our own spell but we'll probably need the power of the three" said Paige.

Piper bit her lip and thought about it. On one hand she knew that it was wrong to go prying in Chris's business and even Paige knew that this spell was for personal gain but on the other hand she desperately wanted to know what she was going to do wrong so that she could prevent it and anyway, if it had something to do with her wasn't it her business too?

Piper looked into Paige's eyes. They were so full of determination. She nodded her head.

"Ok, lets do it!"

2 hours later

A large pile of scrunched up paper lay in a corner of the attic having already overflowed the bin. Paige sat cross legged on the wooden floor with a thinning pad of paper on her lap and a pen in her hand. Phoebe, who had came home when she heard of the plan sat staring into space and Piper stood at the Book of Shadows frustratedly flicking through the pages looking for something that might help.

"Ugh! This is hopeless!" moaned Paige as she threw the notepad onto the floor. She stood up and stretched her legs and arms.

Phoebe snapped out of her thoughts and yawned. Piper slammed the book shut and rested her forehead on the cover.

"What we need is a rest and inspiration!" said Phoebe.

"Lots and lots of inspiration" mumbled Piper.

"Maybe we should call Leo?" suggested Paige.

Phoebe looked over at Piper. She looked very interested in the book cover, staring intently at it and clutching it tightly. Phoebe sensed that she was feeling very reluctant.

"I don't think that's a-

Phoebe was cut off by Piper.

"No Phoebe it's okay. Leo might have a good idea on what to do and anyway, Chris is his son too. He'll probably want to know more about him as well" said Piper walking over from the book and sitting down beside Paige.

"Great! Ok then, LEO!" Paige called.

As soon as she called, orbs formed in the room and Leo appeared.

"Hey what's wrong?" he asked looking worried.

"Oh nothing, we just need a spell to look into Chris's life before he came here" Piper said brightly, her teeth clenched.

"What?" asked Leo looking bewildered.

"Piper thinks that Chris is avoiding her so I suggested we do a spell to find out why because she thinks it's got something to do with what she does in the future" Paige explained.

Leo still looked slightly bewildered and opened his mouth to ask more but Paige cut him off.

"Look we don't have time for all these questions, all we need is for you to help us" she said firmly.

Leo closed his mouth and nodded.

"Okay well you have to think about exactly what you want the spell to do and then try and make it fit together in a rhyme"

"Well we want to see the important moments in Chris's life that may have affected his relationships with people" said Phoebe.

"Most importantly me!" said Piper.

"And me" muttered Leo more to himself.

Phoebe looked at him sympathetically. They all knew that Chris had issues with Leo. He told him right to his face that he had never been there for him. It had broke Leo's heart that he hadn't been there for one of his sons.

Paige sat back down on the floor and picked up the notepad again. She had a look of deep concentration on her face and everyone else in the room stood in silence so as not to disturb her. Suddenly her face lit up and she started writing furiously on the pad of paper resting on her lap. She stood up triumphantly.

"I've got it!" she exclaimed.

"Let us see then!" said Piper taking the notepad from her. She and Phoebe stood together reading the spell Paige had written.

"This is really good Paige! I think it might just work!" said Phoebe.

"Why thank you!" said Paige with big smile.

"Okay then. Lets do this!" said Piper.

"Wait! Do you really think this is a good idea!" asked Leo, stricken.

"If this is the only way I'm going to find out then I am going to do this. He is my son and I want to be the best mom I can be. For his sake and mine." Piper said determinedly.

Leo nodded and took a step back. The sisters stood together with Piper in the middle holding the spell.

"We call upon the ancient power,

To take us to where we desire,

Important moments of Chris's past

Let us see, take us fast"

Suddenly bright orbs of light surrounded the sisters and Leo. Then they were gone and all that remained was the spell that fluttered softly to the ground.

Chris orbed into the foyer of the manor. He had got a lead on a demon that might have been after Wyatt and he wanted the sisters to vanquish it before it became a bigger threat. Even though he didn't really want to see Piper he knew that saving Wyatt was more important than trying to avoid his mom. He called through the house but he didn't hear any reply. After a quick look through the rooms on the ground floor he orbed up to the attic in the hope that at least one of the sisters or even Leo would be there. He sighed in frustration when he saw no-one was there. Just as he was about to orb out again he saw a piece of paper lying in the middle of the floor. Curious, he bent over and picked it up. He turned it over in his hand and noticed some writing scribbled messily on it. He squinted his eyes so he could read the messy scrawl. When he finished reading he stared at the paper and read it again. And again. His expression went from a look of shock to pure anger. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe they would do this.

The sisters and Leo looked around wildly as they reformed. They now stood in the foyer of the manor.

"Did it work?" asked Phoebe.

"How come we're still in the manor?" asked Paige.

"This might be the manor in the future" said Leo.

"How come the spell took you too?" asked Piper.

Leo shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

"Yeah I know……………it's this party, I'm not sure if he wants one ……………..yeah well he's been a bit down lately-………..yeah….i think it's something to do with his dad………I know! He's only four and yet-………"

The sisters and Leo froze as they listened to the voice. A woman came walking into the foyer with a phone up at her ear. They stood in shock as they looked at her. It was an older Piper. She continued talking on the phone, not even lifting her head to look at them.

Phoebe cleared her throat.

"Um…we can explain this. We are-

"I don't think she can see us" said Leo staring at the older Piper.

Paige walked right up to her and waved a hand in front of her face. She didn't even blink. She rounded of the phone call and said her goodbyes. After switching off the phone she walked upstairs.

"I think you're right" said Paige.

"Come on, lets follow her!" said Phoebe jogging up the stairs. The others followed her. When they found future Piper she had paused outside a door. They watched as she opened the door slowly and poked her head inside the room.

"Hey sweetie, what are you doing still awake?" she asked whoever was in the room and she walked inside.

They followed her into the room. Inside they saw a little dark-haired boy sitting cross-legged on his bed. He could only have been three or four years old.

"Couldn't sleep" he mumbled staring at his hands.

"Why what's wrong? asked future Piper.

The little boy shrugged his shoulders but didn't say anything. Future Piper walked over to him and sat on the bed, pulling him onto her lap.

"Will daddy be at my birthday party?" he asked suddenly looking up at her.

Future Piper looked away from the little boy for a second and licked her lips. She looked back at him and stroked his hair.

"Hopefully sweetie" she said.

The sisters and Leo watched as the little boy looked back at his hands disappointedly. Piper frowned in concern.

"He was at Wyatt's" said the little boy.

"He must be Chris" said Phoebe to the others although they had also realised that.

"I know. I'm sure he'll be at yours too honey." said Future Piper hugging the boy to her chest.

"Will you ask him?" asked little Chris.

Future Piper nodded and kissed his forehead.

"Come on, back into bed!" she said picking up little Chris and putting him under the covers of his bed. As she tucked him in she gave him a kiss and stroked his hair.

"I love you mommy" said little Chris.

"I love you too sweetie" said Future Piper and she walked out the room closing the door softly behind her.

When she was gone the sisters and Leo watched little Chris sleeping soundly. Piper walked over to his bed and knelt down beside it. She reached out to him and tried to stroke his hair like Future Piper had done to find her hand go right through him. She pulled her hand back, realising she was practically a ghost in that time. She just looked at him instead and gave a small smile.

"He's so perfect" she whispered.

Leo came and knelt down beside her.

"Our son" he said.

Piper looked at him for a moment and then nodded. She smiled and put a hand on her stomach. She sighed and stood up not tearing her eyes away from little Chris. Phoebe came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly they all felt a rushing sensation and they were surrounded by fast swirling colours. Then it stopped. They looked around. They were standing in the dining room which was covered with party decorations. There were two big banners which read 'Happy Birthday Chris!' and bright balloons strung about the place. The table was set with party paper cups and plates with plastic knifes and forks. In front of each plate lay a goodie bag and a party popper.

"Do you think this is the birthday party they were talking about?" asked Paige.

"Probably" said Phoebe.

Suddenly two brunette women walked into the room each carrying more balloons and party poppers. The sisters and Leo stared at them.

"It's me!" said Phoebe and Paige at the same time.

Future Phoebe and Paige put the decorations into their rightful places and then walked into the kitchen. The sisters and Leo followed them.

"So is Leo coming to the party?" Future Paige asked Future Phoebe.

"I think so. Piper called him down last night and had a long talk with him. To be honest, the only reason I think he's coming is because Piper threatened to blow him up a million times if he didn't!" said Future Phoebe.

"Poor Chris! It's such a shame on the little guy. He really misses Leo and Leo acts like he doesn't give a damn! You know I wish I could just give that bastard a good kicking one of these days!" said Future Paige angrily.

"Me too, honey, me too" said Future Phoebe and they left the kitchen.

Leo stared at the spot where Future Phoebe and Paige had been standing with a pained look on his face. The sisters watched him, waiting for him to speak.

"I can't believe……when he said I wasn't there for him I didn't think it was like this. Not even being here for his birthday without being told to be…….I just-

"Leo, don't worry about it just now. We're lucky that we get to see this because it means we can stop it from happening this time round. Ok?" asked Piper.

"Ok" said Leo.

"Come on! We're going to miss stuff!" said Paige urgently.

As soon as she finished speaking they felt the rushing sensation and were once again surrounded by fast whirling colours. Again it stopped suddenly. They looked around to find they were back in the dining room which was covered in the same decorations. The only difference was that the party was in full swing. Kids ran around playing games and having fun as music played in the background. The air was filled with the sound of laughter. Looking around, Phoebe spotted little Chris just a bit away from them.

"Hey guys look!" she said, pointing him out to the others. They looked over at him.

He was sitting against a wall with his knees up against his chest. He had a sad and disappointed look on his face. None of his friends seemed to notice that he wasn't joining in the general laughter and fun except for one older boy with sandy coloured hair who ran over to him. They watched as the boy knelt down in front of him.

"What's wrong?" the boy asked little Chris

"Nothing" little Chris mumbled.

"Come on you can tell me!" said the boy.

Little Chris looked up at him. The boy gave him an encouraging smile. He smiled back slightly and took a deep breath.

"Dad hasn't come yet" he replied sadly.

The boy looked at him sympathetically,

"Don't worry! He will." said the boy.

"What if he doesn't Wyatt? asked little Chris.

The sisters and Leo gasped.

"That's Wyatt!" Paige asked. "He doesn't look very evil!"

They continued to listen to the two boys.

"He will! I'm sure of it!" said Wyatt to Chris.

Future Piper came into the room from the kitchen carrying party food followed by Future Phoebe and Paige who were also carrying food. They laid it out on the table. This caught the attention of a lot of the children.

"Ok kids come sit at the table!" said Future Piper brightly.

The kids cheered and ran to the table, grabbing places to sit.

"Come on!" said Wyatt pulling Chris up. They walked over to the table and sat down at their places.

Future Piper went back into the kitchen and Future Phoebe turned off the lights. Future Piper walked in a moment later carrying a cake with five candles alight on the top.

"Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you….

The other kids joined in the song as Future Piper laid the cake in front of Chris. When the song finished everyone waited for Chris to blow out the candles. He took a deep breath then lifted his head. He looked around the room hopefully. When he didn't see what he was looking for he looked back at the cake miserably.

"What's wrong honey?" asked Future Piper.

Chris looked up at her and shrugged his shoulders, shaking his head at the same time. He tried to give her a smile but he failed badly so he looked back at the cake instead. He took another breath in and blew at his candles. Everyone cheered and clapped. Future Paige took the cake away so it could be cut and the kids helped themselves to the food on the table. Chris got off his chair having not been in the mood for anything to eat. Future Piper took the chance and grabbed his arm. Chris turned to look at her.

"Are you sure everything's okay sweetie?" she asked, her voice full of concern.

Chris looked up at her tearfully. He blinked trying not to let the tears fall because he didn't want to upset his mommy but he couldn't stop one stray tear rolling down his cheek and on to his red t-shirt.

"Daddy didn't come" he said almost sobbing.

He yanked his arm away and ran up the stairs. Future Piper looked on after him and a look of sadness and angry crept onto her face. She spun on her heel and marched into the kitchen. Piper, Leo, Paige and Phoebe watched on sadly.

"What a shame" Paige mumbled.

"Well you haven't done anything wrong yet Piper!" said Phoebe trying to be cheerful but failing miserably.

"Just me" said Leo sorrowfully. He couldn't believe he had missed his own son's birthday in the future.

"Do you think maybe all Chris's problems are to do with me?" he asked.

"That wouldn't explain why he's avoiding me though" said Piper.

Suddenly they were being rushed to another moment. The swirling colours came and gone quickly and they stopped. They took in their surroundings. They were squashed together in the back of a car.

"Ouch! Move over a bit will you!" moaned Paige.

"I can't! I'm squashed against Piper!" Phoebe said.

"Yeah and I'm squashed against a metal door! Not to mention the baby in my stomach who is pressing against my kidneys at the moment!" snapped Piper.

"Shush!" said Leo.

They stopped fussing and looked to the front of the car. In the drivers seat sat Future Piper and in the other sat Chris but he looked around 12 years old this time.

"Where are we going mom?" asked Chris.

"To the hospital" said Future Piper absent-mindedly as they sped down the road.

"Why?" asked Chris.

"Because your grandpa has had a heart attack and we're going to visit him" she answered.

"Oh my god! Dad has a heart attack?" said a frantic Phoebe.

"Will he be okay?" asked Chris worriedly.

"Hopefully" answered Piper.

"Where's Wyatt?" asked Chris.

"He's at a friends house. We're picking him up on the way home." said Future Piper.

They pulled into the hospital car park and got out the car. The sisters and Leo followed them. Future Piper ran towards the hospital doors with Chris running closely behind her. When they got inside Future Piper went up to the reception desk and told the receptionist her fathers name. The receptionist typed the name into her computer and pointed them down a hall way to their right telling them the room number. Future Piper grabbed Chris's hand and ran down the hallway almost pulling him off his feet as he hadn't expected to be pulled so suddenly. The sisters and Leo struggled to keep up with them and Paige went flying through Chris as they stopped suddenly outside a door on the left.

"Are you okay Paige?" asked Phoebe.

"Yeah I'm okay!" said Paige walking back over to them.

They watched as Future Piper let go of Chris's hand and slowly opened the door. She and Chris walked in and the sisters and Leo filed in behind them.

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