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"Where are we?" Piper asked no-one in particular.

They couldn't see anything. They were in total darkness and they realised it must be because they were seeing what Chris was seeing. Which was nothing because he was unconscious.

"I have no idea." Leo answered.

Suddenly a golden light started dancing in front of their eyes and the eyes of the youngest Halliwell.

It was a warm, golden glow which was a good contrast to the hard metal he was lying on, cool against his back. The glow moved from his face, all the way down his body to his legs. The burning pain that was making him clench his teeth slowly ebbed away until it was gone altogether.

Chris clenched his eyes tightly and then slowly, inch by inch, he opened them. He gazed at the face above him, blinking to try and ease the blurriness.

"How are you feeling?"

Chris blinked again and the woman came into sharper focus. The sisters and Leo squinted in the light that suddenly lit their vision, revealing the room and the two people in it.

"Wha…?" Chris mumbled incoherently. His head was swimming and his tongue felt clumsy in his mouth.

"Are you feeling better?" the woman pressed. Her long black hair was tied in a messy ponytail and there were a few tell tale lines on his face, telling Chris, the sisters and Leo that she was in her late thirties/early forties.

Chris swallowed and slowly nodded. The constant ache from bumps and scrapes he'd had over the past couple of weeks was no longer there and the absence felt strange.

The woman smiled slightly. "Good. It took me over fifteen minutes to heal you completely. You had more injuries than we originally thought."

"We?" Chris croaked as he pushed himself up. His throat was scratchily dry.

"The rest of my faction. There's four factions all together. The four people that found you brought you to me so I could heal you." the woman explained.

She got up and walked over to a run down sink, her boots clomping on the metal floor. She took the glass that was sitting by the tap and filled it half way with water. The pipes gurgled and spluttered noisily and with a squeak, she turned the tap off. As she was doing this, Piper turned her attention to her youngest son and suppressed the urge to try and fling her arms around him. Instead she rubbed her stomach gently.

"Here." the woman said gently, walking back over and handing Chris the glass.

"Thank you." Chris replied, remembering his manners before gulping the cold liquid down eagerly. It soothed his sore throat almost straight away and he felt refreshed as he placed the glass down beside him.

The sisters and Leo looked around the small room with interest. The floor was metal plated and the walls had once been plastered but the plaster was now chipped and crumbling. There was a small, very uncomfortable looking bed in the corner, a small desk with lots of sheets of information strewn across it and a dilapidated sink against the far wall. A battered looking door was on the same wall as the sink and they weren't the only ones wondered what lay on the other side.

"Come on, I guess I should give you a tour." said the woman said when she noticed Chris looking at the door.

She gripped the handle of the door and pulled it open, gesturing with her other hand for Chris to step out. Chris got clumsily to his feet and hesitantly went ahead of her with the Charmed Ones and Leo following closely behind them.

Outside the door they looked around in amazement. The place was huge and incredibly noisy. All the noise seemed to be people's voices but he couldn't see anyone. Chris turned his head and looked quizzically at the woman who closed the door behind them.

She gestured for him to follow her and he got in step with her as she led him over to a railing. She nodded her head down at the space below and the sisters and Leo gasped along with Chris as they looked over.

Crowds of people, hundreds of them, were all down below in what seemed to be a mall. Chris frowned. All the malls had been shut or destroyed after Wyatt had taken over; demons, of course, having no need for them. But this one was full of people talking, some singing, others huddled together sleeping. The abandoned shops were filled with people too and the large fountain that had once stood magnificent in the middle was now empty of water with people's belongings covering the tiles.

"Welcome to the Resistance." the woman said calmly and Chris looked at her with an incredulous look on his face.

"Who are all these people?" he asked.

"Survivors." the woman simply replied. "Most of them are mortals, some witches, a few whitelighters. We found this place when Wyatt first took over and used it for hiding. A spell protects us from demons; makes this place invisible to them."

"So…they live here?"

The woman nodded. "Yes. All of their homes have been destroyed. This place is a refuge for them. We can provide clean water and food and most important of all, protection from Wyatt and his demons."

Chris didn't say anything to this new information and instead leant over the railing again to watch the people.

All the ages were varied. He noticed a group of old men sat together on camp chairs, laughing and wheezing about old times. A group of children were playing tag, carefully manoeuvring around people as they laughed and chased each other. Some old ladies were gossiping with each other and there were loads of young men and woman, holding each other as they talked about unimportant things. Chris wondered how most of them seemed to be happy. All the death and destruction that was going on outside of this place; Chris wondered how anyone could be happy ever again.

"It's easy for them to forget in here." the woman said, as if reading his thoughts. "They're not looking over their shoulders anymore or worrying if they'll be next to die in one of the demons' raids. They can relax and let us take care of it."

There was an underlying tone of bitterness in her voice as she said the last sentence. As if she resented the fact that all those people relied on them to fix everything.

"I'm Karen by the way." the woman said, the bitterness being replaced by a friendly introduction.


"Oh I know who you are." Karen said, cutting him off. "Keisha told me, rather excitedly I might add."

Chris avoided her eyes and looked away. There was a silence as Karen waited for Chris to say something. Finally he cleared his throat.

"I'm not like him." he said quietly.

Karen's eyes were gentle as she nodded.

"I can already tell."

Chris finally managed to lift his eyes and look at her. She was looking at him almost sympathetically as if she understood the pain he was going through. But of course, Chris knew she'd never be able to fully understand.


"I'm wise enough to know that just because you share the same DNA as that psycho, it doesn't mean that you're evil yourself. Most people will realise that." said Karen.

"But some won't." Chris said quietly.

Karen sighed. "Some may be a bit wary at first. But it just means you'll have to show them they can trust you."

"And how will I do that?"

"Well, you could always join the Resistance."

"What? No way is he joining something as dangerous as this!" Piper said firmly and Leo nodded in agreement.

"I don't think you have much say in the matter Piper." said Phoebe quietly as they looked at Chris.

He was staring at Karen in shock.

"What?" he said, taken a back by what she'd just said.

"You could join the Resistance. Against Wyatt." said Karen.

Chris blinked and swallowed. He looked away from her as he mulled it over. Joining the Resistance was one thing but going against Wyatt, is own brother? Did he have it in him to do that?

"Do you think he will?" Paige asked her sisters and brother-in-law quietly.

"I'm pretty certain." said Leo even though he hated doing so.

Karen was watching Chris calmly and when she saw him hesitate she sighed.

"Why don't you make up your mind later? You can meet some of the other members, see what we do. It might make it clearer for you." she said kindly.

Chris looked up at her with a relieved look on his face.

"Thank you." he said genuinely. At least he didn't have to make such a pressing decision immediately.

Karen smiled. "No problem. Come on, we better get you something to eat. You must be starving."

"Well duh." Piper muttered, taking in her son's thin body. He'd lost a lot of weight since the earlier memories.

Chris nodded his head eagerly and followed her at a quick pace as she led him away. The sisters and Leo hurried after them. They were led down wide corridors passing many doors and eventually they came to a stop. The sound of people talking came from the room they'd stopped outside of and the sisters and Leo waited for Karen to open the door.

She keyed a code into the small keypad placed where a handle should have been and she waited for a moment. There was a small beeping sound and the door slid open, revealing the brightly lit room inside.

Karen stepped inside and gestured for Chris to follow her. He looked in hesitantly and slowly stepped inside with the sisters and Leo following in closely so they didn't get shut out.

There was a group of people sitting at a long table and they turned to look at him. He looked back at them, not sure if he should say something.

"Look who's awake." said Kina with a kind smile.

Chris smiled back slightly as he recognised her, feeling more comfortable.

"Come take a seat." said Drogan, patting the space on the bench beside him.

Chris was hesitant at first but then walked over, his eyes scanning the room cautiously. The sisters and Leo followed him over and stood beside the table, watching. Chris sat down beside Drogan and warily looked at them. He didn't know how to act around them. Keisha, the youngest of the group, flashed a kind smile in his direction then went back to writing on a piece of paper laid out in front of her. Sean was the only one that didn't smile. Instead he nodded stiffly and also went back to his work but Chris (and the sisters and Leo for that matter) didn't miss the untrusting look in his eyes.

"So how are you feeling?" Kina asked.

"Much better." Chris replied and he looked briefly at Karen as she sat down.

"Yea our Karen's a miracle worker." said Drogan with a smile.

"Oh please." Karen said, waving her hand dismissively.

Kina stood up and looked at Chris again.

"You must be starving." she said, repeating Karen's earlier words.

Chris nodded eagerly and watched her as she walked over to a large cauldron looking thing that was sat on a large stove. There was a long metal ladle inside of it and she collected a large scoop of what could only be described as sick coloured goo. Piper looked at it in disgust, wishing she could throw that stuff away and give her son a proper meal.

Kina poured the sloppy "food" into a rectangle tin container and walked back to the table, grabbing a spoon on her way. She placed the food on the table.

"Here you go. It's not much b-

Kina was cut off by Chris taking the spoon out of her hand and starting to wolf down to mixture hungrily. He hadn't eaten in days and his stomach was aching from the gnawing emptiness.

He noticed them staring at him and he looked up, swallowing.

"What?" he said.

Drogan shook his head. "Nothing, we just haven't seen anyone ever eat that crap as eagerly before."

Chris blushed slightly and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, I've not eaten in days." he said.

"Hey don't apologise." said Kina. "At least someone is grateful for it."

Chris smiled slightly at her and went back to eating. Kina and Drogan started speaking about recent demon raids and Keisha and Sean continued working. When he was finished, Chris put the spoon down and at the same time, Sean put down his pen.

"So," he began. "What happened to you?"

Chris was slightly taken a back by the question but then swallowed.

"I was chased by demons, one of the fireballs hit me and before I passed out I made the buildings fall on top of them." he said.

"No I don't mean that." said Sean. "What happened to you before that? Where were you?"

"Oh Sean don't start." said Kina, exasperated.

"Start what? I'm just curious." said Sean, resting his arms on the table.

He turned his attention back to Chris, waiting for him to answer.

"I was with Wyatt." said Chris, seeing no point in lying.

"He's gonna eat him alive." Phoebe groaned, looking at Sean.

"At his mansion?" Sean asked.

Chris nodded and Sean raised his eyebrows slightly.

"So you didn't try to stop him from doing any of this?" he asked.

"Sean." said Drogan in a warning tone.

"What? As if you weren't wondering the same thing." Sean snapped.

"Just leave it." Keisha spoke up, giving Sean a light dig in the ribs.

"Well did you?" Sean repeated to Chris, undeterred.

Chris looked back at him silently. He was scared of telling the truth because even though he'd said stuff to Wyatt he'd never actually tried to stop him from hurting the innocents and destroying the city. And it wasn't as if he hadn't known what was going on.

"What was he supposed to do Sean?" said Kina rhetorically before Chris could even think of what to say. "He's just a kid."

"But he's his brother. That automatically gives him the responsibility." said Sean, his eyes set coldly on the youngest Halliwell brother. Chris lowered his eyes guiltily.

"Oh leave him alone! It's not his fault his brother is the way he is!" Keisha protested, throwing her pen down angrily.

"I know that. But he could have spoken up about it couldn't he?" said Sean, crossing his arms across his chest.

"I did!" Chris said, finally lifting his eyes and setting them on Sean.

"Oh he finally speaks." Sean said sarcastically. "So what did you say huh?"

"I..I…" Chris trailed off. He didn't know what to say to him. Had he spoken up about it?

"Silence speaks louder than 1000 words eh?" Sean said coldly.

He looked away from Chris, a hint of disgust evident in his eyes. Chris looked down at his hands, guilt twisting painfully in his stomach.

"Oh I just want to kill that little…" Piper trailed off as she clenched her hands angrily, her eyes burning into Sean.

"I'm with you." agreed Leo and Piper's sisters nodded.

They turned their attention to Kina who seemed to feel the same way. If looks could kill Sean would be six feet under in a wooden box by now.

"There was no need for that." she shot at him through gritted teeth.

"Wasn't there?" Sean retorted sharply. He wasn't looking at her and had begun writing on the sheets of paper again.

"No there wasn't." said Drogan, his voice just as sharp. He glared at Sean angrily.

"Whatever." Sean muttered.

"Don't take any notice of him Chris." said Keisha, not taking her glaring eyes of Sean.

Chris didn't respond and instead gazed down at his hands as he chewed on his bottom lip.

"Maybe it'd be a good idea if we all got some sleep." said Karen, speaking up for the first time since the argument started.

"There's too much to do." said Sean, not taking his eyes of his writing.

"Well I think a small nap sounds great." said Drogan and he got up from the table.

"Oh yea that's it, just pile it all on us why don't you." Sean said more to himself than anyone else but Drogan still heard him.

"Watch it sunshine. You're treading on a very thin line." Drogan growled at him.

Sean ignored him and Drogan let out a frustrated sigh.

"I'll be back in half an hour." he said gruffly and he left the room without another word.

"You just cause problems you do." Kina snapped at Sean and she too left the room.

Sean didn't respond and Keisha stood up.

"I think we should all take a break." she said. "Right Sean?"

"Nope." Sean replied.

"Sean come on." said Karen as Keisha flounced out of the room after her friends.

"Oh fine!" Sean exclaimed, flinging his pen down and standing up.

"Good." said Karen with a sigh and she gestured for Chris to follow her. Chris stood up and went after her as she walked through the doorway. The sisters and Leo trailed after him.

Then just as he was about to walk out the room, Sean outstretched his arm in front of him, stopping him from going forwards. Chris looked at him after glancing at the doorway Karen had just left through.

"They may all be quick to trust you but believe you me, I'm sure not. There's two types of evil, Chris. People who do evil things and people who see evil things being done and don't try to stop them. In my eyes, you're just as bad as that brother of yours." Sean snarled at him.

And without waiting for Chris to reply he left the room after the others, leaving Chris to feel worse if it were possible and his mother, father and aunts wanting to wring his neck.

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