Bright Eärendil was then lord of the people…; and he took to wife Elwing the fair, and she bore to him Elrond and Elros, who are called Half-elven.

Yet Eärendil could not rest and his voyages about the shores of the Hither Lands eased not his unquiet. Two purposes grew in his heart, …: he sought to sail thereon, …; and he thought to find perhaps the last shore, and bring ere he died the message of Elves and Men to the Valar in the West, that should more their hearts to pity for the sorrows of Middle Earth.

Now Eärendil became fast in friendship with Cídan the Shipwright, …. With the aid of Cídan Eärendil built Vingilot, the Foam-flower, fairest of the ships…; golden were its oars and its timbers, …, and its sails were as the argent moon.

In the Lay of Eärendil is many a thing sung of his adventures in the deep and in the lands untrodden, and in many seas and in many isles; but Elwing was not with him, and she sat in sorrow ….

Eärendil withheld his ship from the retreating night and let it come to gently bump above the mountains on the horizon; as he did every dawn. The ship clung to the clouds of night Vingilot pleaded with him: go on elf Lord! to sail! Never rest!

Eärendil gazed at the barren land far under him; the mountains were rocky and full of snow. They had not changed in the eons he had sailed in the sky. Eärendil had changed from the elf who had left the shores of Sirion many ages ago

The spirit of the Vingilot never wearied in their watching of the ramparts of the sky. Eärendil him self was immortal elf kind and rarely felt tiredness, and he would give into the pleadings of his ship the Vingilot and they would dash across the heavens for one quick turn before tying up for the day.

But no this morning, his ships pull was lost on his this day. Eärendil peered over the edge of the brow, squinting his eyes to see farther, "Nay Foam Flower," he whispered to her, "I see a man far below, chained to the mountain top. You will stay here until I return, Vingilot."

And the elf leapt from the brow of his ship, and fell through the clouds toward the sharp mountain peaks.