A little Usagis Dream

When an old ones life has ended
when deaths stench has been whipped clean
where darkness can not reach you
and the stain of blood not seen
a new light shall begin

A tiny light untainted and pure
like a white rose bud ready to bloom
shines nobly like the brightest star
giving its light out to all
even to those who spell its doom

A tiny light that grows brighter every day
gains more power in every way
can easily be swayed to ether way
looking for the choices to be made
listening for a voice that might lead the way

A voice of light and joyous sound
leads to a path that is most renowned
a light that offers many things
a path that seems to good to be true
opens up to you

Another voice then leads the way
a voice of more profound and luring sound
twists you to a path of darkened light
a path that offers nothing but death
opens its twisted doors for you to pass

Like a rose born white and pure
delicate as a peace of glass
a soul can break and tainted become
a path of darkness is what it seeks
to the dreary doors it turns

It takes one final step and falls
down into the darkness deep...

With a star you wake and jolt up right
your room you see, by the window you lay
then tacking notice of the moonlights rays
a dream you realize, is all it was.

This is an idea I just had to put down,