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The Easy Way

AN: Somehow… somehow I knew it would happen. As soon as I saw the movie Red Eye, knew I had found yet another wonderful obsession. Jackson Rippner is a wonderful subject to focus a fan fiction. My only problem is at first… helping him to escape.


Jackson realized his mistake as soon as the bullet took him in the chest. He had forgotten about the father… Lisa had made him forget. Not that it mattered, since they hadn't exactly managed to take him out— it was just going to be his job to make them assume that they had.

He looked up at Lisa, willing his blue eyes to assume a drifting look. He worked his mouth, as if he were trying to speak, and then took a deep breath. He let his eyes close slowly, and held that breath, hoping that his assumptions would be correct and neither would check to see if he were indeed dead.

"Dad… I think that…" Lisa gulped, and Jackson puzzled at the tone of her voice. "I think that you killed him."

"Let me check for a pulse." No! Damn it all! If he checked for a pulse—

Suddenly a knock on the door sounded through the house. Lisa grabbed her father's arm. "It must be the police. Come on."


Though it hurt like all Hell, Jackson managed to get up and make it out the window. He heard the shouting, and just managed to make it to the house next door before the police came running around the corner. He was pulled quickly into the house.

"My God Jack! What happened?" Of course, they were prepared for something to go wrong. The neighbor's house had been cleared out, and they had stationed people in the house ten weeks earlier. No one suspected a thing… Jackson was lucky on this part. He was beginning to feel light headed.

"Shut up Luke, and call the doctor." Jackson managed to stumble into the bedroom and collapse onto the bed before he passed out.


Lisa was in a bit of a panic. It had been three months since Jackson had disappeared. She had left her father to make statements to the police and went to check on the hotel. When she returned home, it was only to receive the news that her would-be killer had managed to escape.

She hadn't slept well since.

The police had checked the streets and cars, questioning the neighbors. No one had seen or heard anything. The only comfort that Lisa could take in the whole situation was that no one had been killed… yet.

She was lying in her room at her father's house. She had decided to stay with him for a while, since the whole incident had occurred. She could only hope that Jackson would just… disappear. But she didn't find that likely.

Her exhaustion was overwhelming, and she closed her eyes. Sleep sucked her down into black nothingness. Finally, a dream began to form. It was Jackson. He was standing over her, the red scarf held in his hand as if he were preparing to choke her with it. She struck out, but her hand just went through him. He laughed at her, and she jerked awake.

It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness of the room. A small scream caught in her throat as they did.

Jackson Rippner was standing there. His blue eyes met hers. "Ah Lisa, I was beginning to think that you weren't going to wake up."

Lisa's mind couldn't seem to grasp the situation. "If you get near me, I swear, I'll scream." She didn't like that. Screaming wasn't going to stop him from killing her. Screaming probably wouldn't do her any good.

Jackson laughed, clucking his tongue at her. "Now, now… you wouldn't want anything bad to happen. Besides, who do you think will come and save you? Your neighbors? No, that wouldn't work…" He seemed to contemplate it for a moment. "Your daddy, perhaps?" He smiled again. "No, I don't think so. You see, I slipped something into his little nightcap." He gave a shrug. "A marching band playing through the halls wouldn't wake him up. Your screams certainly wouldn't do the trick." His eyes lit with devilish delight. "Perhaps the police. I'm sure you've seen their competency by now." He took another step towards her. Lisa drew up, pulling the sheets around her and trying to scoot towards the end of her bed. Perhaps she could find a weapon and…

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Lis." He gestured towards the end of the bed. "If you want everyone to get out of this alive, I'd just be quiet for a moment and listen to what I have to say. I promise you, no one's getting hurt tonight unless you make it happen."

Lisa took a deep breath, steeling herself. She needed time… time to contemplate what to do, how to get out of this conversation. Her eyes focused on the round scar that now graced Jackson's throat.

"What do you want?"

Jackson smiled then. He tilted his head up slightly, letting his hair fall back from his eyes. "You Lisa. I want you." At her intake of breath, he laughed once. "It's just your decision how we go about this: The easy way… or the hard way."


AN: Yeh… well, there you go. The Epilogue to my story. It's up to you all as to whether I go on with it! I had this posted up under on another name, but I've changed my mind about it, I want everything that I did on this name!

(Oy, trying to go back and kill some of the ellipsis. Hope this helps it a little!)