The sweeter things of life

Chapter 1: Hot Chocolate

The cold November days showed its effects on a young boy, as he stood waiting silently in the front of his school. His hand gripped tightly to an envelope. He stood there staring blankly at the school, a part of him wanted to walk in there with the confidence he had when he rehearsed the entire day through his head over and over. However, there seemed to be some sort of force in front of him that prevented him from walking into the building. His hand that clenched the envelope began to quiver, as his strength seemed to fade quickly with each second that he spent standing aimlessly. As a familiar voice began to echo louder, the boy was thrown into a sudden state of panic. Without even knowing it, he had hid himself behind one of the walls of the school. He began to breathe more frequently and his heart rate accelerated. Gathering what little courage he had he slowly poked his head out as he tried to get a glimpse of the person who was responsible for making him take refuge.

The boy kept staring in the direction of the voices which grew louder and louder, his head was unable to look away as though a magical force made him immobile. Then slowly a small framed girl appeared. Her long pink hair flowed freely along both sides of her shoulders, and her blue eyes glittered beautifully in the morning sun. It was her, the girl that had ensnared him in her web of lust; this was the power of Lacus Clyne. She wore the regular school attire but there was something about her that made what seemed as a regular uniform to be something much more. Lacus' dress shirt sleekly slid past her wrist and stopped at the palm of her hands. Above her dress shirt was a school vest which had the school emblem stitched on the left side of the chest. Lacus' light blue skirt stopped just a bit before her knees and she had a pair of white socks rolled up to just before her skirt. The space between her socks and skirt displayed her smooth skin and it glimmered magnificently in the morning light.

After a quick glance he resumed his hiding position. His heart was beating uncontrollably; he clenched his left portion of his chest with his right hand as though there was a stinging pain. All of his previous confidence slipped away immediately and he had no choice but to abandon his plan. His hands rested back onto his sides and he sighed at his own defeat. He pushed himself off the wall with his right leg, and just as he did so, he accidentally bumped right into his fabled girl. The difference in weight sent Lacus to retrace a few steps back "Sorry" she said in an apologetic tone.

The young boy stood there stunned, words filled his mind but none were able to leave his mouth. His hands still clutching onto the crumpled letter began to quiver, this was the moment he had been waiting for. He tried to muster what he had left within him to play out that scenario which he had gone over so many times, but, in the end he failed, his strength buckled and he ran off in the direction of the school.

"Kira…." Lacus muttered in a soft tone.

The bells began to chime as it initiated the start of the school day. The hallways were empty, except for Kira who paced as slowly as possible. Kira kept his eyes glued to the floor, his brown hair covered his pained amethyst eyes.

"I can't believe I made such a fool of myself!" he cried out. Kira's voice echoed through the halls.

As the sound of his own voice started to fade, Kira was alerted by the placement of a rather large hand on his shoulder. Kira slowly turned his head to see who it belonged to only to discover that it was his teacher – Mwu.

"I can't believe it either" Mwu said but was referring to his tardiness for his class.

The doors to the classroom 2-B slid opened as Mr. Mwu stepped inside dragging behind him Kira. Everyone in the class fell silent, their eyes widened at what they saw. The school's most brilliant student was actually late for class. Some were trying desperately to hide their laughter, although it was all too apparent to Kira who was able to observe everything from the front of the class. Kira's eyes scanned for Lacus because her reaction would be the answer to either soothe or pain his already aching heart, just as he was about to see her facial expression, she too stared back at him, and if only for a moment their eyes met. Kira was unprepared for this, and as if it was instinct he quickly turned his head, only to get a slight push from behind.

"Hey! Kira! Class has started, please be seated" Mwu yelled "And I'd like to see you after class!" The class let out a few chuckles because of this irregular event.

Kira stumbled a bit from the sudden push, his hair hung over his eyes as he bowed his head and quickly proceeded to his seat. Kira's seat although most didn't understand why was at the back with a window next to it on the left (when facing forward), in the past he use to plead to be seated in the front, claiming that if he didn't have it he would not be able to concentrate fully on the subject being taught. Although it was proven that even if he were to sit in the back, his grades remained unchanged. However, the real reason for his sudden change of heart was that Lacus was seated to the right of him. Finally arriving at his desk he slowly pulled his chair out and sat down as quietly as possible. Still feeling extremely embarrassed he placed his arms on the desk folded and buried his face in it.

A simple tap on the shoulder was all that it took to make Kira fall out of his trance, he slowly raised his head up to see who was trying to get his attention. Lacus gave a slight wave and a warm smile and asked "Sorry Kira, did I get you into trouble?" Once again all the strength that he could have possibly had began to escape from his body, he simply shook his head indicating a no. She sighed in relief and said "That's good." Her voice trailed off as Mwu had been standing right in front of them.

"A-hem!" He said loudly.

Kira practically jumped out of his seat at the sudden appearance of their homeroom teacher. Kira was startled and got up too quickly and in the process knocked his chair over. The whole room erupted into a giant laughter. "Ms. Lacus Clyne and Mr. Kira Yamato, I'd like to see you both after school!" Mwu turned around and headed back to the front.

The bell sounded indicating the end of this class and the start of another. The students all arose from their seat bowed to the teacher and proceeded to their respective classes. Kira gathered his things in a hurry and rushed out of the class. Lacus was still fiddling with her things and trying to organize it when a figure stopped in front of her and poked her head. It was her friend, Miriallia also known as Mir. "I heard the captain of the basketball team confessed to you" she said with a large grin. Lacus just looked away and nodded. "What's wrong? Aren't you happy?" Mir asked.

"I told him I wasn't interested already… I think … I… hehe it's nothing" she smiled and got up from her seat.

"What? why? He's smart, athletic and if I do say so myself pretty cute" she paused for a second. "Or could it be… you already like someone?" she gasped. Lacus faced Miri "That's a se-cr-et" she smiled and went to her next class.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully and even though Kira shared other classes with Lacus he did not speak with her. Occasionally Kira would steal a glimpse of her when she was facing away, he planned to make an apologetic plea to her for getting her in trouble but in the end nothing happened and he beat himself up for it.

School had finally come to a conclusion and Kira proceeded to his homeroom to see what punishment he would receive. Kira gripped the door handle and gently slid it open, there in front of him already stood his partner for prison. The two stood motionless in front of the desk and behind it was the warden. Mwu was quickly marking some assignments when he noticed them, he looked up at them and showed an inquisitive face. "Oh yea that's right, I forgot about you two" he laughed shyly. The two just stood there dumbfounded, they could have easily escaped if they had known he would've forgotten so easily. Mwu tapped his pen lightly on his bottom lip and though in silence until he finally spoke "Why don't you two bring this to the office, and then clean this room up and we'll call it even" he winked, then pointed to a stack of folders.

Kira looked at the pile and then noticed that Lacus had already started moving to pick it up, which he quickly intervened. "I'll take that" he quickly stated. She just stared blankly at him and nodded. They exited their classroom and were en route to the teacher's lounge which was downstairs and to the west side of the school when Kira just stopped. Lacus walked a few steps before realizing that it was only her who was walking. "What's wrong?" she inquired.

"I'll bring this to the office, and I'll clean the room, it was my fault that you got in trouble… so… so you can go home"

"You don't like being with me?" she asked.

"No… in fact I…" he paused, unable to say the rest.

"Then I'll stay" she exclaimed. She looked away from Kira, then coupled her fingers behind her back then said "because you're here" just under the audio level for Kira to fully understand.

"Sorry, I didn't get that last bit, can you repeat it?" He asked

"Nothing!" she remarked, and turned back to face Kira with a vibrant smile "Let's go!"

Her voice alone was able to revitalize him, he had been feeling down but just hearing her speak seemed to spark a bit of life in him, he couldn't help but smile back at her. The two had already finished delivering the documents to the teacher's lounge and were now alone in the classroom. Lacus was sitting on top of one of the desks to the far left of the class while Kira was meticulously sweeping the floor, "Cold weather today huh?" she asked while rubbing her arms. Kira looked at her and gave her a slight nod. The conversation died with just that. Lacus continued to rub her arms, then Kira dropped the broom and proceeded to Lacus. The floor creaked underneath his shifting weight and as he walked towards her he started to unbutton his blazer.

"What're you… what're you doing Kira?" she asked as she saw him slowly unbuttoning the last button to his blazer.

"I'm going to make you feel warm" he replied in the calmest voice imaginable.

"But… I… but… I'm not ready…" she muttered

Kira was now standing in front of Lacus, she closed her eyes expecting Kira to do something drastic, her hands clenched tightly onto the desk. "Here…" he whispered. Kira's voice was faint yet comforting; following his voice was a warm feeling across her arms and back. Lacus opened one eye slowly, peeking at first to see what had happened. Both of her eyes opened widely and she sat there stunned. Kira had draped his blazer across Lacus' shoulders. Lacus fell silent, she stared at Kira who was currently looking anywhere but at lacus. "Thanks Kira" she said looking down at his blazer, it held his scent, as she breathed she could feel his warmth, his kindness, everything seeping into her. Kira only wore a white dress shirt with black dress pants now. She was extremely happy, and it showed. Kira turned around to face Lacus, "Wait just a bit, I'll be right back!" Kira rushed out the class and raced through the halls, the sound of his footsteps could be heard echoing in the classroom.

Lacus sat patiently on the desk watching the fading sun from the horizon waiting for Kira to return. A few moments later the door slid open, and an out of breath Kira stood underneath the doorway, in his hands were two cups. Lacus pointed at them with a look of inquisitive look on her face. "Oh these?" Kira said as he raised his hands while walking towards her "This one is for you" he said while extending his right hand. "And this one is for me" He pointed his finger at himself and had a large grin on his face. The scent radiating from the two cups was very familiar; she instantly knew that it was hot chocolate, her favourite.