Chapter 5: I promise to…

Kira awoke as usual to the large ringing of his bedside alarm which was promptly turned off. When he thought back to what happened on Saturday he could still feel his heart racing, yearning for that feeling again he quickly woke up and prepared for school. After grabbing a quick breakfast from Cagalli's plate he raced out with the toast still looming from his mouth. Cagalli wanted to walk with her brother, but decided that they should have a bit of private time, and at any rate she didn't mind after all she was getting something good out of this too. The doorbell rang shortly after Kira's departure and Cagalli opened the door and saw the 'benefits' of her brother's relation.

The bells rang as usual and Mwu barely made it into class before it rang, but without fail he immediately started the lesson. During his lecture, Kira would steal glimpses of Lacus and she would do the same, when their eyes would meet coincidentally their faces quickly filled with colour and yet, they were unable to pry their eyes away from each other. First period seemed to past by extremely fast, or it could have been the fact that they spent more time looking at each other rather than paying attention to Mwu's boring lesson that it was so fast. Just before the lessons ended though, Mwu sent Kira on an errand to drop off some documents in the office, so Kira hand-motioned an apology to Lacus that he wouldn't be able to walk her to her second period and hurried to his task. Lacus waved goodbye and waited for their dismissal. When they were allowed to leave, Mir approached Lacus to ask for all the details on their date. Lacus was a bit embarrassed to talk about it, but with a bit of convincing from Mir, she eventually caved in and told her everything.

"Wow… Kira did all of that?" Mir exclaimed.

"Yup, isn't he just the greatest?" Lacus replied enthusiastically while gently caressing the hairclip. The two were walking to their lockers to get the books for their next class. Lacus reached in and was pulling out her textbook when a note between her books floated gently to the floor. The note read: 'Lacus I miss you already, please see me during lunch behind the gym –Kira'.

"Ooooooooh well, well, well, Aren't you two lovey dovey?" Mir

"Hmm… That's odd" Lacus said

"What is?" Mir asked

"Well… for some reason I don't think Kira wrote this…"

"What? Why?"

"I don't know …"

Kira arrived late as expected, he entered the changing rooms and was surprised to see that there was someone still there, but not someone he was exactly thrilled to see either.

"Stop seeing her" Ryosuke said not wasting any time beating around the bush. He spoke as though he and Lacus were dating.

"And if I don't?"

"You'll regret it" Ryosuke stated as he turned his head and gave Kira a deadly glare. Before Ryosuke exited the room he bumped shoulders with Kira causing Kira to stumble a bit since he lost his balance for a brief second. Ryosuke could only grin at his victory.

The rest of second period seemed to last forever to Lacus, she was desperately waiting for third period so that she could meet up with Kira. Her wish was granted when the bell suddenly rang. Lacus was the first one to leave the room and she hurried down the stairs that was closest to the gymnasium. When Lacus arrived at the appointed place, there was no one there, she guessed that she was only early; after all she did race here as though she was in a marathon.

"Lacus? Why are you here?" a voice questioned from behind her, she turned to face it, but realized that it was only Ryosuke.

"Oh… I'm waiting for someone…" Lacus replied reluctantly trying not to escalate the anger between him and Kira. Ryosuke saw right through her.

"You're waiting for Kira aren't you?" Ryosuke asked a bit annoyed that he came to this conclusion. "Well just to let you know… he isn't coming, that note was by me, not Kira!"

"I'm sorry Ryosuke, I'm going out with Kira" Lacus said, as though already knowing what his intentions were.

"Why are you going out with him? What is so special about him?" Ryosuke yelled pleading for an answer.

"Well, he's smart, handsome, funny, cute …"

"SHUT UP!" Ryosuke yelled aggravated by her answer. "I'm the captain of the basketball team, there are so many girls who would want to be in your position and yet…"

"If I remember right Kira was about to beat you in a one-on-one basketball match" Lacus calmly replied.

Ryosuke couldn't take it anymore, anger swelled up within him as he quickly approached Lacus and forcibly grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him, it wasn't for long, but to Lacus those few seconds were already too long. The remnants of the kiss still lingered on her lips, disgusted by his actions she extended her forearm and slapped him across his cheek as hard as she could.

"Why you!" Ryosuke shouted angrily grasping both hands with one of his and lifted his remaining hand in a similar fashion to Lacus preparing to do the same thing back to her. Lacus closed her eyes and prepared for it but it never came, slowly she opened her eyes to see what happened. Ryosuke's hand was stopped midway by someone, she followed the hand that stopped Ryosuke's and it eventually led her to find Kira. His gentle face was replaced by a very angry looking one and Ryosuke felt a shiver up his spine when he looked at him. Unconsciously releasing Lacus he stepped back, however he remembered what happened during second period, he deduced that Kira would not pose a threat.

"What do you want?" Ryosuke asked with his new gained confidence.

"Stay away from Lacus… I mean it" Kira replied trying desperately to hold back his anger.

Ryosuke could only smirk, "What can you do?" he boasted while laughing uncontrollably. He only stopped laughing when Kira began to escort Lacus away from the vicinity. With Kira's back turned to him, this was the perfect oppourtunity for him to attack. Ryousuke moved closer to Kira trying carefully to conceal the sounds of his footsteps. After only a few steps, Kira quickly caught on to his plans, and even the subtle steps alarmed Kira. "I wouldn't try anything if I were you" Kira stated, shocking Ryosuke into a pause. Out of anger Ryosuke charge towards Kira regardless of the warning and attempted to tackle him from behind. Just before Ryosuke was able to make contact with Kira, Kira lifted lacus and sidestepped out of the way, then turned to face Ryosuke.

"I didn't want it to come down to this so please stop this" Kira said calmly.

"Are you afraid? Well I would be if I were you!" Ryosuke shouted as he once again attempted to tackle Kira.

"That's just it… you're not me!" In a sudden flash Kira disappeared from Ryosuke's view and for some reason he was now looking up to the sky. It took a few moments for everything to register but eventually Ryosuke understood. Kira didn't just disappear he crouched down and moved closer to him then went into one of his blind spots and performed a leg sweep. Ryosuke tried to get it but it proved to be futile, his legs still had a numb sensation and were unable to respond to his wishes.

Realizing that Ryosuke was finished, he returned to Lacus' side. When Kira was close enough to her, she latched on to him tightly and buried her face in his chest.

"Don't ever do that again!" She warned him

"I'm sorry Lacus" Kira's face returned to its usual gentle and subtle look and it greatly eased Lacus.

Kira walked her away from the scene to a more private area where they could talk freely. Lacus looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears, Kira simply smiled and asked "What's wrong?" Those words just caused everything in Lacus to flood out, she began to cry uncontrollably. She eventually told him why while still sobbing "I wanted you to be my first kiss… but now…" before she could finish her sentence Kira gently placed his index finger on her bow shaped lips. Coupling he face in his palms he wiped away her loose tears with his thumbs and then kissed her passionately on her lips.

Breaking free of the kiss only to talk, Kira whispered "I wasn't the first, but the second is mine" his breath warmly brushed against her face, and then she was caught off guard by yet another kiss. "So is the third…" and again he broke free of the kiss only to resume it "And so is the fourth." And as though he were teasing her he broke free and smiled warmly at Lacus, her lips still extended outward. After a moment she realized he had stopped his comforting speech she questioned "What about the fifth?" Kira let out a small chuckle then swiftly placing his left hand behind her head and the other around her waist he grasped her and drew her closer to him. "Of course that one is mine too" This particular kiss proved to be the most passionate of all. Lacus instantly forgot about the incident and her tears had vanished, it didn't matter anymore, she freed herself and let her emotions direct her. After minutes but what seemed like an instant the both broke free. Kira stared into Lacus sapphire eyes "I made you cry a lot, but from now on I promise to always protect your smile" She shook her head slightly disproving the fact that he were the ones responsible for her tears and the two rested their foreheads against one another staring into each other's eyes

"I love you Lacus."

"I love you too Kira" They leaned their lips forwards and embraced each other with yet another kiss.

The End

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